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Official Frequently Asked Questions page of the Imperial Archives. This page will help you get familiar with basic Wiki coding, and how to edit pages, create pages and more. If you wish to learn more about the Archives editing, refer to the Editing Protocols page. The Guidelines and the Editing Help pages should help you ever further about Archives coding and how to make a good article.

How to..

...Create a page?

First of all, in order to make a new article, you need to create a page. Creating pages is very easy, all you have to do is to go to the Search Engine on your left and search the name of the page you wish to create. This will also tell you if the page you want to create has been made already. If the page hasn't been made, you can create it by clicking on "You can create this page.". Make sure you are not making the same type of page twice. For example, there is no need to create a page about the Fifth Imperial Fleet and the 5th Imperial Fleet. The page 5th Imperial Fleet should be redirected to Fifth Imperial Fleet, as Acronyms are not allowed in page titles. More on redirecting will be explained later.

...Edit a page?

In order to edit a page, click on the top most link in the article that says "Edit". It should be right to the discussion link. After you clicked that link, you are able to start editing the page. A blank area will appear where you can write about the article. You will need to know how to use Archives coding in order to make a good article. Check out the Editing Help page for more information on that.

...Create a Character page?

The first thing to do in the Archives, is to create your own page. That page will be all about your character. Alright so search your name and then create the page. Click on "Edit" and enter a Character infobox. A Character infobox should look like this:

| name =
| image =
| race =
| homeworld =
| mother =
| father =
| spouse =
| siblings =
| children =
| born =
| branch =
| positions =
| prior service =
| awards =

Now enter information about yourself. Where it says "name =" type "Your name". Where it says "homeworld =" Type where you where born, etc. Now write:

Quick summery of character.

== Character History ==
Full biography of character (From early life to Adult life and service in the Empire).

[[Category: Individuals]]

And basically, you have created the template for your character page. Of course, inside you should add more titles and categories and all sorts of information. But this is the basics. When you first create your page, make sure it has at least the character summery at the top. If not, it will be considered an empty page and deleted. Save yourself the trouble.

...Create a Heading?

Headings are a great way to organise your article to sections. There are 6 levels of Headings. The first Heading is the biggest, getting smaller down to the 6th Heading. To create a Heading, use a "=" sign before the Heading and after it. An example for the 6 Level Headings:

= Heading 1 =
== Heading 2 ==
=== Heading 3 ===
==== Heading 4 ====
===== Heading 5 =====
====== Heading 6 ======

...Style text?

Styling text is very important when writing an article. Writing in Bold or in Italics can improve your article's quality.

Use 3 apostrophes ('''Bold''') to create something in bold.
And use 2 apostrophes (''Italic'') to create something in italics.

To make something Bold & Italic, use:

5 apostrophes = '''''Bold & Italic'''''

To make something underlined or strike

Use <u>content</u> for underline.
And <s>content</s> for strike.

...Make links?

Links are not less important than anything else while constructing a good article. They are great for navigation. To make links use one, or two brackets.

A simple Internal link (Galactic Archives):

[[Imperial Wiki]]

Internal link with a text (GalArc):

[[Galactic Archives|GalArc]]

A numbered External link ([1]):


External link with link text (The Galactic Empire Website):

[http://www.swc-galactic-empire.com The Galactic Empire Website]

...Make lists?

There are various types of lists and Indents you can make. Indents can be created plain, with bullets, or numbered.

If you write:

: indent
: indent
:: more indent
::: even more indent 

It would appear as:

more indent
even more indent

If you want a numbered list or bullets, write:

For bullets:
* bullet
* bullet
** sub-bullet
* bullet

And for a numbered list:
# numbered list
# numbered list
## sub-list
# numbered list

To get:

  • bullet
  • bullet
    • sub-bullet
  • bullet


  1. numbered list
  2. numbered list
    1. sub-list
  3. numbered list

...Add an Image?

Images are one of the most important things to include in an article. An article without images is boring, and should be edited. The only way to display images in our Archives is to simply, post the direct link of the image.

...Make a Table of Contents?

A Table of Contents is added to your article as long as it is long enough and has more than 3 Headings. It's there automatically and is important in almost every article. However, if you wish to disable the Contents along with the "edit" link for each section, type:


...Sign my signature?

In Talk pages it is important you identify yourself by adding your signature in the end of the post. To add a signature, press on the Add my Signature button. The add signature image looks like this button_sig.png.

The signature will include your name, and the timestamp.

See also

For more information check out the Editing Help page, it gives references to pages that can teach you about more Archives coding. If you have a problem, or you wish to add a question and an answer to the FAQ, contact the Galactic Archives Staff at their IRC channel, #cmg-empire-wiki