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TIE/in Interceptor

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TIE/in Starfighter
Production information
Manufacturer Sienar Fleet Systems
Class Starfighter
Product line Twin Ion Engine/Ln Starfighter
Estimated Raw Material Price 48,754 Credits
Cargo Stats
Weight 17 T
Volume 200 m³
Weight Capacity 75 kg
Volume Capacity 0.3000 m³
Hull Stats
Length 6 m
Width 0 m
Height 0 m
Hull 75
Deflector Shields 0
Ionic Capacity 15
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 0
Sublight Speed 100 MGLT
Manoeuvrability 8.00
Sensors 1
Technical specifications
  • Heavy Laser: 4
Max Passengers 1
Escape Pods 0
Affiliation darknesscockpitlogo.png

Galactic Empire

Role Classified


Renowned, feared, and respected are just some of the thoughts of those who cross a TIE interceptor while traveling the galaxy. With much improvement and concept theories from previous models, the interceptor was forged for the sole purpose of decimating hostile forces in all aspects. With four heavy canons mounted upon each wing, the rebellion will think twice before perusing an Imperial vessel.



This vessel widely served the Imperial military in many stations both in orbit and in deep space.

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