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Theft Thwarted, Thief Executed (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Theft Thwarted, Thief Executed"

Posted by: Zhaff Orikan on Year 15 Day 260

(Kuat, ING) - Reporters from Kuat's major news outlets gathered outside the Kuat Sector ISB headquarters today after a series of sector-wide bulletins were issued related to criminal activity in the area. Early reports indicated a rogue Naval officer had broken into a warehouse of the Imperial Army, but details were sketchy at best. To clarify the situation, ISB Deputy Director Zhaff Orikan held a press conference on the matter.

In a prepared statement, Lieutenant General Zhaff Orikan, acting Kuat Sector ISB Liaison, reassured the citizens of the sector that the matter has been resolved and swift justice has been enacted. Orikan stated that "several days ago an alert Major discovered signs of forced entry into a facility, and discovered a small reserve of equipment ordinarily kept there was missing."

Major Julian Valendrift immediately alerted ISB to the burglary after ensuring that the barracks was empty and the area secure. Local agents of the Sector Liaison's office responded immediately and upon arriving at the scene began securing evidence. The investigation revealed that Lieutenant Phoebe Doxa, a junior officer of the 2nd Imperial Fleet, had illegally entered the facility and forced her way into the secure storage room.

Holorecorders documented her loading the crates onto a personal Pursuer Enforcement Ship. The PES was identified in orbit of Kuat by the security network, after which it was quickly surrounded and boarded. Aboard the small freighter, agents discovered the entirety of the stolen goods, as well as Doxa, who was taken into custody without incident. Doxa, having served in the Navy for less than a year, was a promising young officer until recently when she was mentioned in an investigation surrounding the Zann Consortium. Orikan did not go into details on her previous encounter with the Bureau. However, a former colleague of hers stated on condition of anonymity that Doxa had been fined and reprimanded for two cases of failure to follow Imperial directives not long before this latest incident, but was given a second chance by the Bureau's Office of Adjudication.

Orikan announced, "Ms. Doxa was caught red-handed thanks to the swift response of Major Valendrift and the Imperial Security Bureau. Due to the insurmountable evidence in this case, she was quickly adjudicated and sent off to a reeducation camp on Kuat to await sentencing. When confronted during the interrogation, Doxa promptly admitted her guilt. This incidence of treason was a very disappointing development after the Bureau extended her a second chance which she used to betray the Empire. Doxa has been sentenced to execution for high crimes against the Empire by attempting to disable an Imperial Legion."

A spokesman for the Sector Liaison's office assured the public that a full security sweep of all military installations has been conducted as a precautionary measure following the larceny; no further security breaches were found. "The public is not in danger, the equipment stolen was quickly located and returned to military custody. We have no reason to believe any others were involved."

The Imperial Security Bureau reminds all Imperials that if they see any suspicious activity or signs of criminal activity to contact their local Sector Liaison's office. Fast and accurate reporting of this incident as well as an expeditious response by local authorities was responsible for the success in apprehending this criminal and achieving justice.