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Heron Vandroy

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Heron Vandroy
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Agrias Vandroy
Father Icarus Vandroy
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -1 Day 12
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Positions Staff Member
Prior Service N/A
Awards 8857_vandroy.png

Heron Vandroy is a young Alderaanian Imperial, better known for his overall optimistic and eager approach to every subject brought to his attention. Serving as a Prefect at the Regional Government, his early but already prosperous career have been noted by his extreme discipline and professionalism, despite his silver tongued smooth talking behaviour and general light atmosphere enforced by him.

Personal History

The Vandroys

Heron was born in the year -1, day 12 during a relatively calm noon in the mountanious region of Alderaan. His birthplace was a small, but peaceful and remote estate located in the northwestern region of Alderaanian mainland, neighborhooding the now named Royal Jade City. The estate, besides the term, was far from being held by a single family. In fact, it was near to a small city, nesting the daily life of twelve families who shared it's lands.

The commonly called "White Grass Castle" was an estate formed patriarch members of old families from the ancient Alderaanian nobility. The ageless names housing those walls could dare claiming to have royal blood on their veins, but the truth was that none of the families had any legal titles or aristocracy membership dating of their elders. That wasn't something that caused any uproar or embarassment in the place, however, as despite the truth behind their lineage, the aristrocractic and nobility culture remained being practiced by their resistents up to this date.

For the Vandroy family it was no different. Led by it's patriarch and Heron's father, Icarus Vandroy, the relatively small family of three had a stable life, enjoying a considerable wealth held by Icarus and a network of contacts and economic assets which granted them, and the general community of White Grass Castle a flow of income and influence.

Married to Agrias, Icarus Vandroy was an expert negotiator and diplomat whose services have done a greater good to White Grass in the days of old, specially in regards to the authorities and economic systems of the Alderaanian mainland. White Grass Castle, despite the common name and the elusive label as an "Estate", was officialy recognized as an Alderaanian town due to both: It's economic labor regarding agriculture affairs, and the small population housing the tall walls of the place. It was said that each family took care of an aspect for the good growth of the community, being the Vandroys an acting bridge between the internal and external market. That's where Icarus expertise came to hand.

With an unknown past, all there is known about Icarus was that he was the son of the previous Vandroy patriarch, Heron's grandfather of the name Koen. Nothing is known of Koen besides his name and alleged lineage of the old alderaanian nobility. Not to mention his massive wealth, supposedly Inherited by Icarus and used to build the current network and fame for the family. Agrias, Heron's mother was a commoner from Royal Jade City whose Icarus once met and married. If the couple had their share of love to their marriage has always been a mystery which Heron tried to never give much of a thought.

The general relationship between the twelve White Grass families however was a prosperous and peaceful one, as expected from alderaanian families. It was said that each would take care of a proper aspect of the town's business, but in practical terms there was a lot of mist covering the actual affairs of each family. Icarus, for one, dealt with many buyers from the many agricultural business practiced by the community, ranging from animal based goods; such as milk, wool, fur and other naturally gathered products, to semi-manufactured grass for artificial gardening and wild fruits and vegetables. Besides negotiating prices and arraging deals, Icarus was also the responsible to build the network of contacts to sort a greater array of topics that Heron would understand.

White Grass Castle

Housing the general culture of the old aristocracy of the royal families of Alderaan, the Vandroys had the finest ways of education and etiquete, something enforced not only by Icarus himself but for the entire enviroment of White Grass. Each family was said to have at the very least, one hundred workers employed under their services. Many of course were working under the economic system of the town, others running the administrative engine of the place. Despite the nature of their strict relationship and culture, the common respect and self-stabilished hierarchy was well accepted among all, from those working under the twelve families, to their members.

The Vandroy family, such as every single one of the other families, had their own share peculiarities which came along the proclaimed aristocratic culture which they lived under. It was common to have a symbol, an animal or a general catchphrase regarding the families. The old "Silver Earth" was the associated symbol and title regarding the oldest of the families who lived in the place, personified by their family crest of a snow covered mountain. The same could be said about the Velvet Feather, who translated into the commerce business of luxury aviary feathers of another family. The Vandroys, however, were known as the "Red Rose for the White Cross, which was commonly associated to Agrias ginger hair and the generally cold behaviour of Icarus. It could, as well, be a mention to how rare ginger hair could be in the region, generally described for being covered in tundra and light snow. The symbol and the title, however, was almost instantly adopted as official by Icarus, and later by Heron, simply regarded as Red Rose.

