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Turk Killian

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Turk Killian
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions 13th Group Commanding Officer
Prior Service None
Awards 8830_killian.png

Turk Killian is a male Coruscanti serving in the Galactic Empire. Growing up in a middle class family on Coruscant instilled Turk Killian with two things: a love of the Empire and a hatred of being average. That is why he decided at a young age that as soon as he had the chance he would join the Imperial Academy. He was convinced the Empire would make him into a man of importance and power, which he was determined to be.

Character History

Early Life

Growing up Turk Killian's life was practically the definition of average, the only thing exciting about it being the location; Coruscant. He grew up in a middle class family of no special social status. This was nothing to complain about, as a lot of the inhabitants had it much worse than he did. But Coruscant is the heart of the Empire. A place filled with powerful political figures, important military leaders, wealthy dignitaries, and awe-inspiring Sith lords. In a place like this Turk constantly felt intimidated and unimportant in the shadow of these important figures, despite the fact that he was rarely lucky enough to get more than a passing glance at most of them.

As he got older his hatred of being average grew. Though he hid it well, he couldn't help resenting those in a station above him, unless he saw them as somebody who could help him improve his own position. He was determined place himself at the top of the social class system that was so prevalent on his home planet. But as a child there was little he could do to change this, and so he was forced to wait and stew.

Living on Coruscant also instilled him with a love of the Galactic Empire. Being in the capitol of the Empire he was surrounded by the might of the Empire. His biggest thrills growing up were the times when he would get a chance to see a high ranking government official or military figure. He was amazed by how they seemed such looming figures even though he was usually seeing them from a distance, not nearly important enough to get near them. He idolized these figures and dreamed of growing up to be one. He was especially enthralled by the military leaders, shown such respect and admiration, and the Sith lords, shown such fear and submission. He knew better than to admit it, but these were the things he wanted others to show him.

It didn't take Turk long to figure out that the best way to become like these figures was to follow in their footsteps. This is what made him decide that once he was old enough, he would join the ranks of the Galactic Empire. He was convinced that the Empire would provide him not only the structure through which he could climb the social ladder, but also that it would instill him with the traits and skills which would make him a man worthy of the respect of others.

As soon as he was of age, Turk began his studies at the Imperial Academy. He was thrilled to be at the academy. He saw his childhood as a time he is happy to be done with. To him, the academy is the first step to the life he dreams of. And now the time has come for Turk to finally start his journey and see if he has what it takes to become the man he wants to be.

Imperial Service

Imperial Navy Service

Personal Life

Imperial Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Branch
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Unknown Imperial Academy
Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time) Branch
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Unknown Imperial Navy
[O-2] MO-2.png Lieutenant Junior Grade Unknown Imperial Navy
[O-3] MO-3.png Lieutenant Unknown Imperial Navy
[O-4] MO-4.png Lieutenant Commander Present Imperial Navy

Awards and Accolades

Ribbon Name Date Awarded Awarded by Citation
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Honours Graduate [IABG-H] Unknown Commandant of the Imperial Academy For graduating from the Imperial Academy with outstanding scores.
MID.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches [MID] Unknown Galactic Empire For performance of duty warranting special attention.
LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC] Unknown Galactic Empire For exemplary service to the Galactic Empire.
MIDx2.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x2 [MIDx2] Unknown Galactic Empire Mentioned in Dispatches, Second award.
LOCx2.jpg Letter of Commendation x2 [LOCx2] Unknown Galactic Empire Letter of Commendation, Second Award.
ISM-1.jpg Imperial Service Medal - 1 Year [ISM-1] Unknown Galactic Empire Awarded for 1 year of consecutive active duty service.
MIDx3.jpg Mentioned in Dispatches x3 [MIDx3] Unknown Galactic Empire Mentioned in Dispatches, Third award.
MOS.jpg Medal of Support [MOS] Unknown The Throne Contributed financially to the development of the Galactic Empire.
LOCx3.jpg Letter of Commendation x3 [LOCx3] Unknown Galactic Empire Letter of Commendation, Third Award.