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Robert Reynolds

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Robert Reynolds
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Jazlynn Reynolds (Deceased)
Father Ares Reynolds (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Naya Reynolds and Nomi Reynolds
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 300
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
  • 4th Imperial Fleet Chief of Staff
  • History Adjunct
  • Imperial Pilot
  • ICR Member
  • Prior Service None
    Letter of Commendation
    Imperial Duty Bars - 2 Years
    4Th Imperial Fleet Veteran
    Fleet of the Month
    Imperial Academy Basic Graduate
    Tax Planet Bastion

    Robert Ares Reynolds was an active and loyal member to the Emperor and his empire. He held the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Galactic Empire. As of now he holds the positions Imperial pilot, Imperial Recruiter, and most importantly, he serves as an example to the enlisted Imperials as an Imperial Officer.

    Robert hopes one day to not only pass down the knowledge that he is acquiring as a leader to the newer recruits, but he also hopes that he can continue to play a key role in making sure the galaxy is safe for Imperials of all kinds to live in. He also hopes that as he rises through the ranks, as his career is only at its beginning, that he can also live up to the reputation of the Imperial Navy and keep control of the skies and space above the Imperial Army, as well as other allied forces on the ground, to ensure that a victory is a crushing defeat to the enemy every time.

    The Good Ol' Days

    Robert was born in the year of -10 on day 300 to Ares and Jazlynn Reynolds. His parents were overjoyed to have had their third child and they had decided to go a little out of the ordinary for his name. After a few days of debate, they settled on Robert Ares Reynolds.

    Robert's parents were the proud owners of a very popular tavern, The Crimson Pirate Cellar. They were able to support their family of five, Robert, and his two twin sisters, Naya and Nomi, as well as themselves on the income from this tavern alone, so it became the family's business.

    For the first ten years of his life, Robert had been eagerly waiting for the day he could help out at the tavern and he envied his older sisters because they got to have all the fun while Robert was stuck at a neighbors house until the bar would close. At dinner time, he would sit and enjoy all the great, and rather interesting, stories they had about their days. It was moments like these that Robert would come to miss about his family the most.

    Finally, in the wondrous year of 1, Robert had been deemed old enough to start work at the bar. He could not stop smiling the entire day he was there as he cleared off and wiped down tables that smelt like various ales. He was able to meet some really nice alien lifeforms who at first, to him at least, seemed pretty scary but turned out to be good family friends. He worked so hard his first day that when he got home, he was out before he crossed the threshold to their house. His sisters just chuckled at him as Naya carried him of to his bed.

    The following years were a great time for the Reynolds family and it seemed that the family had only been getting closer to each other. They frequented the pod races and often took vacations to many different planets in their sector. Everywhere they went though, Robert seemed to be infatuated by the Imperial forces that either marched around or zoomed above in space. He knew then that he would eventually want to join the ranks of the Galactic Empire.

    At night, he and his sisters would often gaze up at the stars and hope that one day they would be able to travel far enough to be amongst them. Naya would tell stories of wonderful battles that raged on above them as the Imperials fought to keep them safe. Nomi would often compare such battles to a well coordinated dance, well rehearsed and perfected. Robert laid back and listened to these tales and could not stop imagining himself as part of this dance in the sky.

    For a while, as the family grew closer and closer, it seemed life would remain the good forever.

    A Tragic Turning Point

    Year 3 Day 290 Ten days before Robert's 13th birthday, Things had taken a drastic turn for the worst.

    Robert and his family got up and prepared for the day as they normally did. His sisters fought over the bathroom because the other took too long and they had to look perfect for their day at work. Especially if any of those Hapan boys came around as they usually did. Robert simply laughed as the girls quarreled but he couldn't help but feel as if something bad was about to take place, but he he wasn't sure what it was. Thinking it was nothing, he just shrugged it off as they made their way to the bar he loved so much.

    The bar was more lively than ever before. Round after round continued to flow from the antique taps the bar had since it was established. It seemed every race of being was either dancing or singing to the loud music. Robert and his sisters even joined in on the fun between orders. Robert finally looked at the mounted chronometer to see the day was half gone. He was surprised at how fast time flew when he had fun. Feeling the hunger in his stomach kick up, he told his parents he was headed home for a quick meal as he left his lunch at home. He then parted from the bar and rushed home to eat so he could come back to the festivities.