Early Life

The early days of Heron's life was such as to be expected, considering the enviroment which he was born on. The child have been pampered and educated in every single fashion that he could possibly be, even if most of the topics could be considered futile and unecessary. The perks which wealth brought to one's family granted him those, despite his wish for those. As a child, however, he was in no position to deny himself to be treated as a little lord over his own house, as any infant would be.

That kind of behaviour from the White Grass families have procuded many generations of "Kind hearted, well intentioned but ill spirited" sons, as Icarus would quote. Many of the other families sons have never left the immediate surroundings of the town, mind even left the planet. In ther majority, the sons of White Grass Castle have been accomodated into a wealthy and calm life within the cold and tall walls of the place. Heron seemed to be growing into the same route, but it would be hard to tell for someone of such a young age.

His education have been entirely granted by his parents, something that drew the attention of many in White Grass, specially the elders who already had the practice of schooling their sons under a single elected member of the older persons. That never meant they had a bad education, in some regards, by the countrary since the elected teacher of White Grass was always a wise person of age, who had much of self experience and knowledge to pass down the young generations. That of course lacked something that would differ Heron for the rest his life: The reality application of everything. Icarus and Agrias always agreed that besides the traditional way which White Grass lived upon, they couldn't be frozen in time, ignoring the rest of the galaxy and pretending Alderaan was the limit of life. That was the main trait which eventually drew even more bad eyes of the other families upon the Vandroys.

Besides being relatively young, Icarus and Agrias having 37 and 29 years old respectively at the time of Heron's birth, both of them always had a sharp eye for new ways. Of course, living in such an enviroment as the White Grass, it was impossible to tell how far they envsioned Heron's education and future life, but since the very first time the child had his first breath, it was clear to everyone that the couple had a different idea of raising their young than the traditional White Grass way.

Icarus taught him about what could be described as the more scholar topics, while Agrias was responsible for the real life ways. His father wasn't a bright mind for history, economics or asronavigation, but for an aging child of five, it was more than enough to give him the right tracks. Agrias on the other hand, had the boy knowing about the most varied aspects of life, such as street phlosophy, and ways of the words. That was something no other son of White Grass had, given their general treatment and education, which basically raised them into small lords with no crown. Heron had a different way of learning about life in his early days, for he was always getting used to know about the both sides of each coin.

Heron holding a crest badge at White Castle


By his family and the White Grass standards, the age of fifteen was considered to be a milestone for ther sons. It was the moment they were no longer considered to be childs or youngling, and became adults with their own responsibilities. For Heron that was no different, and in fact the boy was ready to face such. At that age he already had a great share of his own personality molded, and the parental guidance into his life was seeing an ever growing absence.

By the time, Heron was a young man who both, learned and inherited his parents traits. Despite the fact that the influence and popularity of the Vandroy was family was decreasing by the day, Heron himself was quite popular among every single resident of White Grass. That wasn't because of his wealth, as many could consider, nor because of his connections. The boy simply knew how engage himself in almost any kind of conversation, be it with the elders or the young alike. Even young as he was, there was that something about him that differed him from the others. Both sides of his father and mom was clearly engraved into him, which was evident enough to anyone to see.

That, however, drew not only admiration but also repulse and rejection from most of the other families from White Grass. Heron, and the Vandroys general behaviour and way of living their lifes was growing different and distant from that traditional culture of the place. They indeed practiced the nobility and aristocratic ways, but they never limited themselves to that. They made it clear enough they knew life was more than those walls, and such as there was an entire galaxy besides Alderaan. They knew how life worked, while the other families, knew how they wanted it to be.

A conflict of cultures between the Vandroys and the rest of the White Grass was becoming inevitable by every passing year. Violence never broke out, as such has never been part of anyone's life in Alderaan and White Grass alike, but the attrition between the families was clearly leading to something undesired by both parts. Heron was no stranger to that, but with his general behaviour and premature knowledge, he made himself sure to keep close to every single person in White Grass, something he learned rather well from his parents.

Fearing the worst, Icarus knew he had to take action. The situation was soon to reach a critical point where something more radical was going to be made sooner or later. The elders of the other families were no longer hiding their opinions on the Vandroys and preaching on how they were on the route the end the tradition of White Grass and corrupt the next generations with their way of life. Business soon enough became a problem due to the bad relations to the other families, nothing that would strike their wealth too hardly, but it would clearly mean the downfall of their family in the coming years. Icarus and Agrias knew they weren't to wait the worst to come before they did something.

