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Ike Evnaris

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Ike Evnaris
Biographical Information
Race Naboo
Homeworld Naboo
Mother Sonbe Evnaris
Father Rusol Evnaris
Spouse Amele Ducard (rumoured wife)
Siblings Lee Evnaris
Children None
Born Year -15 Day 279
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Imperial Navy
  • Capital Ship Navigation Specialist
    • Small Capital Ship Command Endorsement
Prior Service Imperial Navy
  • Fighter Pilot
  • Reconnaisance Pilot


Hapes Consortium

  • Fighter Pilot

Naboo Diplomatic Service Transportation Corps

  • Captain
    • Royal Transport
Awards LOC.jpg LOC


Ike Evnaris (born Year -15, Day 279) was a Command Flight Sergeant in the Imperial Navy and noted capital ship pilot. Originally serving as a fighter pilot, he since became a capital ship pilot before resigning from the Galactic Empire for a career in the Hapes Consortium for a short period and then retuning to the Empire.

His career began at the age of 12, on Naboo as a Navigation Cadet in the Naboo Diplomatic Service Transportation Corps. After serving aboard smaller transport vessels, at the age of 18 he entered major capital ship command training and upon graduation was promoted to the rank of Chief Officer (the Naboo equivalent to a ship's Executive Officer) and eventually became commander of the Queen's personal transport, NRTS Naboo Regent. After a scandal involving the Queen of Naboo he became a fighter pilot with the Imperial Navy. He later moved to reconnaisance piloting and in recognition of the outstanding performance ratings of those duties he then was given command of a small capital ship. Evnaris' flying career spans more than 14 years and has taken him to just about every corner of the galaxy, including the Outer Rim for a diplomatic rescue mission.

Early Years

Ike was born to a wealthy family who built their wealth on construction and trading, on the family estate. He was the first of two sons to Rusol and Sonbe Evnaris. Most of his formative years were spent between boarding school in Theed and the Evnaris family estate in Naboo's Lake Country, where his father oversees The Evnaris Conglomerate, an entrepreneurial corporation, and the family's extensive vineyard (which produces the ultra-high quality Varykino's Steps wine).

Ike found school to be less than stimulating, much to the annoyance of his mother, who showed more affection to his younger brother Lee, who continued to excel.

"Ike is demonstrating a severe lack of concentration in his work, being more interested in the goings on of the galaxy than anything related to his studies. From my observation, he would prefer to be an Imperial Officer than something more worthwhile."

-Report card from Ike's fourth grade teacher Martoo Birne.


Ike's career has covered time in three services, the Naboo Diplomatic Service Transportation Corps, the Imperial Navy, and the Royal Hapan Armed Forces as well as part-time service with the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order, and a short contract for Galactic Star Cruises.

Naboo Diplomatic Service Transportation Corps

At the age of 12, Ike, like all others of his age on Naboo, entered into compulsory Government Service. He took to his studies like a fish to water, having enrolled into the navigation program, as a Cadet Navigator. After his initial training was finished at the age of 15, he was asssigned to the Naboo Diplomatic Service Transportation Corps as a Third Officer aboard the transport NRTS City of Keren flying on various trade and diplomatic missions. Years later, at the age of 18, Lee was selected for major capital ship command training and was made Chief Officer of the NRTS City of Oshina, before being promoted to Captain and placed in command of the Queen's personal transport, NRTS Naboo Regent.

The Naboo Royal Transport "NRTS Naboo Regent"

His duties included flying not only the Queen of Naboo, but also important trade and diplomatic missions that were sanctioned directly from the Naboo Throne. At one point, Evnaris was also called upon to rescue a trade delegation that had been stranded in the Outer Rim, after the NRTS City of Spinnaker crashed in bad weather. His service for the Naboo Queen continued until the age of 26, when he was implicated in the 'Royal Gigolo Affair'.

The 'Royal Gigolo Affair' and Fall from Grace

It was while commanding the Naboo Regent, that Evnaris became involved in a scandal that almost destroyed the Naboo Monarchy. Queen Ashna, who was ruling at the time was seen as a more cosmopolitan monarch than her predecessors and kept a very social and relaxed court. This made her very approachable and as Ike was in command of her personal ship, was seen as her personal pilot, and was frequently in contact with her, although rarely alone. The relaxed atmosphere caused some dubious characters to enter the court as a result and one of these was made a personal Handmaiden to Queen Ashna. This Handmaiden (who's name cannot be released due to the fact that she was still a minor at the time), was caught smuggling illicit narcotics while aboard the Naboo Regent.

