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Traitor Brought to Justice (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Traitor Brought to Justice"

Posted by: Elvira Falston on Year 17 Day 255

CORUSCANT (SECURITY) - Unrest in the 2nd Imperial Legion earlier this week when personnel reported the kidnapping of two ranking officers by General Liam Conrad and the theft of Imperial assets. Without warning, the disgraced General seized control of an Imperial vessel and held the other officers hostage as he attempted to escape to enemy territory. Misjudging the valor of the Imperial crew however, his flight came to an abrupt end when the ship was immobilized by those on board and the hostages swiftly rescued by Imperial authorities. In a desperate last-ditch effort, Conrad locked himself away in a vehicle hangar but was eventually taken into custody by the Imperial Security Bureau, where he now awaits execution for high treason.

A brief but thorough investigation linked the attack to the Eriadu Authority, a small associate of the Krath Dynasty mainly known for its everchanging loyalties and endless greed. A representative of the Galactic Empire addressed journalists on the matter and stated: "Imperial Intelligence has been keeping an eye on this terrorist organisation for some time now. They recruit sympathizers from a very specific culture and seem to have developed their own language to communicate without being caught. The language does not appear to be native to any known planet. Citizens are then encouraged to betray their nations for the benefit of this outlandish group. Their leadership is comprised of former Imperial assets who plotted to overthrow the Rogue Squadron organisation, but ties were cut when their corruption and sheer incompetence became unmistakeable. More recent reports even uncovered a plan to betray the Krath Dynasty. Why the Galactic Alliance so desperately continues to work with these whimsical terrorists is beyond us."


Once the hostages were in safe hands again, a small taskforce was dispatched to retrieve several of the stolen assets that were inexplicably left unprotected by the Eriadu terrorists. Director Ascarion of the Imperial Security Bureau could not be reached for comment, but arresting officer ISB-Brigadier General Nikai Tonnak remarked that, "these sporadic attacks by Eriadu would worry us, had they not been so adept at sabotaging their own operations." An Inner Circle representative has confirmed that Tonnak is to be awarded for his efforts and swift response at the Imperial Monthly Meeting later this month.