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Gunscot Soulter

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Gunscot Soulter
Physical Information
Race Coruscanti
Age 30
Born Year -9 Day 5
Height 1.84 m (6 ft)
Weight 85 kg (187 lbs.)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Steel-Blue
Notable Attributes Strong Jaw
Widow’s Peak
“Imperial” Accent
Styled Mustache
Biographical Information
Homeworld Coruscant, Coruscant
Father Thyron Soulter (Deceased) (KIA)
Mother Eregin Soulter
Spouse None
Siblings Rycevin Soulter (Brother)
Ingla Soulter (Sister)
Children None
Profession Sniper
Imperial Service
Branch lkBSCqv.png
Imperial Army
Positions Imperial Army
Nicknames “The Warden”, “Wolf” or “Wolfie”
Awards IABG-H.jpg


The Empire is a glorious form of government. Imagine! A Meritocracy! A whole system founded on the belief that one deserving and extraordinary individual rises to the top, while the rest serve. I, for one, am honored to serve, until I rise! -Gunscot Soulter

Gunscot Soulter was born on Year -9 Day 5, to a prestigious family of Imperial citizens in Imperial City, on the city-world of Coruscant. As he grew up in Coruscanti High society, Gunscot learned the inner workings of social encounters, and became famous for his effortless charm and wit, as well as his perfect grooming. His father, an ISB agent, instilled a deep loyalty to the Empire in his eldest son, and as such, Gunscot turned in his application for the Imperial Academy, ready to follow his fathers footsteps through the ranks and into Imperial Intelligence.


My life of 24 years is one of loyalty, loss and betrayal. The Academy will change that. -Gunscot Soulter

Early Life

On day 5 of year -9, a son was born to Thyron and Eregin Soulter on Coruscant. Thyron, an up-and-coming Intelligence agent, was so overjoyed upon seeing his son, whom they named Gunscot, that he requested 2 weeks leave to be with his family. Two years later, the Soulters had another addition to the family, this time, twin siblings, a son and a daughter, whom they named Rycevin and Ingla respectively. All 5 of them resided in Imperial City on Coruscant, comfortably living in the Imperial Capital.
Soulter (center), pre-academy, at a Coruscant nightclub, conspicuously close to a Moff's daughter. This image was captured directly after the news broke that the New Republic had fallen.

Growing up, Eregin Soulter took all three children to as many social gatherings and public functions she could. It was in this environment that Gunscot began to display his acute social skills, charming Governors, Moffs, and other important officials with his polite manners and charming wit. As he reached adolescence, his focus began to shift to living well, living in style, and being well-groomed at all times. He grew out his trademark mustache in this time, and his constant carousing and all the constant attention he received from the members of the fairer sex made him something of a subject for gossip in the area he lived in.

Imperial Interests

When Thyron, his father, caught wind of his son's rather carefree lifestyle, he decided to begin indoctrinating Gunscot in the philosophy of the Empire. Taking him on hunting trips to the outer rim when on leave so as to better train Gunscot's rifle handling, playing war games with his son to hone strategical thinking, and taking him to Pro-Imperial rallies and speeches made by politicians were all on the agenda. Thyron made no secret of his favoritism for Gunscot, and it seems that Rycevin and Ingla still harbor a grudge.

Loss and the Imperial Academy

As Gunscot reached the age of 24, his father planned a trophy hunt to Ord Mantell, to hunt the infamous Mantellian Savrips native to the planet. However, at the last minute Thyron was called by the ISB to respond to an emergency threat in the core worlds, but bade Gunscot to proceed to Ord Mantell, where they would reunite and hunt the largest Savrip they could find. Unfortunately, The incident Thyron was called to was a terrorist attack by the Jedi Order on the planet of [REDACTED]. Thyron Soulter died at the hands of a Jedi, ISB could say that much for sure, and Gunscot's world came crashing down. After a full month of complete seclusion, Gunscot emerged from his apartment, bags packed, and left after saying goodbye to his mother. He travelled immediately to the nearest Imperial Recruitment Center, signed all necessary forms, and hopped the shuttle to Prakith. While at the Academy, the stormtroopers placed under his command nicknamed him “The Warden” for his strictly disciplined philosophy and detailed reports. Behind his back, however, they also deemed him a “Wolf”, “Hound” and other such names for his attraction to women. Having been personally trained by Faraday Euler, Soulter graduated from the Academy with Honors on Y 21 D 349.
Detail of a professional portrait of Soulter post-Graduation. Soulter was furious at the artist for not including his Honor Grad ribbon in the portrait.

