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Turmoil in the First (ING)

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Kuat (INB) - Following the recent demotion of Command Sergeant Inara Imperium for repeated incidences of insubordination, several soldiers of the First Imperial Legion expressed indignation and anger at the decision to remove their Commanding Officer from her position. However during the past week, rising tensions that led to several tragedies within the Legion have now been calmed and work is underway to resume Legion operations. Immediately after her demotion, Imperium resigned her posting from the Imperial Army. However, in a protest against Army High Command's decision, several hundred members of the legion resigned to support their departing Commanding Officer.

In addition to the resignations within the First Imperial Legion, Sergeant First Class Straus Doakes overrode his freighter's emergency procedures during a mission to assist development operations in the Dolomar sector and set course for a nearby sun; his suicide also resulting in the murders of the innocent civilian crew. From a transmission sent to a nearby relay station, Doakes expressed that his actions were 'For Inara' and that he had no concern of the loss of life that would result.

It is also reported that messages intercepted by Imperial Intelligence proved further evidence that Sergeant Major Droch Marius was encouraging others to display their indignation against the Empire and making a stand by taking their own lives in the destruction of as much Imperial property and personnel as possible. He also told other soldiers in the legion to desert their posts in another form of protest. Marius himself deserted but was quickly intercepted by members of the Imperial Security Bureau and is now being formally charged with provoking speeches and gestures, riots and breach of peace, attempted defection, and treason.

While the aforementioned events are disappointing, the overwhelming majority of the legion, including the remainder of the command structure, has remained loyal to the Imperial Army and the Galactic Empire as a whole. The cooperation of the First Imperial Legion soldiers with the Imperial Security Bureau and Imperial Intelligence during these investigations are a testament to the unit's dedication and commitment to the Galactic Empire.

In a statement released by the Imperial Security Bureau, Deputy Director Black-Granger praised the actions undertaken to limit the damage caused by members of the First Imperial Legion whilst condemning the rash actions taken following the removal of Imperium.

"It is a sad occasion when the Galactic Empire has to protect its own citizens from themselves. Although the situation was a complicated one, the resulting actions that followed would never have happened if loyalties were correctly placed. Many times, citizens of the Empire will be asked to undertake or accept actions that they will disagree with. Protesting the actions in the manner that Sergeant First Class Doakes and Sergeant Major Marius did not only worsen the situation but resulted in a negative image of themselves, their unit and the person that they dedicated their actions to.

"Whilst many feel an emotional attachment to their units and the soldiers they fight beside, their loyalty should always lie with the Empire. As long as loyalty is shown to the Emperor and the Empire, citizens can expect the same in return. Many of those in the First Imperial Legion have displayed such commitment to the Empire and it will not be forgotten. The dedication they have shown to the Empire far outweighs the negative actions undertaken by select members of the Legion and will be forever remembered.

"Regardless of the situation, I plead to all Imperials that they consider the consequences their actions will have throughout the Empire. As a unit, as a branch, as an Empire; we cannot let self-centeredness rule our actions. When we work as a whole, as an Imperial, we shall conquer any enemies we may have and be victorious."