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Boba Killonor

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Boba "Ghost" Killonor
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld unknown
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Spouse None
Siblings unknown
Children no
Born Year -13 day 152
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Imperial Army Soldier
Prior Service None
Awards IABG.jpg



Boba Killonor is a Sergeant of the Imperial Army he was an orphen and never knew his home world or his parents he became a mercanery at a young age and at the age of 23 he joined the empire to start a carrer

Early Life

At a young age Boba grew up on the streets of a planet in the outer rim. He hade to steal for food and clothing and sometimes fight outher orphen's for a place to sleep. At the age of 8 Boba was beaten up badley by three older kids this taought him a vaulble lesson to get what you want in life you must be strong. Boba has allways dreamed of life as a soilder and he enjoys blowing things up. He plans on makeing a carrer from the Empire on that he knows suits him. Outside his soilder life Boba dreams of haveing a family of his own.


Boba is around 6'2 tall and muscular with a scar on his face from his for head going straight down over his left eye. He has a couple Tattoo's on his uper right arm and one on his left ankle. He has blue eyes and black hair. Boba does not trust people right away he gives them some time before he can trust them. Boba is the kind of man who is serious but in a funny way and he loves to creak jokes.

The thing that Boba is most proud of is being part of the Galatic Empire. One kind of persone Boba does not like nore gets along with is stuck up people beacuse to him they have no problems they are just unhappy with them selfs. The three best things about Boba are he never gives up, he knows how to make outhers laugh, he keeps on going even if the odds are stacked agenst him. Boba's greates weakness is three things he is hot headed his addiction to Death Sticks and his right knee is weakend from his days as a mercenary. Boba likes to do a few things on his spare time he loves his blaster, he has a death stick or two, he works out, he like to do music from time to time, and he loves to find an opponet in chess to test his stredagy skills.

Mercanery Life

At the age of 13 Boba joined a group of mercanerys he did this for credits and so he can learn skills that would help him with his way of life. Prioer to joining the mercanery life Boba fought outhers for food and a few credits. When he sighend up with his mercanery buddys he knew nothing of war or blasters. shortley after his training was complete he went on his first mission witch was a snatch and go mission.

A few years and some odd missions later Boba finds himself on the desert planet of Tattoine there him and his team that he was asighned to, had to go and secure a place down and make sure a band of pirates were not around. on the fourth day of there mission a fight brock out between his team and some of the pirates. Boba was sure that he killed a guy and shot anouther but did not know if he was woundead or dead him and his merc team was winnin. In despration to win the fight one of the pirates had a thermole dentanator and set it off some place near Boba.

Every thing was black next thing Boba remembers is being in a bed with bandaidges on his head. When he woke he found himself on some farm with a girl attending to his wounds. It turn's out that as she was takeing care of him Boba started to feel for her. One day Boba was sitting on his bed in the room of the farm and a man walked in with a blaster pointed at him. Boba jumped to his feat and grabed the blaster from the man and shoot him in his own defence. The man was the women's husban and after Boba Killed him she told him to leave. Boba learned anouther lesson love is for the weak and for fools.

Before the Imperial acedamy

After he left the farm Boba wonder around the desert going from city to city looking for jobs even for food. a couple months go by and Boba finds himself working as a secruity guard at a local canntina. night after night it was the same thing over and over kick the same people out of the cantina. Tired of his same rutean job and looking for some action Boba decidead to take the advice of his boss and he went looking for a imperial recuiter. After talking to the recuiter Boba decidead to Join the empire and he studyied at the imperial acedamy.

Imperial Life

After passing his test's Boba graduated from the imperial acedamy and was promoted to Privet. Shortley after wards Boba was part of his first mission and was once more promoted to Privet First Class. Boba was a slow but knew what to do learner witch lead to him being promoted to Corporal and witch he is proud to serve and be part of the Galatic Empire and is currentle awaiting for the next part of his carrer in the service to the empire. Boba is now a Sergeant he was was once more promoted do to his loyalty.