Little talks were made with Heron, who at that age was already mature enough to understand. Even himself have witnessed how poor the situation was and how worse it could become. The consensus of his parents were to send him somewhere offworld, somewhere to educate himself and find a better way of living than he would have in White Grass. At that point it was clear for him, that life wasn't something he wanted for himself either, but he never wished to leave his family behind to chase for another. He never had a word in the decision, for the first time in his life. In the first day after his sixteenth birthday, Icarus made it certain that his son would be on a ship somewhere else.

Such an ocurrance has been a first timer in Whtie Grass, for in generations no one have ever been sent offworld, mind it even a family's first born. Partly against his own will, Heron didn't stayed long to see the outcome of that decision. He has been sent to Coruscant, passenger on a ship whose Icarus found for himself, and which Heron didn't even knew the owner or business. He didn't had to ask, either, for he knew at the very least, he could trust his father on that. A new life seemed to be waiting for him, and even if behind his back he held the feeling which told him not to forget his past, he knew that wasn't the time to think about that. He had no choice but to move forward.

Heron during the Imperial Academy courses

New Imperial Life

A boy of sixteen with a couple hundreds of thousand credits in his account who barely found himself in the center of the known galaxy now. That was how Heron felt by the very first time he found himself in Coruscant. For someone who never left Alderaan before, being outdoors and yet unable to see the light of the stars was an intimidating sight for him, as almost anywhere in the planet he found himself surrounded by tall buildings which seemed to reach out for the space itself.

The very first days have been hard on that young Alderaanian who still shared his home planet naivity. Finding somewhere to live was the lesser of his problems, since he already knew for certain he would need not only a source of income, but also to live up to what his parents expected from him. The very first thing he tried to do, however, was to contact them, something that unsurprisingly was futile, as he never had the chance to exchange words with either Icarus or Agrias.

Being a young adult and even facing such hard life events have never brought Heron to a change of hearts. It did, instead, hardened his heart in a way no one could expect. His years living in Coruscant paid off by shaping that eloquent and noble looking alderaanian into something between a cultured noble and a streetwise negatiator, sharpening the traits he already had gained from his father. The early days in the center of the galaxy were marked by Heron's decision to enroll in some courses, as he never have had formal education before, besides being quite knowledged in many topics. Among the several options he had in front of him, one clearly outshined the others, and such a choice was something that would change and mold his life forever from that point onwards.

The academic courses which Heron opted to enroll were no less than the Imperial Academy. Of course he had no age to engage in the military services of the Galactic Empire, and those were never of his interest either, but Heron had had a keen eye torward the administrative work, something he grew up dealing with and had his share of expertise at. At first, the intimidating military culture practiced by the Empire seemed to be something that could fend off the young Alderaanian, as it seemed to be rather contrasting to the one he grew up used to. The rommance and fantasy of the Galactic Empire spoke louder to him, however, and enduring the first months of such a strange enviroment for himself, Heron found more similarities with his own culture than differences. It wouldn't be hard to adapt and find his share of love for the Empire.

During his time in the Imperial Academy, Heron had a two-edged life. By one hand, he almost failed every single physical exam he have been subject to. For someone who never threw a punch, practiced sports or had any kind of physical activicy, that was a challenging life. Since the Academy didn't distinguished what kind of courses one would take, the boy even had to learn how to use firearms, something that sounded rather unnatural for an alderaanian. On the other hand, that ginger exotic had his way with the words in a manner no other student seemed to have. He knew how to talk himself in and out of almost any situation, but even above that, to talk others into certain situations. That seemed to be his alderaanian genes working along with his parents education, which molded Heron into an easy-going talker.

When his instructors added what seemed to be a natural ability of Heron's to forma teachings and proper subjects, he found himself in the way to be something he never thought himself of before: A leader. Being educated among Imperials and sharing the Imperial Culture have bloomed in Heron the sense of nationalism over the Empire, the rommance of such which was something common for him considering his origins, but also seemed to be a meaning for his life. He could use what he knew and who he was for something good instead of for himself. It was at that moment he knew what kind of person he wanted to become in the near future.

