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Saige Kippenbrock

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Saige Kippenbrock-Kaine
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Courscant
Mother Erzebeth Kaine
Father Asenour Kaine
Spouse Delvan Vellar (Missing, assumed dead)
Siblings Reina Kaine
Gabriel Kaine
Children None
Born Year -18, Day 212
Imperial Service
Branch navy.png
Imperial Navy
Positions Lieutenant Commander
Prior Service Dark Empire, Navy
Astrelworks-Head of Logistics

Saige Kippenbrock is a retired Lieutenant Commander of the Imperial Navy. She has been been in military service for approximately seven years. Beginning her career in the Navy of the Dark Empire and continued on after the merger back to the Galactic Empire. She left for a short while to become Head of Logistics at Asterlworks Engineering, which was ran by her uncle, Incubus Kaine. After a brief time of serving in the company, both returned to the Galactic Empire to the Imperial Navy. She worked her way through the Navy, including various fleets and ranks.


The Beginning

Not a lot is clear about Saige's past, except for one thing, she was born on 212th day in the -18th year, along with her twin sister, Suri. Despite being twins, the two couldn't be anything alike. Saige was the tomboy of the family, and Suri was the girly girl. Their father, Anthony, who was a local Coruscanti buisness man, along with their mother, Kiera, a stay at home mother, raised the two as well as they could. Kiera dedicated herself to her daughters education and would push them to their breaking points with studying. Saige always knew from a young age that she was loved, but she never really felt at home with her family. She constantly felt like Suri was the center of attention in their family, and Saige couldn't understand why until later in her life.

The Night That Changed Her Life

One night, when Saige and Suri were about nine years old, loud knocking to their door in the middle of the nigh, waking them all. Anthony and Kiera rolled out of their bed and went to see who cause such a loud commotion this late at night. An Anzati man stood in the door way to the house. Saige crept around the corner to see what was happening. The conversation between the alien and Anthony gradually got louder as they began to argue. Before anyone could realize what was happing, the aliens tentical like objects unfolded from his mouth and dug deeply into Anthony nostrils, begging to drain him. Kiera let out a loud petrified scream, but before she could slip away, the alien grabbed her by her head and snapped it quickly. Saige flew back around the corner, her hands covered her mouth so she could not let a single sound out. She slowly crept back into her room where her sister was now getting out of her bed. Saige pressed her fingers to her lips as she crossed over to Suri. She grabbed her and they both went over to their closet as quietly as they could. She slid the door open, pushing Suri in, Saige stood their for a moment in silent, listening for movement. Footsteps answered her instead of hiding, Saige felt herself leaning towwards her bedroom door. Suri reached up and grabbed her sisters arm and gave her a tug, and with that Saige snapped out of it, and crawled towards her. The both reached for the door and closed it slowly. Suri instantly curled against her sister as she leaned forward to watch the stranger walk around their room. The man picked his comlink of his belt, held it up to his mouth and said "It is done."

The morning light came shining in through the crack in the door. Saige blinked away the blurriness and hoped it was all a bad dream. She looked around at the clothes surrounding her and her sister laying down on the ground beside her. Pushing herself off the ground, she slid the door open, and standing up walked out of her room and around the corner. There was nothing there, no blood, no bodies...nothing. She turned back around and walked into her parents bedroom noticing the bed was made. She stood in the doorway for a while before turning around and walking into their living room. Saige jumped back when she saw a middle aged man in a military uniform sitting in one of their chairs. She learned that this man was her mother, Keira's cousin, Lieutenant 2nd Class Incubus Kaine of the Imperial Core. He also informed her that last night was not a dream, her parents were killed by a Anzati thug and she would be going living with him for a while and Suri would not be going with them. He told her to go pack some of her clothing and say her goodbye. When Saige went to say good bye, she barely shed a tear despite being upset. She finally got away from Suri and followed this complete stranger out of her home and climbed into the shuttle waiting for them.

Life With Kaine

The Kaine Estate on Koros Minor

Saige rarely returned to Coruscant after that night and never talked to Suri since. Kaine took her back to the family estate on Koros Minor. He set up a private tutor for her to continue on her education at the estate. She rarely saw Kaine, due to his military duties. During her teenage years, Saige often grew defiant of her tutors wishes and skip lessons to go into town; however, when Kaine found out, she would get into trouble, but it still didn't bug her. His rules were strict, and being the defiant teenager, she ofter broke them not caring about the consequences. As she grew older, she eventually started abiding by his rules more.

Military Life

Dark Empire

When Saige celebrated her 21st birthday, she made the decision that normal life on Koros Minor was not what she wanted. She joined the Dark Empire and enlisted in the Navy. When she enlisted, she was assigned to the Bastion Fleet under the command of her uncle, Incubus Kaine. She was not in the Dark Empire for long before it made it's merge back to the Galactic Empire.