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Order of the Sith Enters a New Era (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y12D332 by Redme Schwarz

Horuset (IIS)-- Everything has a beginning, and everything has an end. The same applies to leaders and their leadership. In fact that is what happened to the Order of the Sith when on day 245 of year 12, Lord Mikel von Bianchi was appointed as the new Dark Lord of the Sith, replacing Darth Volentus (Dorian Tecto), who had been removed from this position by the former Emperor Cherokee four days previous because he had used the Order as if it was his own fiefdom and did not seek to accomplish the aims and objectives of the Empire and his Majesty. But now the Sith Order is set to change dramatically.

Lord Bianchi is an empire-wide known imperial who is highly respected. Current Director of the ISB and former Imperial Security Bureau Army Liaison, this man took charge of the Order of the Sith on its way to greatness. Although it was admitted that work had to be done after the exile of Darth Volentus, it was happily announced to us that since then the Order has been able to make several changes to streamline its internal processes to become more effective and efficient. "The Order was not, as some may think, in disarray." Said Lord Bianchi in a recent interview with the Imperial Information Service. "In fact, many power concessions that we had earlier been able to wrest from Tecto allowed for the division leaders to achieve some of our basic goals. However, I will not lie, there was some work to be done. Fortunately, the Order has been able to make several changes to streamline our internal processes and become more efficient in accomplishing the Emperor's desired tasks."

For some time the Order of the Sith has been involved in the process of change and reformation. During the reign of the former Emperor Vodo Bonias the Force-using branch was known as the Order of the Dark Hand, whose main goal was to serve the Emperor's personal wills, the Sith were Bonias' own personal cadre of servants. The name 'Order of the Dark Hand' referred directly to that service to the Emperor. Now the Order of the Sith indeed serves the will of the Emperor, but it is for the betterment of the Empire as a whole, and not as a small, ineffective group of spies or assassins. Like other branches of the Empire there will be checks and balances in place so as the Order can develop in power yet not breed the power-lust that had often lead to internal strife as before. "I am not the ultimate power in the Order" Said Lord Bianchi "I am merely the final voice of a system of decision-makers, comprised mainly of the Sith Council. I am able to trust my division leaders, the leaders of the Trayus Institute for Sith Affairs, the Obsidian Temple, and the Inquisitorius, to do their jobs, without forcing my direct interference. The less one thinks of the Order as his own personal fiefdom, the easier it is to maintain a clear head as to its true purpose."

Great efforts are being made in order to develop a closer relationship with the others Force-groups of the Imperial Union. There are also many plans, which are classified, that are being considered in order to work together with the Imperial Military in military operations. Furthermore, the Order will remain on the lookout for new members who are strong in the Force, even if they are not aware of it. Large-scale testing will also recommence as soon as possible. The Order recognizes that it does not exist in a vacuum. That they cannot take on fleets of enemy starships or legions of troops alone. That they cannot single-handedly govern entire sectors of space. However, when working in unison with the Empire's other talented branches, they become much more than simply the sum of parts.

However, there are things that never change. The terrorist Jedi are still recognised as a misguided ideology that cannot be tolerated. Its followers a dangerous threat to the galaxy and it will always remain the Order of the Sith´s ultimate objective to eliminate it.

The Empire should always set lofty goals for its many branches, for the Galactic Empire is the greatest power in the galaxy, thus it would be foolish to strive for mediocrity. The Sith Order are set to help the Empire become greater than ever before for the Order has entered into a new era. To quote Lord Bianchi: "The sleeping giant has been awakened. The Order of the Sith will rise, and the enemies of the Empire will be made to see the error of their ways. Through victory, our chains are broken. The Force shall set us free".


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