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Regional Government Invites Empire to Masquerade Ball (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Regional Government Invites Empire to Masquerade Ball"

Posted by: Jai Meridan on Year 16 Day 243

(Coruscant, ING) - The Imperial social networks are buzzing following the announcement that the inaugural Regional Government Masquerade Ball will be held on the 15th of August at the prestigious Aargau Conservatory of Music on the planet Aaragu in the Zug System. The exclusive venue will open its doors to host the most prominent citizens of the Empire, providing the chance to relax and enjoy a rich program devised for them by the organizing committee. Guests will have the opportunity to dance, dine and partake in a charity auction on behalf of the Imperial Wookiee Re-Socialisation and Re-Assembly Program. The venues facilities include a Bar and Lounge for Imperials to enjoy a more relaxed scene, and a Ballroom for the more formal and ambitious ones, which will grant guests an opportunity to see a performance of the Escrow Symphony and Experimental Music Ensemble. A Pazaak tournament will also be held with prizes to be handed out as well as a part of the winnings being donated to the Wummer Malephar Children's Hospital.


Visitors to Aargau and the event will be staying in the The Escrow House, a luxurious new hotel, recently reopened after an extensive renovation. This exclusive resort will be opening it's doors on the 1st of August and give all attendees a chance to relax, unwind and prepare for the masquerade in all the comfort this luxurious hotel can offer you. Providing the finest Galactic privileges, from elaborate menus prepared by Chefs brought from the most highly rated restaurants across Imperial Space, to the exclusive Balronic Spa which features 35 linked swimming pools stretching in whats seems an endless sea. All this is provided completely free by the Regional Government.

The organization committee is once more inviting all Imperials to attend what is even now being portrayed in the media as the social event of the year, and the most mentioned topic in Imperial Society in the coming month.