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Kenji Yamamori

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Kenji Yamamori
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Sena Yamamori (Slave)
Father Sate Yamamori (Slave)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -1 (18)
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions 9th Group Member
Prior Service None
Awards N/A

Kenji is an Ensign in the Navy of the Galactic Empire.


Kenji was born to Sate and Sena Yamamori in the year -1. Being from Kor Vella, a city on Corellia Kenji's family was very wealthy. During the era of the Republic, Sate and Sena worked closely with the senators of Corellia. Sate even ran once as senator, however people believed he was pro war during the clone wars. They owned many hotels in Kor Vella as well as mining facilities on asteroids.

Sate Yamamori

They believed in a unified galaxy and anything that went against that ideal was evil. They funded the creation of the clone armies and even thwarted a plot to for Corellia to join the confederacy. They supported the rise of the Empire and the Jedi purge as they believed they were a threat to peace. They hired many mercenaries to hunt down Jedi and brought them to the Empire.

Early Life

Kor Vella

Being born filthy rich, Kenji never knew what it meant to struggle. He was constantly pampered by his parents at the dismiss of his guardian. He was given everything he asked for and frequently played pranks on imperial officials as they visited their home. Kenji didn't have very many friends as many of the people around Kor Vella secretly dissented the Empire. There were even rumors of Jedi hiding out in some of the mansions. However for a brief time Kenji made friends before the era of chaos. Kenji attended a private academy and excelled in school.

Journey to the Empire

Around the year 11 during an imperial civil war, Sate and Sena frequently went to Coruscant to help end the civil war. They wanted an end to the era of chaos and a restoration to the New Order. However on one of these trips a group of rebels took Sate and Sena hostage. The rebels then abandoned them somewhere in Hutt space where they now live as slaves. No one is really sure of their exact location.

Sate, Sena, imperials and the senator of Corellia during the imperial civil war

Kenji being 12 at the time was devastated and asked his guardian to help him get his parents back. However, she extorted Kenji and ran off with the entire family's wealth. Kenji then believed that the only way to save his parents now was to join the Empire. He decided to stow away on a ship to Prakith, but midway the ship was attacked by pirates. The ship had to land on Coruscant, where Kenji was caught for his crime. Kenji avoided arrest by hiding in the underworld of Coruscant. This however proved to be a terrible mistake as Kenji could not return to the surface. On the verge of dying of starvation, a gang decided to adopt Kenji. The leader of the gang was a Togruta named Tenvis. Tenvis raised Kenji as if he were his own son for 6 years. One day after hearing stories of Corellia from Kenji, Tenvis decided to reach the surface to fulfill his wish.

Coruscant Underworld

Tenvis's wish was to see natural light, so he and Kenji worked together to reach the surface. It was a grueling ordeal having an old rusty K-4 unit complaining the whole time and having to scavenge for food everyday. When they were only about 100 floors to the surface, they were attacked by terrorist. The terrorist leader Davulda, unleashed a bioweapon killing many people, including Tenvis. This was when Tenvis was revealed to be a force user as he force pushed Kenji away from the bioweapon. Kenji, enraged decided to attack Davulda. However, Davulda cut open Kenji's chest in the attack. Kenji layed on the floor unconscious and bleeding.

Rusty Bucket, Tenvis's K-4 unit

The K-4 unit then took Kenji and healed him inside a dumpster. Kenji stayed in the dumpster for many months having the K-4 unit bringing him food frequently. However it seemed Kenji was going to die in a dumpster. Then one day there was lots of commotion down in that level, so much so that storm troopers were dispatched. A storm trooper covered in grime and blood happened to come across Kenji. He patched Kenji up, gave him food, and a few credits out of pity. With those credits Kenji was finally going to be out of the underworld and off to Prakith. Once Kenji reached the surface he noticed he was very far from a starport and his journey was not over yet. Afterwards, Kenji made contact with the Empire and was assigned a training officer, Jano Baskardi.

