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Azrakh Raleep

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Azrakh Raleep
Biographical Information
Race Noghri
Homeworld Honoghr
Mother Unknown
Father Dhamon Raleep
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Unkown
Imperial Service
Branch HChPHNA.png
Order of the Sith
Positions None - Resigned
Prior Service Moff of the Deep Core

Lord of the Sith

Will of the Emperor

Council of Moffs Ministry of Operations (Pre-Reform)

Santhe Corporation

Cloud City


Awards Classified

"To whose authority do I submit? To Lord Protector Darth Vraith, and the Emperor himself. Now, if you will excuse me..."
— Azrakh Raleep, upon questioning from a lowly patrolman at the Imperial Palace

Azrakh of Clan Raleep, later known as Azrakh'Katr, and eventually just Azrakh Raleep, was an Imperial Sith Lord and political leader whose actions and oversight shaped various facets of the Galactic Empire, and greatly influenced its development over the past half-decade. He used to maintain posts in the Imperial Government as Moff of the Deep Core, and Adviser to the Throne, holding a coveted seat on Imperial High Command. Furthermore, he was a ranking leader in the Order of the Dark Hand, a newly reorganized Sith Order, where he possessed the honorary position as "Will of the Emperor" and was the leader of Krath Division.



"Without the past, I wouldn't be half of what I am today. As a child I encountered something... something which has long guided me in my search for true power."
— Azrakh Raleep, explaining what once was to his apprentice, Svith Condra

Born to the wealthy Dhamon of Clan Raleep, elected Dynast of the Clan, and an esteemed businessman who happened to have his own hands tied to the Imperial War Machine, Azrakh knew from an early age that his future was at least marginally secure with his father's financial backing. Perhaps the most successful member of Clan Raleep in all of recorded history, Dhamon ensured his own son was raised with the utmost care, despite his frequent extended absences on business. This pampering came to a quick and unexpected close however, when at the age of six, Azrakh's father was murdered by Frezt Raleigh. Part of some underhanded dealings to secure his ascension to the leadership of the Kathol Republic, Raleigh knew his only chance to preform a successful coup was with the death of his primary political rival, Dhamon Raleep. Following Raleigh's tasteless move, Dhamon's multi-million credit financial Empire crumbled to the ground, leaving Azrakh with nothing but a name, and a few holdings on Honoghr. Crushed, the young Raleep sought aide from those around him, those who had always been so nearby to take care of him. They however, were no longer tied down by Dhamon's requests, and without even a proper burial for the deceased clan leader, the Raleep people elected a new and much younger Noghri to the throne.

From that day on, Azrakh was little more than an outcast. He sought refuge with the other children his age, however they scorned him for his father's fall, and made a mockery of the small, impressionable boy. The clan saw to his basic needs, but beyond that he was forced to fend for himself, and live in marginal isolation. Almost the equivalent to murder in his Noghri clan-centered society, he slowly came to see what his treatment truly entailed. As young as he was, it became apparent that he was unwanted, a burden to his people. By the age of seven, he rarely left his home. When he did, it was for the required lessons in hunting, gathering, or for other basic schooling allotted to those his age. He participated, but minimally. Every failure was magnified by the other children and from a festering will to avoid such shortcomings, as well as the scorn coupled therein, strange attributes and powers began to manifest within and around the child. Aiding him from time to time, Azrakh was awed by their presence. He was not alone in his awe, however. The other children took notice as well, and hated him all the more for it, branding him a freak, and a witch for the unusual phenomena.

Coming to view the strange powers as a sort of curse, Raleep fled the village for the woodlands nearby, to avoid interaction with the other children. Walking for kilometers and moving in seemingly random directions, he eventually came upon an ancient and overrun building. A deep mist flowed from the entrance to this ungainly structure, and the tall spires inspired fear in the heart of Raleep. Despite his misgivings, something pushed him forward and he walked the interior of the building, searching for something that would set things right, something that would change the course of history and set him on the correct path. He was young, and foolish, however he was also headstrong and he knew he could not leave until he found what he was looking for. Following hours of walking, the boy became delirious, and eventually fell upon a dead end. Pillars lined the room in a grid pattern, forming a hypostyle hall of sorts. At the end was a large crypt, and floating over it was a tall, intimidating ghost of a man. Without even a word, the fiery-eyed spirit flew at the young Raleep, and before he could hardly move, the disembodied entity collided directly with his chest, disappearing completely. Shaken by the strange events, Azrakh walked slowly from the ancient structure, suddenly exhausted. By nightfall, he returned to his village from the strange building, a building he later found out to be a Sith Academy of old...

Early Years

To the exasperation of his clan, Azrakh became increasingly involved in their tight-knit society, competing with the other students during lessons and succeeding in areas where he once was dismally lacking. In the weeks following his experience at the mysterious building, Raleep became driven by an inexplicable voice, a guiding presence which spoke to him, comforted him, pushed him to achieve. Azrakh named that presence "the darkness." Within a few years time, the now teenage boy found himself excelling in nearly every way. The spirit taught Raleep how to reign in the previously uncontrollable powers, which would manifest themselves when least desired. The spirit even showed him how to use them when convenient...

