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Fishy Incident At Zauhu Aquarium (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Fishy Incident At Zauhu Aquarium"

Posted by: Jai Meridan on Year 17 Day 135

CORUSCANT (IIS) - Regional Government officials in the Lytton Sector were overwhelmed with complaints this week as the new Imperial Aquarium on Zauhu was found to have a fatal flaw. Tanks installed in the aquarium were filled with sea life before the habitats were complete.

Zauhu is a gas giant in the Zug system, notable for its growing population and the local governor's efforts to turn the planet into an attractive settlement for businesses and tourism. Imperial tourism experts in the Lytton sector have often pointed at Zauhu as a shining example of cultural success. Millions of Imperial citizens are expected to visit Zauhu this year alone, with the new terrariums, insectariums and aquariums being a part of the growing effort to bring distant parts of the Galaxy to the common man.

Daoris Frankth, a construction worker at the new aquarium, alerted local supervisors to the trouble after he noticed the staff putting several breeds of exotic fish into tanks that were newly constructed, but contained no liquid or environmental control systems. "It was the strangest thing. We had just put up the transparent plasteel tank walls, and were sweeping it out when these new fellas started opening the crates and tossing them into the tank."Frankth, an Alderaanian immigrant, points out that the aquarium staff was entirely composed of Advozse, contracted to gather animals for the new expositions. They did not entirely understand the purpose of the aquarium. "We had six tanks. Four were to be filled with water, another with nitrogen, and the last with methane. The animals for each tank were marked and frozen in carbonite in these large carbonite crates. The crates weren't supposed to be emptied until the tanks had been cleaned, filled, and had temperature control units installed."


The project supervisor chalked the mistake up to a cultural misunderstanding between the Regional Government and the laborers it had hired. "Though the Empire seeks to create opportunities for all its citizens and their many diverse species, staffing the aquarium on Zauhu with Advozse was clearly an error. Their planet is cold, dry, and has no sea life. They did not comprehend what was going on, and attempted to simply fill the tanks with animals they did not understand. To the brim, I suppose... We're still sorting it out."

In the future, the Regional Government intends to staff public vivariums of all kinds with species appropriate to their contents, as well as conduct rigorous tests and provide training for tourist attractions on Zauhu. The official name of the new aquarium is said to be revealed at a later date and will be dedicated to a famous Imperial.