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Drake Ferrum

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Drake Ferrum
Biographical Information
Race Human - (Corellian/Mandalorian)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Ka'ra Ferrum (deceased)
Father Rydell Ferrum (deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings N/a
Children None
Born Year -9, Day 356 (Age 18)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Pilot
Prior Service N/a
Awards IAHG.jpg IAHG
"I seek the means to fight injustice, to turn fear against those who prey on the fearful."
— Drake Ferrum

Drake Ferrum is of Corellian and Mandalorian descent. He was a Flight Sergeant serving in the Imperial Navy.
Drake Ferrum was born in Coruscant on Year -9, Day 356. Drake was an inventive genius and wunderkind, having built a circuit board at age 4 and a speeder engine at age 6. However, Drake's life changed when he and his family was kidnapped by Corellian pirates when Drake was 16. Threatened to build a new missile weapon claimed to "silence any and all opposers of the Empire". Instead they built a suit of armor in which Drake's father would use to clear a path for Drake and his mother. However, both of Drake's parents were killed before he could do his job. Alone, Drake used the suit to escape captivity, but got stranded in the desert. While there, Drake runs into an elite vigilante group and trains under them to realize what he wants to do with his life. After learning he shares the ideals of the Galactic Empire, Drake returned to Coruscant and joined the Empire to bring justice, order, and security to the Galaxy.



Rydell Ferrum was a man of debt on Corellia. Born and raised in the slums of a relatively small Corellian city, Rydell had to make his way through life borrowing money. No one would loan him money because they knew he wouldn't pay them back, but nonetheless Rydell always succeeded in borrowing money and letting his debts pile up. He was out of work and had a foreclosed home, but one day a the bar he met someone who would pay off all of his debts if he would work for his clan. Rydell agreed, not knowing that clan members themselves were thieves and terrorists. However, no one found out and Rydell became very wealthy very quickly.

Meanwhile, Ka'ra Hukaatir was a female Mandalorian bounty hunter. She was assigned the task of arresting, and assassinating if necessary, the leader of a clan on Corellia that has been causing many problems. During her mission, she met Rydell Ferrum and the two fell in love. After realizing that he is wasting his life working for a terrorist clan, Rydell helps Ka'ra to arrest the leader and as many members of the clan as possible. Afterwards, Rydell and Ka'ra marry. After giving birth to Drake Ferrum, Rydell and Ka'ra flee to Coruscant to avoid any still-remaining clan members that would want to kill them, and in hopes of giving their son a better life.

Early life

Drake Ferrum was an inventive genious and wunderkind from birth, having built a circuit board at age 4 and a speeder engine at age 6. Ka'ra had retired from being a bounty hunter to help raise Drake while Rydell worked as a ship and vehicle designer. The Galactic Empire was founded around the time Drake was 7. Rydell and Ka'ra became active Imperial citizens, constantly working to keep the economy stable and balanced. Drake attended only the most highly regarded Imperial Schools, eventually gaining many scholarships and a famed reputation throughout Coruscant.


When Drake was 16, his family and he went to Corellia to watch his father unveil the plans for a new missile weapon that is claimed to be able to "silence any and all opposers of the Emprie". However, while descending onto the ground on the Firespray-class Interceptor Beskar I, Rydell, Ka'ra, and Drake were kidnapped by a group of pirates, who reveal themselves to be still surviving members of the clan Rydell adn Ka'ra supposedly disbanded years ago. They are locked up deep in a cave, Rydell in Ka'ra in one and Drake in another and are told by the pirates that if they build the missile and surrender the plans to them, they will be set free. Instead, Rydell and Ka'ra build a suit of Mandalorian armor made of a rare metal impervious to blaster fire which Rydell would use to clear a path so Drake and Ka'ra could escape. Just one day before finishing, however, Drake is brought to Rydell's and Kara's cell by a supposed new leader of the clan. Telling the three of them that they have failed to build the missile before the deadline and are guilty of assassinating their previous clan leader, the punishment is death. The leader shoots both Rydell and Ka'ra on the spot, leaving Drake to witness in horror his beloved parent's death, and is left agonizing it terror with one more day to live before he would be killed too. Unable to bear the pain, Drake even considers suicide, before seeing that the Mandalorian armor Rydell and Ka'ra was building were hidden in parts around the cell. Ian figured out how to put them together and he was going to avenge his parent's death, not by killing the man who murdered them, but by stopping all injustice found in the galaxy. Putting on the suit of armor, Drake is able to effortlessly and miraculously escape captivity, killing numerous pirates along the way. He sees the clan leader escaping on Beskar I and reluctantly pulls the trigger to a wrist-sized version of the missile weapon, which incinerates the entire ship into an expanding incandescent ball of fire. Stranded in the desert, Drake takes off the suit and burns it, honoring his mother and father.

Finding a Purpose

After wandering for days, Drake runs across a small village. The village belongs to a vigilante group who trains their members since birth. Drake becomes a part of the group in exchange for food, water, and shelter. Drake undergoes vigorous combat training and learns to control his fears while under the hallucinogenic influence of a rare Correllian flowers. He also builds a lighter Correlian-Mandalorian battlesuit with a green paint scheme. Following his training, Drake would lead group in its fight to restore order to the galaxy. After learning that their main target is the Empire, Drake is ordered to execute a captured Imperial soldier as a final test. Instead, Drake refues to obey, burns and destroys The League's headquarters, and escapes.

Return to Coruscant

After acquantancing himself with Arkhan Heavy Industries, Drake Ferrum obtained a ship to return to Coruscant. However, after his arrival, Arkhan Heavy Industries dissolved and Drake was no longer in control of the ship and had to give it up. Drake decided to join the Empire to bring justice and order to the galaxy. Drake was accepted into the Galactic Empire on Year 11, Day 146 as a Recruit.

Imperial Academy

Drake Ferrum enrolled at the Imperial Academy under Chief Sebastian Alfan. Drake's commitment and intelligence paid off when he graduated with a 97% final grade. He graduated as a Honors graduate on Year 11, Day 155 and was accepted into the Imperial Navy as a Crewman.


IAHG.jpg Year 11/Day 155 :: Imperial Academy Honors Graduate IAHG


Recruit [E-1] ME-1.gif
Year 11, Day 146 :: Issued by The Imperial Academy upon enrollment.

Crewman [E-3] ME-3.gif
Year 11, Day 155 :: Issued by The Imperial Navy upon graduation from the Imperial Academy with Honors.

Flight Corporal [E-4] ME-4.gif
Year 11, Day 235 :: Issued by Fleet Commanding Officer.

Flight Sergeant [E-5] ME-5.gif
Year 11, Day 279 :: Issued by Fleet Commanding Officer.