Following a long day's learning with the clan elders, Raleep began the usual trek back to his house. The focus of the lessons had been unarmed combat, and with the unmentioned aide of his powers, Raleep succeeded in nearly every fight he participated in. Tired and bruised, the boy walked slower than he normally did, and as the sun fell beneath the horizon, a particularly malicious fellow student stepped out of brush. Walking in stride with Azrakh, the other boy lashed out at the smaller Noghri. Azrakh was caught off guard, and before he knew how to respond, the Darkness took over. Never before had the presence been so overwhelming. Without total understanding of his own actions, Raleep wrapped his fingers around the other boy's neck and jammed his claws into the kids eyes, nose, and mouth. The boy screamed out in pain, but the Darkness wouldn't allow Azrakh to release his grip. Suddenly, in a surge of his powers, Azrakh completely pulled the other student's head from body, killing him instantly.

In that very moment, the Darkness faded into the back of Raleep's mind. Returning to his senses, he became nervous that someone might see him, and proceeded to drag the body into the brush. Staring blankly at it, he knew he had to do something to hide his actions. The Darkness gave him the answer he was looking for. He should make it appear as if an animal had eaten the boy. Holding his claws at eye level, Raleep sighed and then undertook the most grotesque task he'd seen to in his entire life. Tearing the body to shreds, he replicated a scene he'd once seen on a clan hunt. Completing his trip home, Raleep washed off his body, and burned the clothes he'd been wearing. The boy was scared. The Darkness said not to be.

The following day, news of the other boy's death spread. Azrakh covered his tracks well: few, if any, suspected the outcast child to be the culprit. In the following years, life continued for Raleep. He was always the best. The Darkness made sure of it. Year by year Raleep won over his piers. This unsettled the elders, but their efforts to prevent Raleep's aims were futile. By 19 years of age, Azrakh united the younger generation, and they overthrew the elders, something that had happened few times in the history of the clan. Proclaiming Azrakh as their Dynast, the very Noghri who had once mocked and abused the deposed child, placed him in the seat of Power which the late Dhamon Raleep once held. Azrakh was content. The Darkness was not.

Galindas Exports

As Raleep consolidated Clan affairs, he transitioned from operating it as a traditionally organized social governing institution, and modified the Clan to conform with a standard business model. Citing "streamlining efficiency" as his reasoning for disregarding tradition, Azrakh's true intentions were slightly more expansive: With a rigid structure and loyal workers, the young Dynast was able to secure a labor contract with the multi-billion credit retail corporation "GalMart." This move gained him immense notoriety at first, but as the revenue flowed into the Clan's coffers, the hatred felt for the Dynast gradually became begrudging acceptance, and finally complete cooperation. These ventures not only increased his status at home, but also abroad, and Raleep was soon contacted by one of Galmart's competing tycoons, Asarya`Katr. CEO of the enormous items manufacturer and retailer called "Galindas Exports," Asarya offered Raleep a position in Galindas if he were to resign his contract under Galindas Exports, leaving GalMart entirely behind. Viewing this as a chance to expand his influence, the Darkness guided Azrakh into accepting the offer.

Within months of leaving Honogr, Raleep climbed the corporate ladder and was appointed as the second in command of Galindas Corporation, replacing a corrupt businessman who had seen it right in his eyes to betray Lady Asarya`Katr. Unknown to Raleep, Asarya was a Dark Jedi -one of the few beings in the larger galaxy with a connection to the mystical energy source called the "Force." With his promotion, Azrakh was called to the CEO's own personal ship. Asarya`Katr told Azrakh that a press conference was to be conducted, announcing his promotion -but just before the conference that something rather unusual happened. Lady Asarya took Azrakh to her own personal chambers, where the former EXO of the company was chained to the wall, splayed out in what looked to be a rather agonizing position. Asarya turned to Raleep and explained to him that if he ever thought of pulling something similar to what this man had attempted, Raleep's fate would be the same. At that moment, arcs of lightening laced from his CEO's fingers, burning the body before him to a blackened crisp, and simultaneously the spirit inside of him screamed out like it never had before. Lady Asarya`Katr suddenly stopped, and looked directly into Azrakh's eyes: "You.. you have the power to do this too." she proclaimed with a smile.

Azrakh didn't understand, but all that was lost in confusion to him, was quickly explained within a matter of days. He could also connect to this "Force," and the Dark Lady Asarya`Katr wanted him to be her student, her apprentice. Almost without a second thought, and spurred on by the Darkness, Raleep agreed.

  • The Force

Sith Training

  • Killing of Jedi Arturius Hall
  • Sith Order
  • Formal Training

Galactic Empire

  • Pro Consul Goth
  • Ministry of Operations
  • Climb to IHC

Cloud City

Return to the Empire

  • Regent Goth's Suicide
  • NIO Merger
  • Wulf's Betrayal
  • Deep Core

Order of the Dark Hand

  • Reform
  • New Position
  • Resurgence of "The Darkness" on the Imperial Skyhook

Personality and Traits

  • Political Ideology
  • Dual Mind (The Darkness)

Powers and Abilities

  • Force
  • Physical

Physical Description

Past Positions