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Jessy's Leave

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It was a sad day when Imperial 3rd Recon Fleet had to say good bye to Lt Jessy. Little did we know that we would see him as leader of the Hapes Consortium one day.....


ABREGADO SYSTEM (245,234,86)

[The camera pans a room with two opposite doors and a large glass window]

In a grey room, next to the docking bay of the fleet's flag ship, several officers discuss in a low voice, the Empire's situation at the moment.Everyone is dressed to some kind of ceremony, like if they were waiting for someone...

[ The blast door opens... ]

Lt Jessy James, CO of the old Odin Company enters the room slowly. The officer and pilots' conversations ends in the moment the door is heard. Silence is made. Everyone make a corridor between the door, and the exit to the docking bay. Lt Jessy enters with his uniform pending down. On the other edge Commodore Veynom is watching him coming toward. After reaching the first half of the human corridor, voices are heard claiming. "Hail to the Empire!" and from Commodore Veynom's side, Captain PtJedi] appears walking toward the Lieutenant. Both face each other, Lt Jessy hands his uniform, Ptjedi accepts it and starts his speech:

Fellow Imperials,

We are now here reunited to say good bye to one more fine officer that leaves this glorious fleet. Started with the Imperial Links page, he gained fame. He joined us, and he always proved his allegiance to the Empire. His leadership on a Thor wing conducted him to Armageddon's Commanding post. Recently he was transferred to Odin, where he remained the CO. It is a shame to loose such an imperial power that would have give us a lot of help if the Sim was running by now. You, Jessy James, will be always remembered by us all and to be added to the list of exemplary officers that left our Fleet. Farewell, take care with you and don't fall in Rebel hands...

Jessy continues his way to exit. He stops by Commodore Veynom and salute him. The Commodore re-attribute the salute and step a side. Jessy James walks through the docking bay to embark the Joosh, one Lambda Class Ship. Everyone follows his steps from a wide window... He looks back for the last time. He enters the ship and the bay closes. The trebling and the noise are felt while the white ships takes off. Jessy's ship disappears in the immense deep of the Universe...

[Meanwhile in the room...]

A huge party begi....ooops (wrong footage). While everyone get back to their posts, two officers remain by the window admiring the sea of stars...

Ptjedi: Damn, I hope he get's a blown tire or run of gas so he comes back...
GEsling: Me too. Me too...
Ptjedi: I only hope this isn't because that logo I didn't make in time for him...



"Servindo o Império..."

-- Captain PtJedi
Director of the Imperial News Grid ( ing.freeservers.com )
XO of the 3rd Naval Recon & Strike Fleet
[European Division]
Captain of the VCSD Prometheus
UIN: 10864078

--Nok Rik 00:02, 31 July 2010 (CDT)