    As quick as he made it home, he was done eating and tossing the dishes into the sink to be cleaned later. He then locked up the house and walked back to the Tavern. On his way there though, he was passed by three fire crews, all rushing the same direction. Robert looked around as the bad feeling welled up inside him again. His eyes had locked onto a pillar of black smoke in the area the Tavern was located in. Robert began to run the rest of the way and when he arrived at the bar, his worst thoughts had come true. People who had just been inside the bar being merry, were now running out screaming. Heat from the blaze radiated as the fire crews fought to kill the flames.


    Tears streamed down Robert's face as he ran in to the tavern yelling for his parents and sisters and passing the bodies of the patrons who's lives were taken by the flames. Roberts skin began to lightly burn as he passed the flames in search for his family, but he could not find them. He turned to run back out when the roof above him gave way and he became trapped under a support beam. Robert struggled to become free of the beam but it was no use, he was unable to budge it. He yelled for help as the smoke began to fill his lungs causing him to snap in and out of consciousness. Just as his hope was fading away, a Gand had found him and had lifted the beam away long enough to scoop Robert up and carry him out to safety. Between black outs, Robert asked the man to try and locate his parents, so he rushed back into the blaze.

    Moments later, the Gand emerged from the flames just as the building collapsed, and in his arms were the bodies of his mother and father. The Gand set the two down in front of Robert and stepped back. Robert came to realize that they had not made it. Robert fell to the ground, tears pouring from his eyes as he looked upon his parent's charred bodies.His sadness soon became rage, not only toward the attackers, but toward himself for not having been there for his family. He stood up and demanded to know who was the cause of this. Some of the witnesses who made it out said it was a band of pirates that came in and stormed the place.

    Robert channeled his anger toward the pirates but knew there was nothing he could really do at the time. So he let the depression sink in and take over his life causing him to plummet in a downward spiral. He tried to take the edge off as the emotional pain got worse by drinking heavily, soon becoming a raging alcoholic. Friends began to disappear from his life, nobody would hire him because of his anger and drinking problems. He lived off a freighter that his dad had owned. The only thing that really kept him alive through this time, was the one picture he had left of his two sisters. When he would think back to the tavern burning, he would remember that neither of their bodies had been found. He held on to the last bit of hope he had that somewhere, they were still alive. He had hoped that they too, were looking for him.

    A Brighter Future

    Two years had passed by and Robert decided it was time for a change. He was tired of eating scraps and wasting what little money he had on alcohol. He decided to get up and put his life back together, be the man he once was. He started by cleaning up and looking for a job.

    Robert tried to apply at some of the bigger businesses, but they all rejected him as soon as they heard about his alcoholic phase and the sever depression he was recovering from. Tired of rejection, he tried to hide his past, and it was successful until he confided in a close friend who then turned him in. He was soon fired from that job and back on the streets again. Having no luck with the bigger businesses, he turned to the smaller ones owned by families, such as his family's bar used to be. He was having issues with finding many small employers until he stumbled upon Voren's repair shop. Hopeful he walked in and asked for a job but was turned down almost immediately as the owner was walking out the door to make a delivery. Robert was about to leave rather upset when a younger man than the owner walked out from the back and introduced himself as Sekel Ngo and even offers a small side job to Robert, one he gladly accepted.

    As Sekel and Robert worked on the broken droids, they began to exchange life stories. Although, with his experience with the bigger businesses, Robert was a bit reluctant to share. Sekel, however, coxed it out of him and was in disbelief at the tragic story he had to tell.Little did Robert know, the man who denied him a job right off the bat had heard a good half of the story and was inclined to learn a bit more about the man who stumbled into his shop.

    Once they got one droid fixed up, Sekel treated Robert to lunch at Sekel's favorite diner. as he waited to order, Sekel had to leave briefly to take a call so when the waitress came to the table finally, Robert hadn't really known what to say. When he looked up at the female that approached the table, he was awestruck with her beauty. He felt himself blushing a bit so he ordered for the both of them so she would leave and not catch him blushing. He couldn't help but think about her for the rest of the day though, she really seemed to captivate him.

    as the day wound down, Robert was getting ready to leave Voren's repair shop and wander around again when Sekel offered for him to stay at his family's place. Hesitantly, he accepted and was brought home with him. Once at the house, Voren, and his wife Ashuri had sat Robert down so he could retell his life story. After which, Ashuri took great pitty in Robert and went as far as to accept him into their family later that night and a contract of sorts was extended to him by Voren. Robert had began to feel happiness again as he had a family of sorts now. He shortly after met Iain Ngo, another brother, and was soon out in the garage with him, working on more droids. Covered in grease, Robert rose from the droid he was working on at the sound of the door to the house opening. Iain soon informed him that they also had a sister, and to Roberts surprise, it was the waitress from the diner.

