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Over 700 New Stormtroopers Graduate on Carida (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y12 D281 by Norrec Morussian

Carida (IIS)-- This week was marked by the graduation of 720 newly trained Stormtroopers, the largest graduation class in the Empire's history. The entire population of Carida joined the festivities organised to celebrate the new men and woman that have pledged to serve our beloved Emperor.

After the initial graduation ceremony, the newly promoted Stormtroopers embarked on a parade through the streets of Carida. The parade was overseen by ACOMD; Lord General Seele, General L'Annan and Brigadier General Morussian. Guests from the Imperial Navy and Imperial Government were also present at this joyful event, whilst the citizens of Carida gathered in their thousands on the streets to honor these brave men and woman that will soon leave to spread order and law to the distant parts of the Galaxy. Lord General Seele greeted the newly graduated with a strong inspirational speech from which we transmit key parts:

It is through service to something greater then ourselves, that we contribute to the galaxy. Dedication to the principles of order that bring safety and security to the worlds of the Empire. Worlds that were once embroiled in war, famine, or corruption are brought into prosperity and growth through the presence of the pilots of the Imperial Navy in the shipping lanes, the governing officials of Regional Government in the hallowed halls of planetary administration, and the ubiquitous Imperial Army in the streets. It is this life of service to others which you have embarked upon this day. I congratulate you all, and welcome you to the His Majesty's Imperial Army.

The reasons for an increased number of graduates are simple yet many. The reestablishment of the Galactic Empire's rule in the Farffin and Bormea sectors gave the chance to many Imperial sympathisers to stop hiding from the Alion Nova Guard's prosecutions and openly declare their allegiance to the Empire. Also, the peaceful and economic growth of the Core Worlds provided stability and well payed jobs to Imperial citizens, and, subsequently, led to a population growth in all Imperial Sectors.

Among the newly promoted Stormtroopers we can find all sorts of men, coming from different worlds and different social standings. Men and women from the liberated worlds of Thyffera and Basho, refugees from the Outer Rim worlds, still under the occupation of criminal and terrorist organisations, all gather at Carida to undergo the intensive training one needs to be part of the strongest military force in the Galaxy.

A Stormtrooper's training is long and hard. Combined courses of survival techniques (adapted to all environments), military tactics (battalion maneuvers) and firearms training (a minimum of 300 standard galactic hours spent at the firing range) ensures the Imperial Army that they are getting a well trained fighting force ready to be deployed to wherever it might be needed. These newly promoted Stormtroopers will now have a deserved week of rest while they are being organised into squads and battalions ready to be deployed. Then they will receive their equipment and sent to on further training missions, to keep them battle ready until they are needed on the front lines.

These men and women come to serve the Empire, the Emperor and the New Order that brings prosperity and the light of reason to a dark Galaxy. And as more and more flock to the Imperial banner we face the growing inevitability that the evils in the Galaxy will soon no longer have anywhere left to hide as the hand of justice reaches out and chokes them once and for all.


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