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Smuggling Operations Disrupted in Corellia (ING)

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Imperial News Grid - "Smuggling Operations Disrupted in Corellia"

Posted by: James Hudson on Year 17 Day 258

CORELLIA (MILITARY) - The Corellian Port Authorities recently received an alert from one of the traffic monitoring officials while verifying cargo and passenger manifestos against scan records. Based on disclosed information, a specific ship was requested to clarify the discrepancies immediately and instead decided to flee. A quick response of the Imperial Naval Forces allowed the capture of the crew of the ship and the confiscation of the vessel in order for ISB to carry on with their investigation. Admiral Katherion of the 3rd Imperial Fleet shared a few words on the recent disturbance and plans on how to handle this in the future: “…the Corellia Sector is one of the most heavily trafficked sectors in the galaxy. As such, we inevitably see these rises in smuggling activity from time to time. However, there is currently no reason to suspect these are anything more than isolated incidents and part of a larger rebel effort. We are currently working alongside Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Security Bureau to identify and apprehend these smugglers long before they actually get their ships off the ground. In the short term however, you can expect to see a larger naval presence throughout the sector along with increased patrol activity.”


Commanding officer Commodore Igneus Esh of the 8th Group has been overseeing the operation: “The response from the men and women under my command has been outstanding. Lucky for them, as I don't expect or tolerate from them any less than their best. The task forces concluded the first round of scans in record time, and are proceeding with the second one right now. The 8th Group has veteran pilots and commanders, and they always get the job done even with minimal supervision.”Based on feedback from the task forces, a new tool has been developed by Imperial engineers that allows easy categorizing of gathered information and provides accurate reports on both in- and out-bound traffic. “The tool is still new to our pilots so we are still learning how to use it to its fullest potential.” Said Commodore Esh, “It does a great job at summarizing the collected data and allowing various filters, which can be helpful to allow us to know where to allocate our resources. A great improvement is that this new tool will be hosted on IRMS, where it is easily accessible to everyone with the required security clearance. When its features are polished enough we hope to present it to Navy Command so the entire Imperial Navy can benefit from it."