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Through Victory, My Chains Are Broken (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y13D286 by Elvira Falston

Korriban (IIS)-- Recently details were released about the mysterious events that transpired on the Sith homeworld of Korriban. Some weeks ago, a mysterious ship arrived in Imperial space. On board was a Dark Jedi who claimed he wished to pledge himself to the Dark Lord and become more than a mere Jedi, to become a Sith. Having fled the group he was previously affiliated with, he sought a new life with the Order of the Sith, training with the feared Sith Lords of the Empire. His ship was searched, but nothing suspicious was found. He was subsequently transported to the Great Temple on Korriban, the legendary base of the Order, where he would be tested to decide if he was strong and worthy enough to train in the ways of the Sith.

Meanwhile, the Inquisitorius, in cooperation with Imperial Intelligence, began investigating his past. After an anonymous tip received from a former acquaintance of the Dark Jedi, his ship was searched again. This time, the Inquisitors discovered a hidden area where several objects were retrieved. The Dark Lord would not release information on what objects were found, but it is known that amongst them was a datapad containing crucial information on the true intentions of the Sith hopeful. The Lord Inquisitor himself stepped in to lead the investigation, reporting directly to the Director Ventidius of Imperial Intelligence. After careful meditation and decyphering the contents of the datapad, Lord Mordent unveiled that the suspect, named Zekkeius Turnex, was a pretender who had falsely posed as a Sith in the past and now sought to infiltrate the true Order of the Sith, intending to murder a Sith Lord and claim his lightsaber.

Knowing the truth now, the Lord Inquisitor travelled to Korriban, where the false Sith was still wandering the halls of the sacred Temple. Lord Mordent confronted the would-be assassin, but he was prepared and violence seemed like the only remaining solution. Both drew their weapons and engaged in a duel that would inevitably end with the death of one of them.The Sith prevailed and it was not long before the leader of the mysterious Inquisitorius stood victorious. The lifeless body of Zekkeius Turnex was recovered by Imperial Intelligence for further investigation, after it had been impaled by the crimson red lightsaber of the Sith Lord.Once again the superiority of the Sith has been proven. After other events like the execution of the traitorous jedi Azrakh Raleep, the galaxy has been warned once more that attempting to cross the Sith can only end in one way: death.


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