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Knave Cormin

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Knave Cormin
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Larissa Cormin
Father Tycho Cormin
Spouse N/A
Siblings † Jae Cormin (Brother)
Children N/A
Born Year -1 Day 254
Imperial Service
Branch OqFIdK4.png
Regional Government
Prior Service N/A
Awards N/A

Knave (/nāv/) Cormin is a Human male raised on Coruscant. Due to a childhood tragedy, he enlisted in the Imperial Academy to protect the galaxy from lawlessness and pointless suffering.

Early Life

Infancy and Childhood

Knave was born on Year -1 Day 254 to parents Larissa and Tycho Cormin on Tatooine in the midst of an archaeological expedition. Once the excavation of artifacts was complete, his scholarly parents returned back to their regular living quarters in Level 4435 of Coruscant bringing along their infant son. Cormin's two-year old brother Jae was happy to be rid of the nanny droid, but displeased to relinquish the previous undivided attention from his parents. However, during Cormin's formative years, the two brothers developed a fiercely intense bond that seemed unbreakable. The work schedules of the brother's parents, who were both employed at the University of Coruscant, allowed plenty of free-time for the young boys to explore the city. While Knave at the time thought he wanted to follow his parent's footsteps in the field of science and research, Jae was enamored with the effectiveness of the Galactic Empire and wanted to enlist as soon as possible.

Death of Jae Cormin, Year 9 Day 126

One day, then 9 year-old Knave and 11-year old Jae were able to hop on-board a public ferry that transported them to the surface street levels of Coruscant. Since the brothers were raised their entire lives living in the upper-level skyscrapers of Coruscant, the young boys were excited to get a taste of what the surface-level streets were like. Bringing a meager sum of credits, the boys took off exploring the various stalls and vendors littering the thoroughfares. A slightly-used Sabacc deck caught the eye of Jae and the boys headed on over to the stall. With the shimmering twinkle of credits jostling in the young boy's hand, Jae counted his pocket-change but was just short of the 60 credit price tag. Dejected, the brothers were ready to return back to the ferry and return to the comfort of the skyscrapers.

However, in the last alleyway before turning into the ferry port, Knave was suddenly violently slammed into the wall and Jae tackled to the ground by a Quarren thug. As the stunned, dizzied Knave tried to regain his footing, the struggling and disgruntled shouts of the older brother could be heard trying to protect his body and credits. All of a sudden, an ear-piercing, cacophonous yell was uttered, credits clattered against the filthy floor, and footsteps receded away into silence. Knave finally regained his senses and quickly ran over to his brother, crouching over Jae's limp body. An Imperial Army Cadet, who had been patrolling nearby and heard the commotion, arrived on the scene. Cadet Johnson radioed in the crime and requested a medical team, then started securing the perimeter. As Knave was sobbing over the lifeless body of his beloved brother Jae, in that very moment, he vowed to honor his brother by enlisting into the Imperial Order and serve justice to all in the galaxy but sadly, not to the one who deserved it the most.

Military Career

The Imperial Academy

Cormin enrolled into the Imperial Academy at the age of 18 and arrived on Prakith's training grounds on Year 18 Day 70. His assigned training officer was Lieutenant Faraday Euler, who molded Knave's professional, confident demeanor needed in stressful situations. During his training at the Academy, he achieved exemplary marks on both theoretical lectures and practical tasks, such as commanding squads and patrols.

Imperial Service Record

Grade Insignia Rank Time held (Combine Time)
[T-1] MT-1.png Recruit Y18 D70 - Present