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Thalia Brando

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Thalia Brando
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Female
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Enyanka Brando
Father Montresor Brando
Born Year -9 Day 286
Imperial Service
Branch mind.png
Ministry of Industry
Positions Magnaguard
Prior Service IRE
Awards IABG.jpg

Thalia Brando was a Corellian native who served as a Junior Workman in the Ministry of Industry.

Early life

Thalia Brando was born Year -9 Day 286 in Coronet, Corellia. Her mother, Enyanka Brando, is the eldest daughter of a storied, patrician Corellian family. Her father is winemaker Montresor Brando, though in true ensterite fashion, Thalia bore more resemblance to the family's gardener than to Montresor. Regardless of her true parentage, Thalia had a relatively happy - if sheltered - childhood outside the historic city of Kor Vella. She helped the family raise the grapes that formed their much-touted Corellian Merlot, swatted the wine-bees and teased the nerf herders. On the ensterite ritual festival of Purging Days, she went with her family to honor their clan and speak in the High Tongue.

Joining the Empire

In early Year 11, Thalia was with her extended family at the Purging Days gathering in Coronet when she spotted Nabooian Lane Rendell, a captain in the Imperial Army. The young officer stood up for her when a drunken enlisted man harassed her in a bar she'd snuck into, then defended her against her father's henchman. She found herself entranced by the dashing captain. He had to hastily leave Corellia after the fight to avoid a diplomatic incident, and Thalia had to leave Coronet to return to Kor Vella, but they vowed to stay in contact. They spent the next several months communicating in secret and soon became engaged.

Then, the inevitable happened and Montresor Brando discovered his daughter's continuing secret relationship. He ordered her to break her engagement with the exster and accept a marriage he arranged for her with a young man from a suitable Corellian family. Rather than accept the life of hustru fönster, Thalia left her family. She fled to Coruscant and enrolled in the Imperial Academy. On Year 11 Day 208, she graduated and joined the Ministry of Industry. She then turned her attention to serving the Empire within IRE and planning her life together with Lane.

Leaving the Empire

Later in Year 11, Lane and Thalia left the Empire to pursue an independent business venture that failed. The business venture's failure was a blow to the young couple, and their relationship did not survive. Lane was determined to return to the military and equally determined that Thalia would not make a good military wife. He broke off their relationship. After a short stint freelancing for the Hapes Consortium, Thalia returned to Corellia. She got an apartment and spent her days wandering the streets of Coronet.

On one of these jaunts, she met Mark Hadrian and was soon swept off her feet. He was on assignment in Corellia and the pair were soon spending as much time together as possible - to the chagrin of Hadrian's superiors, who noted his frequent absences from duty. Thalia and Mark were planning to move into an apartment on Coruscant when Mark was suddenly arrested and whisked away.

Thalia remained on Corellia for a time, hoping Mark would return safely, but - after receiving a holomessage of him broken and beaten telling her to move on with her life - ultimately decided to leave the planet. She joined Magnaguard Manufacturing and continued exploring the galaxy on her own.


Thalia is quick-witted and intelligent, though many who meet her may not realize it - nor does she. Thalia believes her only talent lies in her ability to use her looks to get her through situations. She's a whiz with computers, but thinks of that more as a hobby or timekiller than a skill. She tends to view herself as incapable of handling serious situations or being of value in crisis or mission situations.

Her sheltered upbringing helped her become open and chatty, which, coupled with her youthful looks, has caused some to mistake her for shallow and vain. Her breezy, honest nature helps her to make fast friends with many, but her loyalties to those closest to her run very deep. She has a knack for taking in a situation on sight, assessing and determining courses of action quickly. She is generally happy to go along with others' plans, though she has been known to dominate conversations and work things around to her best advantage.