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Tybern Vulcano

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Tybern Vulcano
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Larissa Vulcano
Father Owen Vulcano
Spouse Deana Windrunner Vulcano
Siblings Elana Vulcano (26)
Children N/A
Born Year -2, Day 191
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Prior Service
Awards IABG

Tybern Vulcano is an Alderaanian male hailing from the city of Aldera on Alderaan. He currently holds the rank of Ensign in the Imperial Navy Starfighter Corps.

Personal History

Early Life

Tybern was born in Year -2, Day 191 to Owen and Larissa Vulcano in the city of Aldera on Alderaan. Tybern lived a privileged life; his father was a professor of science at the capital cities major university and his mother was a highly sought-after grass painter. The Vulcano family remained firmly planted amongst the rolling hills and ravines of Alderaan, more interested in exploring and studying the many facets of their home planet rather than travel outside of the atmosphere. Prior to enlisting in the Galactic Empire, Tybern had never traveled outside the atmosphere of Alderaan. He has one sister, Elana, age 26.

Growing up, and possibly due to the strong presence of his father in his life, Tybern was almost always more interested in studying than spending time with friends. Early on he took a particular interest in the science behind starships and cruisers, often spending hours studying the schematics of capital ships and starfighters. Although generally well liked by his peers, Tybern struggled socially and was much more content behind the controls at a starfighter simulator complex or studying material on naval warfare and capital ship design.

Tybern fulfilled a promise he made before leaving for the Imperial Academy and married his childhood sweetheart, Deana Windrunner, while on leave after graduation. She remained on Alderaan as he pursued his military career with the Empire.

Professional History

The Academy

Tybern Vulcano arrived to the Imperial Academy on Prakith on Year 19, Day 36 at the age of 20. While there, his primary Training Officer was Commodore Faraday Euler. During his time at the Academy, he excelled in capital ship design and propulsion theory. He also volunteered for a number of extra assignments earning him the favor of the instructors and professors at the Academy. Where Tybern excelled academically, he struggled keeping up with his peers in many of the practical exercises required of a burgeoning Imperial Officer. Only through grit and determination was he able to succeed; ultimately graduating in the top 10% of his class.

The Lost Squad

Tybern experienced his first true test in resilience and leadership during his final evaluation exercise at the academy. He sent a squad of stormtroopers into the wilderness of Prakith on what he thought would be a routine patrol while being evaluated on his abilities to lead Troopers into combat. Tybern began to worry when the squad failed to return to the shuttle at the designated time. He frustratingly searched for the squad for over two days before reaching out to his training officer for assistance. The academies long range scanners were able to locate the squad in the city of Prakith. There navigation systems had shorted during a rain storm on the first night and they were only able to navigate at night towards the bright city lights. The experience was a defining moment for Tybern; he learned a valuable lesson in leadership and the importance of accountability that would stay with him throughout his Imperial career.

The Imperial Navy

After graduating from the Academy, Tybern was promoted to the rank of Ensign and placed into the Imperial Navy Starfighter Corps (INSC).