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At the hidden headquarters...

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GNS accessed by Ma'karr Quaxo.

Year 3 Day 80

The images flowed in the holoscreen at the dimly lit room. After the annonymous announce, the speech of the terrorist called Bisz made most of the figures present at the meeting grin.

The transmission ended and the illumination of the room increased. At the large wooden desk most of the Imperial Core High Command along with other robed figures were seen.

Director Quaxo relaxed back in his chair.

- 'It seems the rebels are starting a rebellion at last'.

Quaxo grinned evily.

- 'Now I suppose they can be considered a threat. A threat to themselves...'

Quaxo now looks at the camera, while the image zooms towards his face.

- 'Members of the galaxy. We, from the Imperial Core, would like to encourage those minority still supporting the rebel terrorism, to follow what our annonymous coward friend indicates. Stand up and oppose your.. High Command. We will all watch your self destruction with great pleasure.

Otherwise, blindly follow Bisz and his power-greedy friends. That will put you exactly on the same rotten situation those usurpers at Coruscant are in.

Cyrus was nothing more than a merely opportunist. Bisz and his friends are not different.

Think about it. It is time this Galaxy is again ruled with iron fist towards glory and prosperity. A brand new place of Peace and Order for all of us.

That is what Charon, Cyrus and Bisz fear. That is why they know who the real enemy is: us. The Imperial Core. We are the enemy, because we want to eradicate greed and corruption from govenrment. We are the enemy because we want to restore Order and get rid of puppet system governors who are there just to become rich with your money and your work, even if bringing chaos and recession.

Time for rats to be sent back to sewers'.

Quaxo grins and the image fades to the Imperial Core logo.