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The Case of Dara Starwind (ING)

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Corsin, Coruscant (INB) - In a press conference held today by the Imperial Security Bureau, Deputy Director Black-Granger reported the conclusion into the activities of Crewman Starwind. The Crewman was detained several days ago following intelligence brought forward which presented an admission of espionage in addition to several startling revelations. On Day 60, the Imperial Security Bureau received a recording of Crewman Starwind and an anonymous Imperial; the contents of which depicted Starwind repeatedly admitting that she was a spy. Certain that she wouldn't be caught by Imperial authorities, she explained briefing her operational details within the Galactic Empire and her most assignment: to sun the Imperial Fleet she was attached to.

"There is no doubt that what she was saying is true," stated Deputy Director Black-Granger. "We have had video and audio analysts observe the recording and all have came to the same conclusion: her words are honest."

In addition to this admission of espionage, Starwind commented on various senior Imperials and her contempt towards them. As the recording continued, the list of Imperial Law violations steadily grew as her true feelings towards the Empire were expressed in apparent confidentiality.

"There is a word for Cadet Starwind: a traitor," commented Deputy Director Black-Granger. "Only a person of extreme arrogance and ignorance can expect to successfully complete such vile acts against the Galactic Empire. We saw her arrogance in revealing her true intentions, and we have seen her ignorance in expecting to escape the Imperial Justice system after admitting her disgraceful actions to an Imperial citizen."

To ensure the recording's information was valid, Imperial Intelligence was asked to investigate the Cadet's claims. With the vast pool of informants and undercover Agents, it didn't take long for the findings to be presented to the Imperial Security Bureau. Additionally, it is believed that Cadet Starwind's Commanding Officer was requested to provide a statement regarding Starwind as evidence of her character.

"We are highly grateful to Imperial Intelligence for assisting us in the investigation," stated Deputy Director Black-Granger. "With the ability to investigate the case from several angles, we were able to ensure the investigation didn't focus on one track. Each new angle we explored provided more evidence against Starwind and allowed us to come to the conclusion that we have. One such angle that was taken into consideration was the recent leak of Fleet Activities to the New Republic; the Fleet in question the same that Starwind was assigned to. Thankfully, the Center for Republic Intelligence validated our thoughts on this in one of their regular displays of arrogance."

Following the formal presentation of charges to Starwind, she proclaimed innocence and stated that she 'was drunk and joking' whilst voicing her claim on innocence to several members of the Empirel including her Fleet Command.

"Her claims of innocence merely add to her violations of Imperial Law," explained Deputy Director Black-Granger. "If what she says is remotely true, then she was intoxicated whilst on duty. This does not, however, exclude her from getting away with what she said. Just under a month ago, Executor Cherokee specifically stated that any conversation with a hint of treason, regardless of the conversation's nature, will be met with the stern action. Starwind repeatedly mentioned betraying the Empire, of damaging the Empire and it's citizens, and thus those words are treason.

It is a testament that several Imperials came forward to the Bureau to express their opinion on the Crewman and her actions. Whilst the Bureau does take such statements into consideration, I can safe with safe certainty that they did not know the full details of the case."

With strong evidence from reliable sources confirming that Starwind was a spy of a hostile power with the intention of committing further treason against the Empire, the Cadet was found guilty of Espionage and Treason. She was sentenced to execution, the only sentence available to those that commit a High Crime, and Captain Saretti was given the honor of removing the traitor from the Galaxy.

"Any Commanding Officer would want to ensure that punishment is done via their own hands. Whilst it is not customary, the Bureau felt that Starwind's Commanding Officer had a right to eliminate the individual that could have cost him his entire Fleet," stated Deputy Director Black-Granger, as he concluded the press conference. "We have retrieved the surveillance videos of the execution, and have confirmed that the sentence was carried out correctly and efficiently."

The press conference concluded with the surveillance video being released to the public.


"Sergeant, read the sentence."

"Yes sir." came the mechanised voice of the stormtrooper sergeant inside his helmet. He continued in a slow and loud voice, as if in a courtroom:

"Cadet Dara Starwind, based on the evidence, your statement as well as those of other witnesses, the decision of the prosecution is as follows: 1.3 - Contempt Towards Officials - Guilty 1.8 - Intoxicated Whilst On Duty - Guilty 1.12 - Provoking Speeches or Gestures - Guilty 2.1 - Aiding the Enemy - Guilty 2.3 - Espionage - Guilty 4.2 - High Treason - Guilty

The minimum sentence for these acts is execution. The sentence will be carried out immediately."

"Sergeant, open blast door 23-A and place the prisoner inside. Lieutenant Edgars, man the controls, open the outer blast door at my command." said Saretti, in a calm voice. Starwind's eyes flared open at this moment and as the two stormtroopers dragged her inside she yelled at Saretti:

"You monster! Give me a soldier's death!" She was struggling futilely against two stormtroopers who firmly grabbed her from each arm, while looking at Saretti's eyes with hatred. They were dragging her with ease to the inside of gate 23-A, when Saretti ordered them to stop. He took two steps to cover the distance and stopped again infront of Starwind, all the time holding her gaze, with a cold look of his own.

"Monster Dara? Really?" said the Captain, trying to sound amused but failing to hide his anger. "You, who have confessed to try to kill all your fellow enlisted and officers, who lied at every corner to gain the trust of those you wanted to kill, who bragged about being a spy... You dare to call me monster?"


"You'll find none here, traitor. Open the doors Sergeant."

Starwind resisted no more as she was carried away inside the gate and out of Rowan's sight. The stormtroopers returned, taking up guard positions to the side of the blast door's sides. Captain Saretti never moved, still looking at the prisoner. He gave a sign to his Lieutenant and Rowan closed the door. Alarms started blaring, notifying everyone in the vicinity of an imminent drop of oxygen level and danger of vacuum. Rowan looked at the screen infront of his controls, watching the outer doors open. Few seconds later, he saw something shooting out of the door and into space. Something that looked like a thin figure with long hair and a black flightsuit...

He managed to gave the Captain his report without his voice breaking:

"Sentence carried out Captain."

"Good." said Saretti, turning to leave. He stopped in mid-stride and called back to his Lieutenant:

"Oh and warn the TIE pilots patrolling port side of the Dauntless. Tell them to watch out for a small sized object heading towards the nearest gravity well. I lost noone to this traitor while she was alive. I won't lose anyone to her dead body."