Life as a Gangster

Kenji was adopted by a gang called the Underworld Grinders around the year 11. There were many members, many of them were really no older than Kenji. Tenvis who took care of Kenji, had a missing ear. They say that he lost his ear after cutting off a store owners arm off; some say it may be related to the incident with Jano Baskardi's father. Kenji didn't do any violent crimes as many members did, but since he needed to pull his own weight to survive. He used his excellence in the academy to scam people.

The Empire

Kenji joined the Empire in the year 17 Day 300. Kenji was taken to Prakith were he began his training. He worked hard and was admitted to the Imperial Navy in the year 17 day 319. Kenji made it his goal to bring all enemies of the empire to justice.

Kenji was assigned to the 9th group in the 1IF.

Return to the Underworld

Year 17 Day 322

After completing his training, Kenji went back to Coruscant to visit his old friends. Aboard a TIE fighter Kenji could not take it to the underworld so he was forced to rent a speeder. Kenji then came across Rusty Bucket, Tenvis's K-4 unit. The droid was in bad shape after being left behind in the upper levels. There were clear indications people attempted to steal the droid. Rusty was happy to see Kenji and was even more excited to return to the underworld to see the gang. However, when they reached the old HQ the gang was gone. Kenji later finds out that they escaped Coruscant in search for Kenji and Tenvis as they did not know of their fate. Upon returning to the surface, Kenji hears tales of a gang that was taken captive by Eidola Pirates near the surface. Kenji enraged, promised Rusty that they will find their old friends.

Forest Rebels

Year 17 Day 331-333

Kenji was assigned a TIE interceptor squadron to continue his training and to patrol the Coruscant Sector. Kenji began his patrols on the desert world Nabatu where he received intel of rebels hiding in the forests of Improcco. Kenji began to scan the forests of Improcco when suddenly his scanners pick up a signal.


He landed and exited his ship to investigate. However, he was ambushed by dogs and was seriously injured. Kenji was lucky to make it to his ship alive and called for reinforcements. Rear Admiral Kef Drenall, then sends a shuttle with reinforcements to help Kenji. Kenji was seriously wounded and was healed aboard a shuttle. Kenji then returned to Improcco for revenge. Upon arrival Kenji began combing through the forests to find the rebels, but encountered many hostile creatures. Night came and Kenji and his squadron were forced to camp in the forest. Rusty-Bucket was sent to patrol around the area along with a Coruscanti pilot, Aren Ekiam. The air was cold so the forest was quickly overcome by fog. Aren was then attacked by a quizzer and alerted the rest of the group. Rusty-Bucket took Aren back to the camp to heal him. Meanwhile, Kenji and his squad began to pick off the quizzers. Suddenly bolts come wizzing by the squad from the distance. Kenji quiclky scanned the area and located the rebels that had attacked him earlier and fired back. The rebels then captured Rusty-Bucket while he went to trap them. Kenji's squad quickly overwhelmed the rebels and captured their leader Skobra Swift. Kenji tried getting intel from Skobra, but the rebel wouldn't talk. Kenji executed him and retrieved the K-4 unit who was beginning to be covered in frost. Kenji began to gather the bodies so that they could be burned but suddenly the group was attacked by more quizzers. The quizzers were quickly subdued, but more rebels appeared. A group of bandits lead by the thief of the forests, Krenis Bendrix. They fought fiercely, severely injuring many in Kenji's squad. The group managed to eliminate the bandits and recover.

Ranks Held

Grade Insignia Rank Time Held (Combine Time) Branch
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Year 17 Day 300 - 319 Imperial Academy
[O-1] MO-1.png Ensign Year 17 Day 319 - Present Imperial Navy


Abbreviation Ribbon Name Date Awarded By
[IABG] IABG.jpg Imperial Academy Basic Graduate Year 17 Day 319 The Imperial Academy