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Victory in the Outer Rim

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Galactic News Service Article "Victory in the Outer Rim" Hacked by: Orphaea Imperium - Faction: Galactic Empire Date: Year 11 Day 63 Onboard the YV-666 Venerator 02 in system N`zoth (-77, 331).

Imperial forces have struck a decisive blow against rebel forces in the N'zoth system, a mere day from the major rebel strongholds of Republica and Akrit`tar. Elements of the Imperial Seventh Fleet and Second Legion landed in force early Day 58 and initiated operations to liberate the planet M'buh from the rebel garrison, while a second task force simultaneously commenced a spoiling attack intended to divert rebel forces on the lesser planet T'grel.

Rebel forces were quick to recognise the inevitable, with recently appointed CRI officer Angela LaSalle offering her congratulations to Captain Markus Saretti of the Seventh Fleet "...in advance of [Imperial] victory within 48 hours," adding fuel to reports that the rebel senior leadership spent the initial hours of the invasion debating who among them was to blame for the loss rather than commencing defensive operations. Local forces performed more admirably, if somewhat futilely, in their own resistance against the Imperial advance.

"We now control the majority of the surface of M'buh," said Captain Saretti. "I am confident that we will see the remainder of the planet liberated in time. Not bad for a bunch of rust buckets."


Rust Buckets: Better than Mon Calamari Cruisers, Analysts Say

The Empire is investigating the possibility of the local rebel garrison having engaged the use of chemical weapons in an attempt to stall the Imperial advance in the early hours of the invasion. Commanders and medical officers on the ground on both worlds report deployed troops becoming 'sluggish' and 'disoriented' in their efforts, resulting in a halt on the flow of reinforcements until it was deemed safe to continue operations. "Regardless of all the posturing from the rebels, the Empire, at least, can hold its head high for having conducted the clean campaign," said Captain Saretti. In honour of the victory, the Emperor has awarded Captain Saretti and the other mission commanders, Lieutenant Gunther Rall of the Second Legion and Grand Moff Orphaea Imperium, the Imperial Cross.

"The Galactic Alliance can send its forces to idly float around Imperial strongholds as much as it likes. The Empire will get on with the job of winning the war," said Lieutenant Rall.

"Inevitably, we will be shortly seeing rebel propaganda regarding how they repulsed the Empire," observed Grand Moff Imperium. "And only at the cost of the greater part of a large, resource-rich planet well equipped to be a staging base towards the heartland of their territories. A few more rebel victories like that and the Empire'll have won the war."