Over the course of a year at the Imperial Academy, Heron have learned about economy, management and politics. The very basics of military operations so he could gratuate, among many other important topics for his coming life. His eyes were set on a specific career at the Imperial Regional Government, somewhere he thought to be the best place to be at, and the best place to make use of his knowledge and to enjoy himself, something his mother always told him to. Something would be utterly pointless if one is not enjoying himself.

Upon graduation, it was already time for Heron to engage himself in the Imperial service, something that for a long time was his goal. The abilities and subjects learned at the Imperial Academy only had to add for his upcoming career at the Galactic Empire's administrative branch of the Regional Government, somewhere Heron would soon to feel himself at home when he'd think about it. Despite his charming and openly social behaviour, Heron had never made friends during the Academi. He wasn't there for that, so he said, and thus something beyond an acquaintance would do him more harm than not when it came to his studies and the planning of his career.

Well known by many but close to no one, Heron graduated himself into service next to the minimum grades required, mostly due to his lack of physical and military skills, resulting in a standard grade which have almost weighted down on his administrative skills. With little to no regards over whis actual score at the Academy, the young alderaanian was sure to be ready into actual work, and with his final assignments regarding his interest to join the Regional Government for a career, the first thing he'd remember upon becoming an Imperial was to board a shuttle for his first day of work with his long to be loved Galactic Empire.

Imperial Career

Regional Government Staff

The early days of Heron's career into the Galactic Empire have been known by his over enthusiastic and eager activicy for the administrative work on the Regional Government. Some of his coleagues would describe him as a work-a-holic at some moments of his days, given the intensity which Heron used at his work. The very first days were probably the most important ones for him, given the option he was given and the choice he made with the biggest smile on his face.

Heron in his office

If it was a test to his guts or not, he couldn't tell, but for a young Imperial to be asked to oversee and manage the development of an entire Planet within contested political territory, it was a daunting task to the very least. Heron, however, saw such a request as a good challenge to put his skills to practice. In truth, the boy never had an oportunity to see the fruits of his work to be put to test on a real situation. But besides that, the pride coming from his early days told himself better to accept the assignment. He would never make a name for himself by doing standard work behind a desk, and Heron seemed to be a person with a name to be made. For the first time in his life, he was about to do something not only for himself, but something that would soon to effect the lifes of millions of others.

With nothing but his shallow experience and his optimistic mind, Heron boarded and commanded a ship for the very virst time. Even a modest BFF-1 Bulk Freighter seemed intimidating for him, being someone who never been inside such a big ship before. During the entire hyperspace travel, Heron have lost many hours of his days and night with plannings and processes over how he was going to handle such a task. Civilizing an entire planet from ground up and leading thousands and thousands of workers into making such a thing possible. That was the kind of life Vandroy was soon to have, and soon to enjoy. That current task was going to be one of the greatest milestones in his young and early career.

At the mark of six months working on the project, Heron was already growing experient over how to lead and oversee the management and administration of a planet. Handling most of Alderaanian designs to his architects, Heron was known to be almost friendly to everyone working under him, but at the very same time, many reported a strange sense of isolation from the Imperial, as if he allowed others to be close to him, but not too close. That wasn't the most important thing at the time, however, as at the end of the sixth month of work, he recieved a message from his Moff letting him know of the most recent events.

Heron's work on the development of that remote planet near the outer rim have fruited the conquest of an entire Sector for the Galactic Empire, due to the immigration of Imperials to the new founded land as well as the economic and political development of the place. Heron was never to expect something as great as conquesting a sector to be associated with him, or at the very least, not so early in his career of barely six months as an Imperial.

The continuous work on the planet is going up to this date, despite achievement from Vandroy's, which he didn't allowed to shake his performance and duties at the given task. Up to the current date, Heron is overseeing the final stages of the planet's development, while sorting with his Moff the next project to be engaged with.

Imperial Service Record


Grade Rank Insignia Branch Date
[T-1] Recruit MT-1.png Imperial Academy Year 17 Day 100
[O-1] Junior Superintendent RGO-1.png Regional Government Year 17 Day 121
[O-2] Superintendent RGO-2.png Regional Government Year 17 Day 140
[O-3] Senior Superintendent RGO-3.png Regional Government Year 17 Day 245
[O-4] Prefect RGO-4.png Regional Government Year 17 Day 301


Abbreviation Ribbon Name Date Awarded By
[IABG] IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate Year 17 Day 121 The Imperial Academy
[IAM] IAM.jpg Imperial Activity Medal Year 17 Day 183 Regional Government
[LOC] LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation Year 17 Day 246 Regional Government