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IMC expands along the Southern Core (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "IMC expands along the Southern Core"

Posted by: Jai Meridan on Year 17 Day 191

KUAT (INDUSTRY) - Minister of Industry Meridan announced today that the second phase of the expansion of the Imperial Mining Corporation (IMC)’s South Eastern Core mine complexes is expected to be completed in a few weeks, which will boost the production capacity of the Southern Core Hub by over 250,000 units per month (upm). Galaxywide market leader in raw material extraction, IMC has said it has been expanding operations in the Corellian sector in order to rebalance operations among the southern core systems which were before now centralised in the Tapani sector.

A major mine expansion had already taken place under the leadership of previous Chief Executive Officer now Minister of Industry Jai Meridan, with the project now passed to the capable hands of the corporation's new CEO Aurren Takla. When asked for official comment a spokesperson provided the following statement: “We can not provide much more specific information on ongoing operations to ensure everything runs smoothly and as to not jeopardize the safety of ministerial workers. Rest assured, we will keep the Imperial public updated on further major developments and know that the future of our corporation is bright." Appointed as the new Chief of Operations only recently, Marcus Elensar has been granted direct supervision of the operation and was proud to announce that aside from the general increase in capacity and extraction potential, the operation also marked the completion of IMC's 1,000th operational mining complex.


It is expected that expansion operations in the Imperial sector will run until at least the end of Year 18.