    An 'Unrequited' Love

    Seren Ngo was her name. The waitress from the diner not only looked beautiful, but had a name to match. hair of brown silk, skin that looked as smooth as velvet. She seemed to light up a room as soon as she entered it. And to be a part of the same family he was just accepted into threw a wrench into this love. Robert introduced himself to the young lady then secluded himself to his thoughts. So anxiously he wanted to express to her the way he felt about her, but so gloomily he thought of her not feeling the same about him. So heavy did these thoughts weigh, that he never did express to her what she meant to him.

    Roberts passion for Seren slowly weakened as time went by. She slowly became more of a sister to him as he became integrated into the Ngo family. But everyday that passes by, he regrets not, at the very least, talking to her to see how she felt as they could have worked out. On the other hand, Robert is also glad as it could have affected how close they would have grown as friends. As family.

    The Start to a Promising Career

    At the tender age of eighteen, Robert left his new home to fulfill his greatest dream. He would finally be able to take to the skies as an Imperial pilot. Just like the ones in the stories he used to hear Naya and Nomi talk about as they gazed upon the stars.

    Robert was like most recruits when they joined the Empire, Confused but in awe at the might that he was surrounded by. He felt as he had become part of something greater, and little did he know, he had. The leaders appointed above him were quick to contact him and push him off to the Imperial Academy. He was transported to the massive building where hundreds of new recruits like him could be found rushing off to meet their professors. Eager to begin his new life, Robert flew out of the transport shuttle and through the doors. He scanned the hallways looking for his professor's room, which he found rather easily for it being such a massive structure.

    He reported in and was surprised to see how welcoming, yet stern his professor was. This put him at ease a little as he was nervous about dealing with higher ranked individuals this early in his career. He completed the course in about two weeks. Although he did not graduate with Honors, he did graduate and it was all the same to him. Robert often looks back on this day and is grateful the he had someone like Markus Saretti to mentor him from the beginning. It would be because of the great work Markus did in ensuring that Robert learned all that he needed to that would set Robert up for the rest of his career.

    Fresh out of the Academy, and hungry for action, Robert made way for the Imperial Navy. RADE was quick to acknowledge his request and Robert was sent off to the Fourth Imperial Fleet, then under the command of Commander Igneus Esh. Robert was quick to make friends in the fleet as he participated in many of the fleet's activities. This had proven to be another high point in his life,and he loved every moment he had of it.

    two months pass and Robert has maintained the rank of Crewman. He had settled in nicely with his fleet mates and had began to make an impression on his fleet's command. Robert knew that something was bound to happen soon, and as he suspected, it did. later in the eighth year, the fleet received a transmission the bared both good and bad news. Commander Igneus Esh had announced that he was resigning as the fleet's Commanding Officer. Even though Robert and his close friend Adin-Duanath Yeriamman had just received a promotion to Flight Corporal, Robert could not help but feel a sadness as the leader he looked up to the most was parting ways. This was one of the only times that a promotion was ever a bitter-sweet moment for him. The fleet had gone through a few changes in CO's until NHC found one that was right in front of the the whole time, LT Arya Downing.

    In the weeks following LT Downing's appointment to the fleet's CO position, he had proven himself quite reliable. Robert was quick to take to Downing as he was a very confident commander. For the next year and a half, Robert would happily continue his service to the Fourth under Downing's inspiring command. weather it was carrying out full operations, or merely scanning a system, Robert was glad to have been able to Help him any way he could.

    Six months in to his first year active, another key figure in Robert's life would be introduced to him, one LTJG Galdarzz Aalon. Shortly after Downing filled in the vacant CO position, LTJG Galdarzz Aalon was appointed the fleet's new Executive Officer filling in the space Downing left behind. These two wonderful leaders would become the two to shape Robert into the leader he would soon become.

