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Virtute Et Armis (GNS)

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Galactic News Service - "Coniunctis Viribus"

Posted by: Eric Jackson on Year 14 Day 53

Onboard the Super Star Destroyer IMS Victory in system Derra (71, -166).

Derra IV (IIS) - As violence in the plagued system of Derra continues to escalate, there are rising concerns from sentient's rights groups that the conflict may become a testing ground for a violent Galactic Alliance which seeks an opportunity to test new military technologies. Several reports from allied and neutral forces indicate that the Alliance is actively attempting to seize control of the planet's major cities and enforce martial law to deny the people of Derra IV access to much of their own colonies.

Reporters on the ground were surprised that officers of the Krath Dynasty are frequently releasing reports to the public containing condemning evidence of their acts of terror and continued violence against both visitors and local populace. Amongst these reports was a boast claiming that Mika Noris, long retired from Imperial service and now running a neutral mercenary faction, was 'neutralized' by Krath forces, heralding his supposed defeat as a victory over the Sith. Investigation into the Order of the Sith's records or even Mr. Noris' history reveals that while he had served in the New Imperial Order and the Empire some time ago, there are no known ties between Mr. Noris and the Order.

Eyewitness accounts of the assault on Mr. Noris expose details indicating a paranoid suspicion by Alliance forces of a supposed Sith infestation. People are being openly shot on sight for no other reason than wearing a black hood, a piece of clothing often associated with the Sith, but also a popular item amongst civilians. Local reporters were able to confirm that both Mr. Noris and Lord Steve Sphinx, Premier of the Tresario Star Kingdom, are alive and well despite Alliance reports claiming they had been neutralized. The incident has sparked controversy on the planet itself however, as several civilians took to the streets wearing hoods and carrying signs with slogans such as "We are Mika Noris" and "Hoods Do Not Make Me Guilty".


Yesterday, Lord Seele arrived on the planet to inspect the situation and address the affected population suffering from a viral outbreak and now war sweeping across their planet. The Executor was promptly attacked by Alliance officers who were initially mistaken for a roving band of marauders. The Imperial Royal Guard succeeded in fending off the numerous and violent attacks by Alliance forces, resulting in the deaths of at least twenty Alliance hostiles and the same again in wounded. The defence of the Executor was not without cost however, and a Guardsman was killed in the eleventh and final assault of the Alliance forces before the Executor decided to leave the planet's surface.

The death of Guardsman Kymber Shen-jon marks the first Imperial death in the Derra System, despite many claims of Alliance news services that the Empire has been suffering repeated losses. The Imperial News Service was able to confirm with Cherilyn Daresto, a spokeswoman of the Imperial Palace, that no Imperial forces have been deployed to Derra IV at this time, aside from the Guardsmen accompanying Lord Seele as a matter of standard procedure and security. Miss Daresto emphasized that a small security team composed of twelve guards should have posed no threat to the Alliance forces, but Alliance aggression has been well documented in the media.


After returning to the Super Star Destroyer IMS Victory, flagship of the Executor, Lord Seele agreed to answer a few questions from the Imperial Information Service. During the question and answer session, Lord Seele was able to confirm that the 3rd Legion of the Imperial Army is expected to arrive on the planet's surface early next month in a bid to end the ongoing violence perpetuated by the Alliance. On the reason for the deployment of Imperial Forces to Derra IV, Lord Seele said:

"The Alliance has had ample opportunity to bring the situation on Derra IV under control, and without Imperial interference. It has become apparent that the Alliance is not able to offer stability or an end to violence. Instead the Warlords of the Alliance have simply increased it and then gleefully gloat their kill counts in the news as though shooting people was a sport and not an act of last resort. The Empire aims to end the cycle of violence encouraged by the Alliance, and the Empire certainly won't be posting a running tally in the media every day on the amount of lives we may have to take in the process of ensuring peace."