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Ma'karr Quaxo
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Jellicle
Imperial Service
Branch IN_mini.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Fleet Commanding Officer
Prior Service Galactic Empire

Imperial Core

Dark Empire

Awards GE_reward_BattleEfficiencyAward.gif





Ma'karr Quaxo was an elite Imperial Naval officer who started as simple recruit inside the Imperial Navy and went up through the hierarchy up to the rank of Admiral and Fleet CO.


Early Life

Quaxo is the youngest of three brothers. His family, as many others of the citizens of their small planet of the Jellicle system, were farmers and leave in good conditions until the rebellion started gaining force.

It's in his home-planet Quaxo first knows about the Force. Old legends talk about a little group called Come After Twelve, who used to meet at midnight time. Lots of stories talk about some members of this group: Old Deuter-On Omy, the Master, The Great Mr. Mistoff Ellees who was told to have great powers, and, of course, the Dark Macavity who was able to levitate... Maybe some of you may recall these stories. Once a year all the Jellicle CATs used to meet in a high mountain and old stories say that they could talk with dead members, because they never die... They were just re-born...

But Quaxo never had time to corroborate these stories. He couldn't start learning the ways of the Force either. The economical situation of his home-planet started to be critical. Civil War was expanding and all the economical resources were insufficient to maintain peace in the galaxy against the rebellion. This explains why Quaxo and his family had to emigrate to more industrial systems and made a living far from home, and from CATs stories.

His father and his elder brother started working for a technical construction company, which develop facilities for starstations and were assigned to the construction of a new star base in a secret location.

Few months later, Quaxo, received a fatal notice: his father and brother died due to an attack of the rebel troops to the base under construction which imperial guards could do nothing to avoid.

When Quaxo was old enough to fate his destiny, he joined the Imperial Navy to help the Galactic Empire to restore order and peace in all the systems.

Imperial Career

Imperial Navy

Ma'karr Quaxo joined the Imperial Navy during Year -1 and was assigned to the European Division of Commodore Gorn Veynom. His first assignment led him to Loki 4 squadron under Ptjedi Command. His skills quickly made him noticed and worthy to become the XO of the Loki company but also in charge of the Recruitment Office of the 3rd Recon around Year 0 Day 20. Later on, when PTJedi left for another position, he assumed the CO position of the Loki squadron as Lieutenant. The following records show how seriously Lieutenant Quaxo considered his mission.

"The Loki Company is an elite escorting team whose main objectives are escorting our divisional flagships, the ISD Blitzkrieg, the IBC Bismarck, the VSD Prometheus, and to protect Odin Company from eventual assaults. Equipped with the very strong and useful Escort Shuttle, the company assures that no enemy forces will penetrate our defensive perimeter."
— Lieutenant Quaxo, CO of Loki

When the Imperial Navy was reorganised under Grand Admiral Veynom, Quaxo was first promoted to Lieutenant-Commander on Year 0 Day 44 and assigned as CO of the 201st Heavy Support Company (Heimdal) of the 20th Sector Fleet inside the 2nd Imperial Fleet. In the following weeks, he also fulfilled the role of R&D officer for the 20th Imperial Sector Fleet. Once again, his dedication to duty and devotion to the Imperial Navy was exemplary. Naval records have kept his introduction speech for new recruit joining the Heimdal Company.

"Prove your dedication to the Empire cause. Join us. But be prepared, training is hard. If you wish to join a peaceful company, with not many duties to compliment, where you can promote quite easily and with no risk, this is not for you. I'm hard, I want to be proud of my men. This company should be always the best one in our beloved fleet. Those of you who disappoint me will be quicky transferred. Impatience in promoting always develops to bad-trained men and dissidents. All the prices will come at their time. Being a Crewman in Heimdal is an honour, and should be considered as this in the whole fleet."
— Lt-Cmdr Quaxo, CO of Heimdal

Ultimately, Quaxo received command of the 5th Imperial Fleet and a promotion to Commander on Year 0 Day 122. To help him with his task, he was assigned a promising XO, Lieutenant Greyson Uebles. Imperial Naval records around Y0 D330 testify that Quaxo was considered as one of the best naval officers from that era and this is without surprise that further records indicates that Quaxo reached the rank of Commodore while CO of the 5th Fleet on Year 0 Day 167.

Quaxo has always been a dedicated Imperial but also extremely loyal to his superior Gorn Veynom whom he considered as his mentor. During Veynom's trial, Quaxo demonstrated his indefectible support to his Grand Admiral while still showing the highest level of respect for the Galactic Empire.

"I can corroborate what Grand Admiral Veynom stated here. I talked to him last night. He told me NOTHING about becoming Emperor nor starting a civil war. He has been and still is loyal to the Emperor and the Empire, as I am myself."
— Commodore Quaxo, CO of the 5th Imperial Fleet

However, the repetition of trials affecting his mentor was probably the main reason for his defection from the Empire and decision to join the Imperial Core from the start.

After the merge of the Dark Empire, Ma'karr Quaxo pursued his career in the Imperial Navy and eventually reached the rank of Admiral and CO of the 2nd Imperial Fleet.


Ma'karr Quaxo above average skills were also noticed by various Imperial intelligence services. He first occupied a part-time positions in the Imperial Naval Intelligence Service (INIS) and later occupied the position of Assistant Director at the Imperial Intelligence.

Awards & Positions

Galactic Empire

Award Image

Award Name

Given By

Date Received



Battle Efficiency Award

Emperor Spytek

Y1 D12

Award given to all members of the European Division


Imperial Navy Fleet Commanding Officer Test Award

Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom

Y1 D113

Fleet Commanding Officer


1 Year Service Ribbon

Emperor Spytek

Y1 D1


6 months Service Ribbon

Emperor Spytek

Y0 D182


Galactic Empire SWSim Veteran Service Ribbon

Emperor Spytek

Y0 D1

Veteran of SWSim


Preceded By:
CO of the 2nd Imperial Fleet
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
CO of the 5th Imperial Fleet
Succeeded By: Unknown
Preceded By:
XO of the 20th Sector Fleet
Succeeded By:
Unit Disbanded
Preceded By:
CO of Heimdal (20th Sector Fleet)
Succeeded By:
Dark Trooper
Preceded By:
CO of Loki (3rd Recon & Strike Fleet)
Succeeded By:
Preceded By:
Loki 4 Squadron (3rd Recon & Strike Fleet)
Succeeded By: