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Corellia Shielded (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y11D310 by Norrec Morussian

Bortras (IIS)-- After series of tests, designed to determine the functioning of all vital parts, the activation of the Corellian planetary shield was announced to the Galactic population. This shield will protect one of the most important planets in Imperial space from any terrorist attack or criminal incursion the enemies of the Empire may have in plan. It's function: not allowing material mass to pass it's perimeter, thus acting as a protective 'umbrella', that defends key planetary positions from landing parties and planetary bombardment.

The shield was activated by Moff Walter Boole, during a small opening ceremony that was held at the location of the shield's Control Center. To the gathered crowd of Imperial dignitaries and Corellian nobles, Moff Boole held a speech, from which we transmit the key statements:

"The shielding itself is part of a wider plan of protecting all Imperial terrestrial holdings, and to provide Imperial citizens the protection they need in this time of Galactic turmoil. Naturally, the first planets to be shielded should be the most loyal and most vital parts of Imperial space, as Corellia. Corellians living on their home world can now feel safe in their homes, well protected from possible enemy actions. Corellians that earn their daily bread on other worlds can now rest assured that their families are safe from danger, protected by the activated planetary shield.

"Due to the operational nature of the shield, and the new planetary regulations, all non-Imperial personnel that seek passage to the planetary surface are to contact the Imperial Diplomatic Corps and Vizier Jarek Sankin, while Imperials should contact directly Moff Boole. stating the reasons of their visit. This is, once again, to protect the planetary population from any unwanted visitors, but also to aid Imperial customs officers at making sure that drugs and other contraband ever reaches the planet. This will, hopefully, reduce the already low crime rate, and give Corellians one less thing to worry about."

NORREC MORUSSIAN, INB Liaison, Imperial Resource Extraction