The Handmaiden shortly after her arrest.

The initial investigation was focused soley on the Handmaiden, who in the initial interrogation stated that she was the only one involved and that she was receiving supplies from a low-level medic in the Falleen Federation. It wasn't until, in officially sworn testimony that she implicated Queen Ashna and Evnaris in the smuggling operation claiming that the two were in a physical relationship (which is strictly forbidden, given that Ike was a part of the Queen's household in his capacity as Captain of the NRTS Naboo Regent), and that both were constantly under the influence of drugs and alcohol while aboard.

Because of this, the Naboo Diplomatic Service Transportation Corps immediately releaved Evnaris of command and suspended him from duty, pending the outcome of an investigation for illegal drug use and professional misconduct. Queen Ashna stood aside from her position until the conclusion of the investigation, giving temporary rule to the Governor of Naboo. Both were cleared of the narcotics charges almost immediately, as medical tests proved that both had no traces of drugs in their systems. The professional misconduct charges were immediately caught up in the press leading Ike to be dubbed "The Royal Gigolo" by one local tabloid and the name became synonomous as Ike was believed to be the Queen's "Beck and Call Boy" despite him being 25 and she being 18.

Ike denying allegations of drug use and professional misconduct before the press.

After scouring through previous records and interviewing every previous crewmember that Evnaris had served with, it was concluded that he had never been intoxicated on duty and was cleared. In the end, the charges regarding the forbidden relationship were dropped citing a lack of sufficient evidence and Ike was reinstated to active duty, although as Captain of the NRTS City of Moenia. The removal from his previous command caused him to become somewhat of a pariah in the service, to the point where a large number of officers would refuse to serve under his command. It was at this point that he applied to the Imperial Academy and was accepted onto the Qualified Entry Course, as he was already a qualified capital ship pilot. While awaiting for his course to begin (it was going to be an eight month wait for a position to become available for him), he took a six-month contract position with Galactic Star Cruises.

Galactic Star Cruises

The Imperial Academy stated that it was going to be an eight-month wait before the next available course, so as Ike was leaving the Naboo Diplomatic Service Transportation Corps, he decided to take a contract position to fill in the time. As such, he signed a six-month contract with Coruscant based Galactic Star Cruises as a Second Officer aboard the Hapan-registered C-3 Luxury Liner Galactic Star Super-Nova. The ship was assigned to the Hapes-Kuat-Coruscant-Zeltros route, taking holiday makers on luxurious vacations to the party capital of the galaxy. This routing took the ship close to the notorious Orthwell System in the Hapes Cluster where many ships have gone missing, although their old distress messages can still be heard. As a result of the ship's regular schedule, Evnaris was the Officer of the Watch when the ship was passing this system going into and out of the Hapes Cluster.

Picture of Orthwell System Black Hole taken by Evnaris from the bridge of the Galactic Star Super Nova.

"The voices just never leave you... I mean, just hearing the panic of a person screaming for help, yet knowing they'll never escape... It's the most helpless feeling one can have, even though you know that the message is hundreds, even thousands of years old... I still hear them when I go to sleep every night..."

- Ike Evnaris commenting on the distress messages that always began playing whenever passing the Orthwell System during his time aboard the Galactic Star Super Nova.

Evnaris found the contract difficult with the lower pay and position that came with it, given that the NRTS Naboo Regent was a modified C-3. Once the contract came to an end, he took a one-month vacation before entering the Imperial Academy.

Galactic Empire

Ike entered the Imperial Academy under the Qualified Entry Course, before being assigned to the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Academy

At the age of 27, Ike entered the Imperial Academy as a recruit on the Qualified Entry Course. The short course duration, as well as his previous experience in a paramilitary organisation, made the course a perfect fit for him and things began to look up for the troubled recruit. His father was a retired Republic Officer who had risen to the rank of Commander, and proved to be a mentor for him, reinforcing his professor's teachings. This made Evnaris to become an extremely loyal Imperial, which at one point was almost to the point of fanaticism, which was then quickly checked by his father.

Ike (circled) with his class at the Imperial Academy Graduation Parade.

