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Arthur Leode

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Arthur Leode
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Rebecca Leode
Father William Leode
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Born Year 3, Day 001
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Junior Superintendant
Prior Service
Awards 9137_leode.png

Junior Superintendent Arthur Leode (Born Year 3, Day 001) is a member of the Galactic Empire and serves as apart of its Regional Government. He is known for his staunch pro-Imperial alignment and persistent efforts in helping the Empire expand its New Order to reach every sector of the galaxy.

Ante-Imperial Service

Early Life

Arthur Leode was born to two Imperial citizens, William Leode and Rebecca Leode, on Coruscant. His parents had a modicum of wealth and managed to enter the upper strata of Coruscant through their loyal service and dedication to the Empire. His father, William Leode, served a few tours of duty as apart of the Imperial Army while his mother, Rebecca Leode, was a petty secretary under Coruscant's planetary government. Both his parents advocated and actively participated in Leode's rigorous education since birth, which encompassed all facets of knowledge required to be the best and most upstanding Imperial officer. Ranging from galactic politics (albeit with a heavily pro-Imperial bias), economic policies, starfighting and infantry combat, Leode endured a spartan-like existence in his parent's ultimate hopes and dreams of making the 'perfect' Imperial officer.

Ever since a young age, Leode knew little outside the scope of his training, and even bypassed standard mandatory education by achieving excellent results on standardized Imperial assessments and enduring personalized tutelage under various Imperial officers in an apprenticeship-like role. It is clear that the measure of knowledge and intelligence those tests were assessing were far beneath the scope of his parent's extreme education, and so, Leode continued his home-schooling and apprenticeships. That did not mean Leode did not have a social life, however, as his parents would often bring him to the elitist gatherings of fellow Imperial petty officials. Here, however, Leode met some unsavory youth--children of Imperial officials born with too much privilege and wealth--that brought him to his first swoop race, and that began a new phase of his life.

Swoop Racing

Swoop racing had the thrill and adrenaline rush that provided Leode an outlet for stress induced by his parents' upbringing. While his mother heavily disapproved of his passion after discovering her son's addiction, his father had a silent, but smug pride about Leode's interest and high piloting ability with swoops. After bringing a sizable amount of winnings from swoop races he bet on and a small amount of credits from prizes gained from novice and youth swoop races, his mother's disapproval eased as she began adorning herself in the most expensive luxury brands and finest adornments of diamonds that Coruscant had to offer. Although his father was ambivalent about Leode's love of swoops, as fellow enlisted had similar interests in gambling and racing while he was in service, William was ecstatic when Leode gave him a defunct Imperial speeder bike that he was able to repair back into working order, taking the speeder bike on rides through the city behind the back of his mother. For William, riding the speeder bike was a throwback to the simpler and easier life as an Imperial soldier; although he had to withstand boredom and hard work, being a soldier was a leisurely life compared to the hectic, politically charged, and complex city life on Coruscant.

It was a secret that they both kept, in return for William covering for Leode occasionally when he was caught red-handed slinking away from home late at night by his mother. Leode swore that his mother had to be apart of the Imperial Intelligence based on how well she was able to snoop out his illicit activities and behaviors. However, despite these wild speculations he liked to fancy himself with, he more or less assumed that the sore losers of the upper echelon would rat him out in petty revenge, rather than his mother actually having some connection to the feared Imperial Intelligence bureau.

Only a few weeks away from becoming an adult at the age of 18, his parents reluctantly had to stop their intense training and sent him off to the Imperial Academy, as their ultimate dream of Leode becoming the best Imperial officer was only possible if he started his career as soon as he could. The minimum age of an Imperial officer was set to 18, and so, his parents hoped that Leode would be able to swiftly complete the Imperial Academy and become an officer of the Galactic Empire. Failure was not an option, and his parents openly threatened to have Leode executed in the most torturous and brutal way possible if he failed out of the Imperial Academy for any reason.

While his parents believed in their physical and intellectual education of Leode, they viewed Leode as a person who always had a penchant for finding trouble and thoroughly enjoying it when he could. Bitter because of his parents' gross mischaracterization of his character, Leode had hoped his parents would view him as less of a degenerate after completing their training and education. Tough love, Leode had characterized it as, as he knew how unkind and brutal the galaxy could be. His life on Coruscant was sheltered and privileged, the hardships he had to face were artificially induced by his parents as apart of his training. The enemies of the Empire were unforgiving and cruel, and they would take his life for a chance of added glory and petty revenge. But Leode knew that the order and peace maintained by the Galactic Empire was far better than the false promises of equality and hope that the New Republic would preach. Humans, at the end of the day, were all rooted in evil and selfishness was the greatest potential of harm that society had. Only through order could selfishness be erased, replaced with a passion and zeal for contributing to the greater good of the galaxy rather than personal motivations. And it was clear that these lessons were true, as indicated by the poor, degenerated worlds under non-Imperial rule, where corruption was rampant and bandits comprising the majority of their populations.

Happy to stop his hellish training and sad to see his parents go, Leode took a hovercab to Coruscant's starport and boarded the Imperial Academy's Sentinel-class Landing Craft bound for Prakith to begin his studies.

