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Greetings, Imperials!

As an Archivist, its my job as an experienced member of the Imperial Information Service to listen to the questions/comments/suggestions that members may have, pertaining to the Imperial Archives. I am responsible for ensuring the maintenance, enforcement of protocol, accuracy, and general availability of the Archives to Imperial citizens and authorized personnel. Its also my job to welcome and help new members to the Archives get their affairs in order.

If you wish to contact me, I may be reached via the following email address:

Alternatively, you can typically contact me via PM on IRC. Whenever I am online, I am often in the following channels, listed as 'CPT_Seraph' or 'Kol_Seraph':

  1. #cmg-empire
  2. #cmg-empire-archives
  3. #cmg-empire-officers

My responses will be prompt, I can assure you. Thank you for your patience.
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Captain Kol Seraph
Brigade Commanding Officer
3rd Imperial Legion, 3rd Brigade
Imperial Army

If you wish to see my personal archive profile page, it may be found here.