    The Merge

    Between the years of ten and eleven, the Galactic Empire and the NIO had reached an agreement and went forth with a merger. Many new faces were seen amongst the ranks on the Empire, but one in particular would become another leader Robert would look up to. Rear Admiral Senki Blackrain, who had taken over as the Naval XO, had been open to meeting the new people of the navy he was in charge of. Robert ceased this opportunity to get to know the people who made most of the decisions for the navy. This was mainly so that he would no longer have to feel too intimidated of the top brass. Just as he though, he and Blackrain started to form the beginnings of a friendship, of course, it would be a while before they were completely friends, but it was a start.

    Things in the GE began to settle several months after the merger. All of the new faces soon assimilated into the GE and were practicably considered life long family, much like the fleet was to Robert. Things ran on a very normal basis for the longest time until another transmission would find its way to Roberts Datapad.

    Year 11 Day 281, Robert, as well as the rest of his fleet, received the news that his longtime friends and fleet mate, Adin-Duanath Yeriamman was being transferred to another fleet to accept an XO position. Naturally, Robert was saddened by this news and hated to see a good friend depart from the fleet. In the back of his mine though, he knew it was good as it meant an advancement in his career. He simply congratulated his friend and wished him farewell. This did, however, leave an empty spot within fleet command again, one Robert was soon going to fill.

    Returning Home

    After nearly a year and a half of being away from home, Robert was granted some leave time to visit his family back in Corellia. Before departing his ship, he donned his Imperial Navy service dress and cleaned up his quarters. He then took a private ship he had acquired back to the familiar planet he grew up on.

    The closer he got to the Ngo's house, the more the memories flooded back to him. Robert stopped by the cemetery to pay his respects to his parents as he hadn't been able to do so for a while. He then made his way home to see his family for the first time since he left. He stepped out of his ship and straightened his uniform before walking through the door. Much to his surprise, the house looked just about the same as when he left and he was quickly rushed by Seren first, followed by Ashuri, the two brothers and Voren.

    Tears filled Roberts eyes as he became overjoyed to see his family again, especially as they told him how proud they were to see him in uniform. The night of his return, Robert sat down and enjoyed a nice dinner where he shared his extraordinary stories about life in the Military. These stories must have had an impact as later that night, Seren approached Robert with an interest to join the Galactic Empire and serve in the Imperial Navy like he was. She told him how much she looked up to him for what he did on a daily basis, even if she was a year older. Happily, Robert passed on the word and successfully recruited Seren to the Imperial Navy. They would go on to serve the Galactic Empire for many years to come, continually making their family proud.

    The Beginning of a Leader

    Robert poses as he addresses his Fleet

    Up until this point, Robert had held minor command positions in a few missions here and there. He had, however, been watching the commanders appointed above him closely. He wanted to see how they handled the issues that arrived their way, he wanted to see what it took to be a leader in the Imperial Navy. Well, two weeks after the departure of Adin, He was offered the chance to find out first hand. Robert gladly accepted the CoS position and felt deeply honored that he was selected. He promised to give nothing but his best effort in all tasks he would be given. Honestly, he had his doubts, he had his thoughts about not being ready for it, but he kept in mind the two Officers he looked up to. He felt confident that they had not only trained him for this day, but would not have made the decision unless they were sure he was able to do it. It was now time for him to set an example for the rest of his fleet mates.

    Set an example he did. From the first day he accepted the position, he had kept himself busy meeting the demands of his new position. Between helping the members of his fleet address any issues they had, and the requests from the two appointed above him, he had little time to himself. He was not mad about this, however, he was rather glad he was busy all the time. This time also allowed Aalon and Downing to shape Robert more into a better leader. Soon Robert began branching out beyond the fleet by becoming an Imperial Recruiter. He wanted to utilize his knowledge by sharing it with those who expressed and interest to do what he was doing. He also felt, as most new recruits wonder what go on at the front lines, that someone who fights on the front lines might actually be able to paint a vivid picture for them, building that excitement to join that Robert had when he joined.

    News soon circulated that a naval reform would be taking place soon. Robert also learned that his very position would be eliminated in the reform, but regardless, Robert worked at his fullest capacity until the day the position was eliminated. He then went back to commanding the skies in his assigned Tie.