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Army Increases Standards (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Army Increases Standards"

Posted by: Elaine von Veritrax on Year 20 Day 12

CARIDA (MILITARY) - The Imperial Army has begun to phase in more demanding basic training of its Stormtrooper Corps. The Academies such as the infamous Carida Academy have expanded training where recruits endure rigorous forced marches that can last upwards of 14.5 kilometers, to life like simulated war training. Senior leaders are hoping these increased training requirements help increase the lethality of the individual war fighter. After enduring weeks to months of training Recruits will be placed into a life like war training scenario covering a mass of land that would handle several large cities. It is here in this “war zone” that Imperial soldiers execute their teaching, utilizing vehicles, heavy weapons and medical expertise. With mazes of walls, rubble and half standing buildings, the soldiers of the Imperial Army enter into one of the most real urban training battlegrounds. Which slowly spreads from urban warzones into agricultural fields arrayed in trenches and fixed improved fighting positions. Senior leaders and junior enlisted alike will be able to test their command prowess and ability to accomplish small team maneuvers in almost any situation.


Recruit Charles Waldronger was positioned in a trench when his platoon was ordered forward during the exercise. “It seemed so real, blaster fire flying around you, my buddies were dropping from the stun fire, unable to move. It was a miracle I made it as far I did. The safety officers even set off (live) explosives to simulate artillery fire around us. Having been exposed to something like this, just in simulation to get my adrenaline flowing, I’m confident it will help keep me alive in the future.”Senior Army leaders eagerly await the results of the new training field as they continue to look at ways to maintaining the Empire’s Army as the most lethal force on the galactic battlefield.