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Azula de Impris

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Azula de Impris, a young Thyferran noble. She holds the rank of Second Lieutenant in servince of the Imperial Army.

Azula de Impris
Biographical Information
Race Thyferran
Homeworld Thyferra
Mother Ursa (née Hira'a)
Father Lord Ozai
Spouse None
Siblings Zuko (older brother)
Children None
Born Year 5, Day 156
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Battalion Commanding Officer
Prior Service Academy Recruit

Character Description

Azula with heir aides


Azula is a tall and lean young woman with skin complexity that could be described as tanned. A particularly notable feature are her amber colored eyes that give people an impression as if she could stare deep into their very soul. She has smooth, triangular shaped face, a narrow pointy nose and quite prominent lips. She has long, straight, dark brown hair which she often ties up in a top knot, decorated with a hairpin showing her family rest. Aside from that she is rarely seen wearing any other jewelry. If not on duty and not in her uniform, Azula tends to ear long covering dresses, mostly red in color with black and gold decors.


Azula has a complex personality. Her father made sure she was raised to be efficient, quite ruthless even, in achieving her goals and aspirations. She's known to be difficult to cooperate with, stubborn and manipulative. She easily senses weak minded people and attempts to control them through fear. She's unwaveringly loyal to her family. Azula tends to drill herself to the perfection and aims to achieve nothing less than perfect results in whatever activities she decides to carry out. As a child she used to show open hostility to those who have outdone her, however, with time she's learned to restrain those emotions or at not to show them in public. It was only recently, as she left her home to enter in the service of the Empire and thus escaped direct influence of her father that she has started to show slight notions of empathy and friendliness.


Despite her lean body, so typical for all Thyferrans, Azula is surprisingly strong. Many who attempted hand-to-hand combat with her found out she's nearly impossible to overpower. Since early childhood she went through endurance trainings on worlds with higher gravity than her own home planet. Her moves are very dexterous. With combat training she has received it was easy for her to use even the most sophisticated techniques in both hand-to-hand, melee weapon or ranged combat.

Azula is quite perceptive. She notices the littlest of things and seems to read minds on occasion. As her father raised her to pursue perfection from the youngest of age, she thinks herself superior over most people finding it easy to take leadership roles, issuing commands or managing resources.

The young noble always enjoyed doing some tinkering. Computer systems and operations have no secrets for her. She was barely eight years old when she has built her first droid companion.

Lastly, Azula is an expert pilot. Since early teens she was able to pilot small vessels on her own, often participating in various dangerous "races" and "explorations" with her older brother and the few friends they both had. At the age of thirteen she participated in her first combat situation, as she helped local defense forces to upprehand a running smuggler. For which she was eventually scolded by her father and put on house arrest for two weeks.


Young Azula during martial training

Early Life

Azula was born to Lord Ozai de Impris and his wife Ursa in Year 5 as a second child, younger sister of Zuko. She has received her name in honor of her paternal grandfather, Lord Azulon. She grew up with all the riches, splendor and privileges of a magnate family on Thyferra. Naturally talented she quickly gained great interest and acclaim of her father, becoming his favorite child over her older brother which created a rift between the two siblings. Her father's strictness put her through rigorous training and education since the earliest years giving the girl not much of what would be considered a normal childhood. She didn't have a chance to make many friends and she quickly became a ruthless, manipulative elitist. Her father's attention cut Azula connection with her mother, Ursa. For years she attempted to gain her mother's affection, however she was unable to which only sparked her hostility towards her older brother. In the later years the rivalry between both siblings led to dangerous plays where the two often "borrowed" their family owned fighters for dangerous races in the nearby mountains and canyons. One such event led to her brother's accident that left him a permanent burn scar on his face.

Secluded from most other children, Azula has developed a passion for tinkering and computers. Lacking true friends to chat and spend time with, she has built herself a droid friend at the age of ten. She kept the droid secret fearing her father would destroy it for losing focus on such meaningless things. She grew to be a teen lacking in social skills, viewing almost all of her age-mates from above.

Imperial Service

As a member of noble house de Impris, Azula was obliged to sign up for at least one year tour of duty in service of the Galactic Empire between the age of fifteen to nineteen. Azula decided to carry out her obligation few months after she turned seventeen. On Year 21 Day 236 she went to recruitment center on Thyferra and signed up. From there she was transported to Prakith and began her training in the Imperial Academy after being assigned to group of trainees tutored by Thokul Tovcor.

Overly ambitious, Azula has set herself no small task. She aimed to receive the perfect store in her training, eager to compete with all other trainees of her group. With the first classes of the first semester, it was a difficult task as the material taught to the recruits was of no difficulty. Azula is known among her fellow recruits to mockingly state it was a "child's play" after she scored 100% marks in the first three exams. Her diligence and persistence in achieving her goals gave fruit in the following weeks. Much to her colleague's despair, Azula kept scoring perfect marks in each single class eventually finishing the first semester with the 100% grade as the only recruit in her group. Given her education prior to admittance to the Imperial Academy, Azula was able to request a partial waiver from the second semester. She was granted such a waiver by the Academy Commandant and thus she was able to finish the semester much faster. She graduated with honors on Years 22 Day 245, being one of few students that achieved a perfect mark.

If it known that after her graduation, Azula joined the ranks of the Imperial Army. Her current assignment is classified, however, it is rumored that she was placed in command of a Battalion and that she helps to uphold the Imperial Law and Order on one of the planets in vastness of the Galactic Empire.



Time In Rank (CGT)
Academy [T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 22 Day 236 - Year 22 Day 249
Army [O-1] MO-1.png Second Lieutenant Year 22 Day 249 - Present


Awarded By
Date (CGT)
IABG-H.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate - Honours IABG-H "As I indicated earlier, graduates that scored high would have the privilege of leaving here with an honors ribbon. This is for you." Thokul Tovcor Year 22 Day 245


Date (CGT)