Imperial Service

Imperial Academy

Before Leode had left for the Imperial Academy, however, he left his father his prized and hand-crafted swoop in their house's garage and his mother the rest of his savings on a credit stick he left on top of her desk, which accumulated to a few hundred thousand credits, so that they could live in luxury and as Leode had little need for material wealth in Imperial service. After his departure, they both found what Leode had left him. His mother was ecstatic but furious that Leode was withholding so many credits from her, while his father looked happily at the new and exotic swoop he had been given. One day, when his father nostalgically examined the swoop and opened its storage compartment, he discovered a single keycard and a small, handwritten address for an apartment complex. Going to the apartment complex riding his son's swoop, his father slowly rode the turbolift to the penthouse suite the keycard designated and as soon as the doors opened, he discovered the penthouse to be filled to the brim with the exotic, luxury, and military goods Leode had accumulated over the years. The penthouse seemed less like a living space and more like a military armory, with all of the space being covered in a wide-array of weapons, swoop parts, swoops, a modest amount of physical credits, and most importantly, a large collection of the galaxy's finest alcohols. While his father was able to keep in a secret for a few weeks, his mother somehow discovered the penthouse and tiraded Leode over the comlink during his stay at the Imperial Academy.

Other than that one blip of activity, however, Leode's time at the Imperial Academy was short-lived and mundane. He dutifully finished his courses with excellent grades, attending classes and basic combat training during the day--both of which Leode sat through with utmost boredom, shooting off complex answers that left even his professors baffled when they angrily called on him for zoning out of class and single-handedly besting any of the combat instructors. The one course he was most excited for, however, were the starship piloting courses, as Leode had never experienced outside of swoop racing. This led to the ire of the Imperial Academy's starship engineers, as Leode would frequently execute dangerous maneuvers, barely missing a catastrophic accident each time. His starship piloting instructors, however, commended Leode's skill and his vast knowledge of engineering would eventually woo the Academy's engineers into being less angry and more accepting of his daredevilry.

After a few weeks of training, Leode graduated from the Imperial Academy on Year 18 Day 1, starting his life as a true Imperial and member of the Galactic Empire on his birthday. At the age of 18, Leode graduated with honors and began serving as a Junior Superintendent of the Empire's Regional Government branch.

Regional Government

His mother was proud and extremely happy to hear that Leode had chosen to follow in her footsteps of clerkship, bragging to her friends and associates of how her son was a true Imperial officer. Leode did not have the heart to tell her that it was in fact his second choice and furthermore, did not have the heart to tell his father that he did not choose to join the Imperial Army at all. And so, Leode told his parents that he was selected the Regional Government branch due to his excellent educational achievements, which help soothe his father's disappointment and further boost his mother's happiness. It was not necessarily a complete lie, as Leode did graduate with honors. He, unfortunately, was unable to be placed in the Coruscant Oversector as he had hoped, as Leode would have throughly enjoyed the satisfaction of being his mother's superior although then, he probably would have been thrown into additional combat training and lessons by his parents in his free time. Perhaps the Galactic Empire had accounted for this and suitably not chosen him to be apart of the Coruscant Oversector.

As apart of the Regional Government, Leode would be placed in one of the Empire's three Regions: Emerald, Amber, and Ruby. Each Region was then divided into two Sectors for a total of six Sectors. The Emerald Region was comprised of the Coruscant Oversector (1st Sector) and Deep Core Sector (5th Sector), the Amber Region was comprised of the Kuat Sector (2nd Sector) and Corporate Sector (6th Sector), and the Ruby Region was comprised of the Corellian Sector (3rd Sector) and Tapani Sector (4th Sector). As a Junior Superintendent, his role was to serve as a Staff Member to a specific Sector, which entailed assisting the Adjutant of the Sector in the Sector's governance. His responsibilities included taking part in the execution of government development of the Sector's territories and leading planetary surveys, such that his Adjutant would be able to effectively advise the Grand Moff and by extension, Imperial High Command, about localized development and issues.

His initial duties as a Junior Superintendent fell under the latter, and during his hypertravels and free time, Leode would often be busy monitoring the statuses of local and planetary governments, receiving reports from the various departments within these governments, and summarizing all this information to pass up the chain of command. Leode would often travel between systems in the Sectors to personally lead delegations with planetary governors and surveys of their governed cities and territories. Each planetary survey Leode led was done with the utmost scrutiny, and he rigorously investigated, analyzed, and checked every aspect of the planet before departing to his next assignment. His methodology was thorough, as he held every member and entity of the Imperial government to the same standards he held for himself; the same standard he was held to during his upbringing, during his training and during his service as a Junior Superintendent.

Staff Membership

As Junior Superintendent, Leode heavily borrowed upon the past experiences of his superiors as well as doctrines from the Trade Federation in increasing the work efficiency of the workers and government staff underneath his command. He collectivized Imperial construction workers, builders and engineers under the organization of the Regional Government, assigning worker identification badges that tracked the quality of their work as well as the tasks that they completed. Switching from the traditional monthly salary structure to scaling, performance-based pay based on tasks, Leode was able to quickly identify the skill and efficiency of each worker, sorting and assigning them proper tasks suiting to their ability. Corruption was reduced drastically as the worker identification badges were made to be slicer-resistant and those who attempted modification of the badges were arrested and handed over to the Imperial Security Bureau. Furthermore, less credits were wasted on low-performing workers and allowed for Leode to expand construction operations with the same budget, effectively utilizing each credit that was spent.