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Piett's retirement

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Your holovid springs to life displaying the Imperial Symbol. It quickly fades, revealing the shadowy Imperial Throne Room. Emperor Piett sits upon the throne wearing a plain black robe. You notice that his eyes are sunken in and his features seem weathered as if he has aged ten years in only a few days.

"Loyal citizens, I am afraid I must take an indefinite leave of absence." The Emperor's usual sharp, commanding voice seems slow. His thoughts are somehow distant.

"For months now, I have been seeing visions. They came only in my sleep at first. They were vague and infrequent. But as time goes by, they are getting stronger! And now, they come to me even while I'm awake! I find I cannot escape them . . ." The Emperor's voice trails off. For long moments he sits motionless, staring into nothingness.

With some effort, Piett refocuses his concentration. The image follows him as he stands and walks from the Throne. "I am hereby turning command of the Empire over to Cheif of Staff Connel. A terrible darkness is about to desend upon the galaxy. I know now what I must do . . ."

Piett exits the Throne Room through a small side door that leads to a private launchpad. He stops in front of his personnal shuttle. His blank face stares up towards the distant stars. "I must go now. It is calling to me . . ."

Piett reaches back and pulls the robe's hood over his head and assends up the shuttle runway. The door is barely shut when the shuttle rockets skyward and disappears into the night sky. Your holovid image turns black.