"You must realise, my son, that even the most just cause in the galaxy won't exist without some degree of fallacy. The Empire will take it's rightful place as the Galactic Government again, but it is run by sentient beings, and as such will do things that are considered wrong. It is how it recovers from its setbacks that makes the Empire so great. Build that empire within yourself too, and you shall succeed. Be proud my boy! For you are now a part of the greatest thing to ever grace this galaxy!"

- Rusol Evnaris speaking at Ike's Graduation Ceremony.

Given the difficulty of the course, Ike graduated with a high average grade, but just fell short of gaining his honours. Regardless, he was transferred to the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Navy

Now that Evnaris was free of the shackles of his past, he received his initial assignment, and a promotion to Cadet (now abolished and known as Crewman). After about one month of patrolling, and taking delivery several vessels, Ike was promoted to the rank of Crewman (different rank at the time). He continued his work for approximately another month when the Imperial Navy underwent reforms and Ike was promoted to Flight Corporal. Ike's rise through the ranks continued with him being promoted to Flight Sergeant one month later, then Master Flight Sergeant two months later.

Ike (right) piloting a TIE/ln during the chase of a smuggler in an undisclosed system.

At this point in time, Ike continues as a Command Flight Sergeant, commanding light capital ships.

Imperial Centre of Recruitment

After six months service, Ike was rewarded further for his work by being accepted into the Imperial Centre of Recruitment as an Imperial Recruiter. His time there had been productive and was met with some success.

Imperial Archives

In addition to his standard duties, Evnaris was also an archivist to the Imperial Archives providing details on various geographical articles, as well as travel guides for the most popular planets.

Hapes Consortium

In late Year 12, Ike resigned his position with the Empire to pursue a career in the Hapes Consortium citing a change of lifestyle. Ike found the more laid back pace of the Royal Hapan Armed Forces to be less than stimulating and after a few months, he resigned and re-applied to the Galactic Empire.

Return to Imperial Life

Since Y13 D299, Ike has returned to active duty with the Imperial Navy.

Off-Duty, Personal Life

Most times, when off-duty, Ike will either be found at either the Legionnaire's Arms Tavern, or on the planet of Coruscant.

Legionnaires Arms Tavern

Evnaris initially began frequenting the Legionnaire's Arms Tavern not long after his graduation from the Imperial Academy as a patron. It was during a busy night that he began complaining about the state of the men's room that he was given a mop and told to fix the situation. The outstanding quality of the work quickly came to the attention of Lasidious von Feldure, who made him the janitor. This continued for some months before he was made head chef, following the departure of the previous head chef, Jango Talon.

Ike (right) with a patron at the Legionnaire's Arms Tavern Christmas quiz.

Relationship Rumours

Ike is currently believed to be unmarried, and there has been no confirmation of his being married before joining the Imperial Navy. It was well known that he had been in relationships with various female crewmembers aboard his ships before the Royal Gigolo Affair, although this ceased just before becoming the Chief Officer of the NRTS City of Oshina. This is believed to be due to a relationship with now former Imperial News Bureau artist named Amele Ducard.

The only known picture of Ike and Amele together.

It has been speculated that the two have been together since Ike's first trip to Coruscant, although this has yet to be confirmed, despite various glimpses of the two around the palace district. During Ike's time in the Hapes Consortium Amele took up employment with a Hapan media outlet as a junior art director. It is believed that although Amele has returned to Coruscant, she has not resumed employment with the Imperial News Bureau, but as art director for a smaller fashion publication. Her return at the same time as Ike has sparked further rumours that the two have secretly married on Hapes. This has not been confirmed due to Hapan seclusion policies.

Career Highlights

Naboo Diplomatic Service Transportation Corps

Cadet.jpg Navigation Cadet [DTN1]

3rd.jpg Third Officer [DTN2]

2nd-1.jpg Second Officer [DTN3]

Chief.jpg Chief Officer [DTN4]

Capt.jpg Captain [DTN5]

Galactic Star Cruises

cruise.jpg Second Officer

Hapes Consortium


Imperial Navy

ME-1.gif Recruit [E-1]

ME-2.gif Crewman [E-2]

ME-3.gif Flight Corporal [E-3]

ME-4.gif Flight Sergeant [E-4]

ME-5.gif Master Flight Sergeant [E-5]

ME-6.gif Command Flight Sergeant [E-6]


LOC.jpg Letter of Commendation [LOC]

ISM.jpg Imperial Service Medal [ISM]

IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate [IABG]

MID.jpg Mention in Dispatches [MID]

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