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Ministry of Industry Opens Internal Sales to Imperial Citizens (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Ministry of Industry Opens Internal Sales to Imperial Citizens"

Posted by: Jai Meridan on Year 17 Day 047

The Ministry To Open With a Hunting Package; With Products From All Nationalized Corporations

Perma System, Humbarine Sector.; Y17 D47 - The Ministry of Industry has today introduced the first in a series of internal sales packages aimed at providing top of the range technology built by Imperial Companies to citizens of the New Order at affordable prices.The Ministry of Industry’s Nationalized Corporations are bringing all their collective expertise together, from star ship building, vehicle construction, weapons manufacture, droid engineering and raw material extraction in an initial package of basic combat and medical supplies essential for life in today's Galaxy.

“Upon my appointment to the post of Minister I felt it important to launch an internal public sales to ensure citizens of the Galactic Empire benefit from the excellence in technology not only provided by our Nationalized Corporations but also by using our combined buying power to purchase some of the similarly rated products from around the galaxy to ensure the very best package for Imperials.” said Jai Meridan, the Galactic Empire’s recently appointed Minister for Industry, who was spearheading the initiative. “I am optimistic that this product range will be a success and that in the months to come we will be able to expand these packages to provide more bespoke ranges for the customer.”


Each Nationalized corporation is providing parts and labor for an essential combat package at a competitive price. The package contains a brand new custom designed Sprint-class medical vessel, containing medical supplies and bacta tanks, which coupled with a fully trained personal Doctor and assisted by a top of the range medical droid, should be able to cater all medical emergencies a citizen should encounter on their travels. For the security the package includes fully armed and armored security squad, and matching personal protective equipment to the owner.

Kaliron Palidir, a former Imperial Security official, and now a consultant with COMPNOR's Iron Will publication stated, "The introduction of this amazing package of technology from the Ministry of Industry is a must have for any citizen travelling the galaxy. We have been recently reminded in broadcasts from the Imperial News Bureau about the dangers honest citizens face when going about their business in the galaxy and also recent Galactic News Service broadcasts show that malcontents and thieves are always looking to pillage and steal what is not theirs. This package is a good addition to the security set up of any Imperial Citizen. Although we have faith that the might of the Imperial Army, Navy and Security Bureau will always keep us safe in Imperial territory having some mechanism to defend yourself until they arrive is always prudent."

All packages will be available from the Corellia System, and will be open to Imperial Citizens only from Y17 D50 at a cost of 9,000,000 credits. A listing has been created on the Imperial Bazaar so the exact details of the package can be seen in greater detail before been purchased.

The Ministry of Industry, compromised of Corellian Engineering Corporation, Kuat Systems Engineering, Myorzo Weapon Systems, Magnaguard Manufacturing and Imperial Mining Corporation, leading the way for production in the Galaxy.