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TIE/sr Scout

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TIE/sr Scout
Production information
Manufacturer Sienar Fleet Systems
Class Starfighter
Product line TIE Series
Estimated Raw Material Price 127,219 Credits
Cargo Stats
Weight 17 T
Volume 850m³
Weight Capacity 500 kg
Volume Capacity 3 m³
Hull Stats
Length 24 m
Width 0 m
Height 0 m
Hull 50
Deflector Shields 0
Ionic Capacity 25
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 0
Sublight Speed 60 MGLT
Manoeuvrability 7.00
Sensors 8
Technical specifications
  • Heavy Laser: 4
Max Passengers 1
Escape Pods 0
Affiliation darknesscockpitlogo.png

Galactic Empire

Role Classified


This TIE is meant to serve as the name implies but running detailed scans on targets of concern to the Imperial Military. They can be found stationed in essentially every corner of the galaxy when the Galactic Empire request it.


Star fighter

This fighter has widely served the Imperial military from orbit, core systems, and even the edge of the galaxy.


  • This TIE features increased scanners and a hyper drive.

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