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Black Venture Revealed (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y10D30 by Haran Ran

Tolgadriel (IIS)-- Yet another deadly weapon will soon be added to the Empire's extensive arsenal in the coming months. For the past several weeks a team of dedicated Imperial Engineers have been working around the clock to ready "Mu Station" located in orbit of the planet Tolgadriel for the Galactic Empire's newest Super-Class Star Destroyer. The most recent Super Star Destroyer (SSD) announced to the public, word of its development was officially released to the public mere minutes ago. While the destroyer currently has no known name, the project has been released under the name 'Black Venture', and it is quite an inspiring venture indeed. As loyal citizens of the Empire know, a Super Star Destroyer is among the most feared warships in the galaxy -the nearest rebel equivalent isn't even comparable in size and firepower.

The Empire maintains several SSD's in its gargantuan fleet and each one can easily decimate any one of the floating groups of trash the rebels call 'fleets'. The regularity with which the Empire is producing these machines war for galactic justice security attests to the massive wealth the Empire has holds in its coffers.

Black Venture has been a part of the massive ship development in the southeastern reaches of the Coruscant system. Little information on this project has been released, but this much is clear: over two-dozen shipyards have recently been built. Also evident, are over twenty capital ships in the works. Imperials can be confident that there will be no shortage of vessels to spread the Emperor's light across the galaxy, and to defending the far reaches of ever-expanding Imperial borders.

While this project has been officially publicized , rumors are circulating about a highly classified shipyard development project is in the works. It is expected that this project will be over twice the size of the Coruscant shipyard system. However, when Imperial officials were contacted, no responses could be gleaned. Regardless of whether this rumor is true, it can be ascertained that Imperial Military ranks will continue to swell over the coming year.

Black Venture is clearly a symbol of victory over the enemies of the Empire, but provides only a glimpse of the true strength of His Majesty's Imperial Forces. It is doubtless that the rebels have a cause to fear in this war they so foolishly provoked.