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The Empire's New Jewel (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y9D360 by Cyrus Minx

Scylla (IIS)-- Today in a special press release, Pro Consul Goth announced the completion of the Empire's new jewel, the Gas Giant Scylla. Thanks to a combined effort from members of the Galactic Empire, the Hapes Consortium and Mandalore, what just last February seemed a dream, today has become a reality.

"It's almost finished.There's about 10 facilities to finish, and we need to recycle part of one city. The shield network should also be online before the end of the month." said Pro Consul Goth when asked at what point they were with construction. "Apart from these minor things, the construction project is complete."

Scylla is now ready to take it's place amongst the Galaxy's most populated and heavily trafficked systems. Imperial Union Space Control will have it's hands full with the oncoming tide of trade vessels that will soon arrive to do business in Scylla's spaceports.

When asked if the Empire was working on other projects, Pro Consul Goth stated: "There is some work being done on other worlds that will guarantee us our rightful place as Galactic Government, but the location of these worlds is classified at this time."

So with Scylla down and a few more worlds close to completion, will this spell the end of Falleen "rule" on the galaxy, and the return of the Empire as Galactic Government?

Only time will tell, but what we do know is that Scylla is completed, and it is time for us Imperials to celebrate the fact that we are one more step closer to our rightful place as "Leaders of the Galaxy"

This is Cyrus Minx, INB, Scylla.