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Norrec Morussian

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Norrec Morussian
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti/Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Laura Morussian
Father Denis Morussian
Spouse n/a
Siblings n/a
Children n/a
Born Y-15
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Sector Adjutant, Coruscant Oversector
Prior Service army.png

Army Logistics Officer


Cloud City - CEO


Ministry of Industry - Director


Regional Government - Governor

Awards 7891_morussian.png

Early life

Norrec spent his early years on the desert world of Tatooine, living a careless youth of a spoiled child. His family was a situated one, not poor in any standard. It was at the age of 16 that Norrec found out his family history, and only after insisting to hear the whole truth from his father.

His father told him all about the history of the Morussian name, a family of Coruscanti nobleman. About the great wealth he lost investing in the Republic, when the Emperor was clearly taking control of the vast Galaxy. About his escape from Coruscant as he owed a great deal of money, which he took with himself, to the planet of Tatooine, where he took a job of a ship repairman in the Mos Eisley starport. He there met Norrec's mother, and married her although she was of lower social status.

Norrec resented his father's action so he left for years. He enlisted in the Coruscant Business Highschool which he finished with average marks. He return to Tatooine at the age of 19, and requested that his father turns the position of the family head to him. His father, who abandoned the dream of restoring the family name and position long ago, gladly turned all the family rights and heirloom to Norrec. He then decided to leave Tatooine for good, and never to return to that forsaken place again.

He then wandered the Galaxy for 4 more years, working on smaller positions in different industrial companies. He broke his own promise and returned to Tatooine one last time, to attend his fathers funeral in the late days of year 9. Then, aged 24 he decided its time to start working on restoring the family, and Imperial service was by far the best option.

Cloud City

Norrec joined Cloud City in year 9, around day 300. Picked up from Tatooine, he was immediately put to work in a branch he never worked in before, mining. Under the leadership of Cloud City's CEO Azrakh Raleep, and 2IC Eric Zahm, Norrec started to rise trough the ranks, constantly showing dedication to CC. It was during the leadership of Jacen Varos Norrec was appointed team leader, and unofficial 2IC. Once CEO Jacen Varos left Cloud City to assume his position in the Coalition for Improvements that Sith Master Mentus assumed command, and made Norrec the official 2IC.

About that time the Galactic Empire and the New Imperial Order merged, which outlined the need of merging their 2 mining companies into a single entity. Norrec was assigned as supervisor of the merger, working closely with Deputy Director Darius Morettius from Bothan Blasting Corporation. As the merger was getting near, Norrec was chosen as the new leader of the merged entities under Cloud City, and appointed to that position by Minister Guinar Ndengin. He was then promoted to Deputy Director, and requested Darius Morettius to remain in Cloud City and be his 2IC (only time in the history of MInd one nationalized faction had 2 Deputy Directors at the same time).

Directorate of Extractions

After the merger of CC and BBC into IRE, Norrec's life was doing good. IRE was on a steady course to become one of the biggest mining corporations in the Galaxy. At that time, Norrec was really working with a tight knit team of extraordinary individuals like Deputy Director Darius Morettius, Operations Manager Crueya Vandron and Junior Engineer Ben Tzadikim, whom he regarded as his closest friends. It was in the cooperation with the said individuals that the proposition for the creation of a new Directorate inside MInd was created, as the soon to be formed Directorate of Extractions had a different set of goals then the Directorate of Production. The idea was accepted and Norrec was chosen to be the new Director of Extractions by Minister Guinar Ndengin. This proved to be another great step forward for Cloud City, as Extractions were now represented directly in the Imperial High Command.

Need for a fresh start

After some time, Norrec started to consider a fresh start. He felt he accomplished a lot in his time at Cloud City, but some other factors were present. Darius Morettius was called from CC to lead RADE, Crueya Vandron to lead Magnaguard, and Norrec lost the creative force that once took Cloud City forward. After a few talks with Minister Eric Zahm and Executor Guinar Ndengin, Norrec was given the opportunity to choose his successor and request a transfer. After careful consideration Norrec choose LTGOV Wummer Malephar as the new Director of Extractions and leader of Cloud City, and put in a transfer request to join the Imperial Army.

Joining the Army

Norrec joined the Imperial Army in Y12 D178 at the rank of Brigadier General. He was immediately assigned the post of Army Signals Officer by Lord General Seele. Unfortunately, Norrec was struck down by a serious illnes he contracted on an uninhabited world he was scouting. After a month of reduced activity he returned to full activity but this time as the new Army Logistics Officer and the Director of RADIA. Norrec found this position a lot more suiting then the previously assigned, and was thrown into work, which he never minded in his life.

Promotions and Assignments

Y9 D? - Architect of Cloud City

Y10 D? - Operations Manager - Cloud City

Y10 D? - Deputy Director - Imperial Resource Extractions

Y11 D? - Director - Directorate if Extractions

Y12 D178 - Brigadier General - Imperial Army

Preceeded By:
Darth Mentus
Leader of IRE
Year 10-Year 12 D178
Succeeded By:
Wummer Malephar
Preceeded By:
Position created
Director of Extractions
Year 11-Year 12 D178
Succeeded By:
Wummer Malephar
Preceeded By:
Magnus Locke
Director of RADIA
Year 12 -
Succeeded By: