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A letter to the editors: The interjections of Mr. Bisz...

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GNS accessed by Count Greyson Uebles.

3 Day 81

Excerpt from the Galactic Times, Letters to the editors:

'...It is indeed very amusing to observe the Rebellion these days and especially the ingenuities of the valued Mr. Bisz, who so eloquently displays the astounding lack of information and care for details he has, over and over again. While this is of course encouraging for us, since it means that the situation of the rebel intelligence is even worse then we hoped for, it could make one wonder how said Mr. Bisz was able to attain the high rank within the terrorist militia he obviously holds, wouldn't one know the utter lack of military professionality the Rebel 'military' suffers from. But as the current events within the Rebellion seem to indicate at last, that at least part of their leadership learned the foolishness of the so called 'democratic order' they always so vocally heralded, and now begin to implement the much needed first elements of an autoritarian rule, one must ask how long he will be able to hold himself in office. But even as the rebel HQ, hopefully wisened by the years, start to move away from the weak concepts of public partitipation in the government, and the so called 'checks and balances', they still didn't fully understood the full range of a real autoritarian rule. After all they didn't yet implemented any kind of strong rulership to replace the toppled Mr. Cyrus... ...Here they need direly the help of a political expert to improve their performance as a new autoritarian government. Hopefully they will find one within their ranks, even as this is not very likely. I advise them at the very least the lecture of such classics of political and social theory like Macchiavellis 'Il Principe', Schmidts works about power and its theoretical base, Gurnons 'Concepts of Authority' and the late Tarkins 'The Doctrine of Fear. Stategies on the usage of power and violence in galactic politics.' All of which can be aquired at every decent digital library in the holonet. This would at least give them a rough understanding of the basics involved in aitoritarian rule. Their performance can only improve. Meanwhile the conservative observers will delightedly continue to follow the unfolding events within the Rebellion. Hopefully they will put up a good show, the galaxy could use one... ... And lastly, and not entirely related, I may ask the editors of all applicably holonet channels and the operators of the rebels own pirate channel, to revise the placement of Mr. Biszs publications. They should appear in the political and/or military channels, not in the social ones and the feuilletons, where unsuspecting disciples of the fine arts and the social life of our galaxy must be irritaded by them, and fans of Mr. Biszs ingenuities, like me, have to search for them...

My best regards,

Count Greyson Uebles'