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Third Imperial Legion Deployed To Derra System (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - Third Imperial Legion Deployed To Derra System

Posted by: Elvira Falston on Year 14 Day 58

Friends and family of soldiers gathered recently to bid farewell to the Empires finest at the official deployment ceremony for Operation Sovereign Canopy. Starting from yesterday, the legions of the Imperial Army will be rotated on a regular basis to the chaotic and disease-ridden system of Derra. The Imperial forces will attempt to establish a secure and sterile zone on the planet Derra IV in order to treat those sentients who have fallen victim to the so called metamorphosis plague that was reported two weeks ago on the Galactic News Service. In addition, these forces will attempt to subdue the waves of violence and vandalism that have plagued the Derra system ever since rogue scientists have unleashed a pathogen into the air, stimulating the violent tendencies of all those that breathe it in.

The ceremony took place in an enormous hangar where the troops and their beloved ones could enjoy a buffet provided by the Imperial Army. Lieutenant Montari of the 6th Brigade addressed his troops, stating that the Empire will prove once more that we are the only hope this galaxy has for a stable and peaceful future, a speech that was met with grand applause.

Army personnel will be outfitted with state of the art weaponry and bio-hazard protection gear to ensure their safety. To minimize the risk of infection, the brigades deployed on Derra will be rotated frequently and all personnel will be monitored by doctors. Once a safe zone has been established, these doctors will begin work on a cure for the plagues wreaking havoc in the system. Troops will also be handing out care packages containing food and basic supplies to the locals whose homes have been ravaged by detachments of the Galactic Alliance that landed on Derra IV and have been terrorizing the local population ever since.


All present at the ceremony seemed to share the same thoughts on the operation, agreeing that the Empire could not sit idly by as an entire system was being subjected to unimaginable cruelty and chaos by the enemy and nature itself. Sergeant Malley, while kissing his wife and daughter goodbye prior to boarding a troop transport, had the following to say: "The Empire is a strong and self-sustaining force that is always expanding and bettering itself and all those under its care. It is for these reasons that we must extend a hand to those that need our help, including those that have yet to embrace the Empire. While I'm sad to be leaving my family for such a long period of time, I know they support me and what I'm being sent to do."

The thoughts and prayers of all Imperials are with the troops being deployed to Derra in wishing them success and a quick and healthy return to their homes and families.