Imperial Career

“-Listen to me, soldier. Soldier, eyes on me. Do you understand our mission?”

“-Yes, Sir, but, the noise! The grenades and blaster fire flying over my head!”

“Well, soldier, listen to me. If you want to survive, get out of bed. You’re in the Army now.” -Lieutenant Soulter to a Shell-Shocked Stormtrooper under his command

Upon graduating the Imperial Basic Training program with Honors, Gunscot was immediately promoted to Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army. He currently serves the Empire humbly as such, and is excited by the many career opportunities granted him.

Personality and Traits


Before his father indoctrinated Gunscot in Imperial Principle, he was known on Coruscant as a famous socializer, party-goer and casanova. Going to any celebrations, festivities, parades or nightclubs he could, Gunscot had a knack for blending in to any crowd he was with, whether it be associating with the higher echelons of society, dancing with the daughters of businessmen and politicians in neon-lit nightclubs, or slumming it in the High-end Coruscanti cantinas. He always had a sense of honor, chivalry and respect for authority, but once his father began actively teaching him the inner workings of the Empire, these ideals came to the forefront, practically drowning out the party boy mindset he had known.
A careful and methodical individual, Soulter believes that order shall triumph over chaos, that justice will succeed over lawlessness, and that a clear chain of command is the most important structure in the universe. Obsessed with his personal dress and grooming, his trademark mustache is always immaculately trimmed, waxed and shaped, his uniform is always spotless, and he was famous among the recruits for taking multiple rounds in the refresher each day. Some have accused this as being vanity, or pride, hubris, etc., but Soulter denies all claims as such. Considering how efficient and organized he is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he cares about how he looks, as a representative of the Empire.
Lieutenant Soulter and his newest relationship, a Chiss, visit a Coruscant nightclub


Soulter is a very analytical person, constantly strategizing his thoughts, speech and actions. Some recruits at the academy said he seemed strict, cold and professional when talking to them, earning him his moniker of “Warden” Soulter, but he most likely was merely thinking of the most efficient way to respond to them. Other recruits said he was charming, friendly and warm. They most likely saw him off-duty, and as such, saw the much more social side of his personality.
Although he does not believe in either blind loyalty or complete recklessness, Soulter still leans towards the former, wanting to follow orders rather than disobey them. Armed with a quick wit and damning curiosity, Soulter wants to understand his orders, his commanders, and the situation he faces.
Off-duty, Soulter still retains his outgoing personality from Coruscant, and still has a weakness for fine liquor, and exotic women. His fellow students saw this early on, and privately called him “Wolfie” and “Hound”. He particular seems attracted to Chiss, although he would never admit this. He acts honorably towards everyone he deems deserving, including, but not limited to: Women (of any species), Superior Officers, Imperial Citizens, Active Duty Imperial Officials, Sith, Imperial Union members, and medical staff.
Soulter absolutely despises any anti-Imperial or anti-Government sentiments, and his were the loudest cheers at the nightclub when he heard the New Republic had been disbanded. In short, he dislikes or actively despises the following: Rioters, Protestors, Pirates, Smugglers, non-Imperial Mercenaries And Bounty Hunters, The Rebellion (and allies), individuals who put themselves above the good of the Empire, The Jedi.
Gunscot is a culturally refined individual, a massive fan of the Opera, Literature, Art, and Sculpture. He has a peculiar love for ancient artifacts, and has actually collected a few of insignificant artifacts from a long-dead species. He likes living well, and his favorite pastime (aside from Dejariik and Sabaac) is to hunt.


Soulter is very distant with his two siblings, an unremovable wedge being driven between them at an early age. His Brother Rycevin is a spacer somewhere in the Outer Rim, avoiding all forms of the Empire or Government while running Cargo. Gunscot and Rycevin were close in early years, Rycevin teaching Gunscot much about piloting, operating computers, and even some minor first aid, but Thyron’s favoritism unwittingly destroyed their relationship. Gunscot’s sister, Ingla, was always distant, more than happy to remain at home, courting multiple suitors while taking care of their aging mother. Soulter cares very much for his mother, however, he also understands that he must carry on the tradition and fill the void left by his father’s death.
Soulter is currently unmarried and not actively courting anyone. He does not have any children.