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Union Stronger Than Ever (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Union Stronger Than Ever"

Posted by: Hack Skice on Year 12 Day 327

Onboard the Lucrehulk 3210 Battleship Phaeton in system Besqek (-50, -10).

POMAGRA, UTOS SYSTEM (INB, Te Verd Ca'narase, HNN, TFNN, TGN, LBB) - Chairman Jarek Sankin of the Imperial Union met with Legate Dorn Zeke of the Aurodium Legion earlier thisweek to formally welcome that government as the sixth member of the pan-galactic organization. As a member, the Aurodium Legion will participate in the Union economic programs and joint-defense force, and gain access to valuable restricted technologies only available to fellow members. The entry of the Aurodium Legion into the Union marks the first new member government since the inclusion of the Tion Hegemony in Year 10.


In past months, the Aurodium Legion assisted Union governments in large-scale construction projects and various other operations, and engaged in frequent economic trades with the Trade Federation, Hapes Consortium and Galactic Empire. Chairman Sankin extended a formal invitation to the Legion after exhaustive investigations into the Legion's history, relations with other galactic organizations, and rumors of Legate Zeke's connections to the criminal society Black Sun. "Of course, we were easily satisfied with our findings", Chairman Sankin stated. "Aurodium Legion is a legitimate government run by extremely hard-working and loyal folk, and we're thrilled to have them as a member. In fact, I'd say that the Union knows more about the Legion than any other group in the galaxy, save the Legion itself."

Other leaders within the Union expressed their excitement over bringing in a new member. In a statement to INB, Viceroy Jacob Jansen of the Trade Federation remarked that "the addition of the Aurodium Legion into the Imperial Union means our combined economic, military and logistical might is unmatched by any other. This is an exciting time for the Union. I look forward to working more closely with our newest ally as the Union continues to dominate as the true ruling authority of the galaxy." Executor Guinar Ndengin of the Galactic Empire said, "The Empire is more than satisfied with the inclusion of the Aurodium Legion into the Imperial Union. We expect to see welcome additions to the Union in terms of wealth, military power, population and territorial expansion". Executor Ndengin also noted how "the Legion is more than just a sum of raw potential, molded by the expectations of the Union. Indeed, we have become convinced that their leadership possesses qualities that are of true significance to the Empire and Imperial Union alike. The spirit and ideals of the New Order are represented strongly by the Aurodium Legion, and we welcome their arrival most cordially." Legate Zeke himself noted his pleasure at the invitation. "The Aurodium Legion has long admired the Union's cohesiveness", commented Zeke, "and we look forward to working alongside the other Imperial Union members in continuing to improve the lives of all of the Galaxy's citizens."


In the coming months, Union members will work with the Aurodium Legion to help it organize its military and economic forces to meet Union expectations. Legion heads of industry will meet with Director Metyl Onyx of the Imperial Union Economic Council to assess their needs and how they can assist other Union members; top Aurodium military officials will also meet with their counterparts in the Empire, Trade Federation, Hapes Consortium, Mandalore, and Tion Hegemony. Legate Zeke himself will attend a meeting of the Union members in an undisclosed location in the near future to familiarize himself with Union procedures and plans.

When asked for comment by the Legion Broadcast Bureau, Chairman Sankin ultimately expressed excitement at the ramifications of the addition of a new member government, and called it a major milestone in the "strengthening and expansion of the ideals of order, security, and rule of law in a galaxy still struggling to overcome the instability of terrorist organizations, despotism, and lawlessness masquerading as popular government."