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Deep Core Sector Under New Leadership (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y13D162 by Serena Moon

Coruscant (IIS)-- The Imperial Throne announced today the appointment and ascension of Bill Maxwell to the position of Moff of the Deep Core Sector. The event was celebrated all over the sector, but no more so then in the capital Byss City, where the new Moff shall take up his post in his new office, replacing Moff Skice. Moff Skice is stepping down for a more quiet life in retirement, for which can be said it is well deserved. Hack Skice served in the Imperial Navy with distinction, serving as the Fleet Commanding Officer of the 6th Imperial Fleet, where he oversaw the defense of the Corporate sector, earning him a position in the Navy Command. When called upon by the Throne to apply his organizational talents to the realms of regional government, Skice was, up until now, the first and only Moff of the Deep Core Sector. True to his legacy as a Navy man born and bred, one of his major accomplishments is the construction of the repair yards and orbital defense platforms that ensure the 5th fleet's safety against any hostile aggression, who continue to guard the Deep Core sector to this day.

Hack Skice’s successor, Moff Bill Maxwell, is not a stranger to the Deep Core sector. His is a distinguished career as Sector Adjutant, prior to his appointment of Moff, for the Deep Core and Skice’s second in command. Maxwell “has been with the Deep Core since its creation years ago”, according to High Moff Kalrade. One of Maxwell’s recent accomplishments is an ongoing tax planet project, which “only RegGov’s best can handle”. It is estimated that Moff Maxwell’s social housing initiative on planet Relus provides affordable housing to well over 1.3 billion Imperial citizens, an example of Imperial effectiveness that is the envy of many lesser governments. Maxwell has been the frequent recipient of praise in reports from High Moff Kalrade for his leadership “both within RegGov and ISB for many years”, which is why “his abilities were never questioned”. Maxwell also serves as the Sector Liaison to the Deep Core Sector.

Standing on the government building’s balcony against a backdrop of Imperial Banners waving in the gentle breeze, Moff Maxwell was visibly moved to see the multitudes gathered at the government district square park to witness the ceremony commemorating his installment as Moff of the Deep Core sector. Together with the newly appointed Moff on the balcony were Emperor Ndengin alongside Executor Seele, High Moff Kalrade and the outgoing Moff Skice standing off to the side, all with smiles as the final words of the swearing in were completed. The crowds observed a respectful silence as Emperor Ndengin gave voice to the sense of loss the citizens of the Sector must feel at the departure of such a talented educator, only to erupt into cheers as Moff Maxwell was introduced as the new administrative leader of the Deep Core sector.

When asked to comment on Skice and his accomplishments as Moff, High Moff Kalrade stated “While Moff Skice’s list of accomplishments has been noticable in and of itself, his lasting legacy is evidenced by the quality of the sector staff; Moff Skice has spent many hours instructing and teaching his staff to operate in a way that proved his expectation of excellence.” Before hinting that Moff Skice might serve the Empire in future as part of the Imperial Academy staff, High Moff Kalrade stated: “His skills and assistance within the upper-echelon of the Regional Government branch will be missed, but I am very glad to say that he will still be involved in the development of the Sector”. The ceremony came to a close as elements of the Imperial Navy preformed a flyover as a farewell to Skice, and a welcome to Moff Maxwell.


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