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Tinkering Lunacy (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Tinkering Lunacy"

Posted by: Patrick Mueirech on Year 20 Day 355

CORELLIA (SOCIAL) - Worshippers proclaiming works done in the name of the "Great Tinkerer" were appearing at large within the Core Worlds region of the Galaxy. The religious following, comprised of Jawas, is known as the Jawa Industrial Magi, or JIM for short. JIM is a shamanistic collection of religious cults, whose beliefs commemorate their supreme deity, the so-called Great Tinkerer and their passion to scour the galaxy, to accrue "divine knowledge" as they otherwise go on about their lives.

The Jawas, by their unexplained nature, are known to tamper with anything that consists of technology. These include but are not limited to droids, ships, landspeeders, circuit breakers, moisture vaporators, holopads, remotes, blast doors and many more that houses or have housed electricity. A Jawa can be easily ignored as a scrapyard diver. However, their developed craftiness has allowed them to interfere with the lives of everyday people. The robed rodent-like beings have prove capable of reprogramming protocol droids to deliver their vague messages. Such occurrence was spotted a week ago by surveillance reports and confirmed by eyewitness accounts in the planets surrounding the Nubus system.


Protocol droids had started to express messages that were generally out of context and unclear in nature until local authorities seized a troublesome protocol droid causing rampant chaos to patrons at a settlement's cantina. More cases of misbehaving droids were evident in the countryside and cities. Tenement walls were vandalized in illegible sentences and obscure circular markings by sanitation astromechs. In a town plaza, news bulletins and public announcements were relayed by a public information service droid in obscurity. Speech was inaudibly loud, producing blaring levels of sound and screeches in its speech function, disrupting the peace in the area. The faulty and abnormal droids were sent to the factories of Magnaguard Manufacturing for analysis and repairs. There has been no clear modus operandi yet clarified, however, theories of subliminal indoctrination are speculated to be the motive. Furthermore, Imperial Graphologists from the University of Alderaan have confirmed that the illegible vandalism was of Jawaese, the Jawa language.

The Imperial Security Bureau in conjunction with Imperial Intelligence suggests that patterns of such behaviour in nearby systems can be traced back to Sasan in the New Plympto system, a desert planet much like the Jawa homeworld of Tatooine. Sadly, Tatooine is currently being occupied by a rogue state calling themselves the "New Republic". The high number of Jawas in Sasan are linked to oppression by terrorists in their homeworld, thus causing a diaspora of the Jawa species. Acknowledging the brilliance of Jawa-kind, the Ministry of Industry kindly urges the Jawas to put their tampering curiosities to use in the Empire, where their unique skills will be valued and nurtured while serving to bring order to a galaxy in turmoil.


To attempt to rectify the damage done and to protect the interests of Imperial citizens in the Nubus system, the Imperial Security Bureau has been tasked to detain displaced Jawas, offering transport and care to the displaced Class C sentients. The Regional Government and COMPNOR have expressed they are more than willing to provide sanctuary to Jawas within Imperial territory in the form of supervised reservations, where they are free to exercise their culture and practices in a controlled space for their protection. Accommodations can be arranged to simulate the ecosystems and natural order of Tatooine. Banthas, Tusken Raiders and scrapyards can be imported into reservations, making the Jawas feel at home.

At the behest of the Ministry of Interior's Surgeon-General, Imperial forces are taking every medical precaution, issuing new clothing to detained Jawas. Articles seized are being disposed of to avoid the spread of harmful pathogens that have been permitted to linger due to unsanitary conditions on Tatooine. Anyone who provides information on the whereabouts of such refugees will be met with reward and gratitude by the Galactic Empire once the displaced have been safely relocated.