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The Dojo

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The Dojo
Leader Geno Krall
Foundation Date Year 8
Type Sparring Dojo
Professions Sparring
Members classified
Emblem A crossed rod and vibrosword with imperial logo.
Motto Only through constant practice can we hope to achieve our goals.
Application Process Join #Dojo
Forum Dojo Forums
Affiliation Galactic Empire

Started by Sith Lord Geno Krall in Year 8, The Dojo served as a place for Imperials to practice combat. It is designed to keep the close quarters combat skills of all Imperials at their peak.

History of the Dojo

Lord Krall has always maintained a high standard of physical fitness and strong attributes; even before he became a Sith lord. The fact that he opened the Dojo before Lord Krall became a sith is a testimony to that. One day in the middle of harnessing his skills with dangerous swords he remembered a personal training request from one of his subordinates; this made Lord Krall come to the decision to start a training centre for Imperials to spar with weapons or fists and keep to the peak of their health!


Though in the construction of the newly named Dojo there were many attempts of sabotage ranging from, A band of suicidal rebels attempting to destroy the Dojo to miners stating that there was apparent scarce supply of raw materials. However every time the patrons of the Dojo overcame the set backs.

Lord Krall devoted his time and effort into designing the Dojo from the sparring mats to the walls. Because of his careful blueprints the Dojo is what it is today!


Eventually when the Dojo was created it was an astonishing building combining modern technology with an old more civilised structure. The Dojo quickly became the centre a Imperial excellence drawing the best fighters and the most powerful Sith to compete there. Here are some of the things said by regular goers and the creator himself; Lord Geno Krall:

"Its great, it really helps settle some personal differences." By Zaric Imperium.

"It helps people let off anger while fighting, and the more fights I had, the more I learned to dodge hits and hit and take a stronger punch." By Talak Deken.

"As long as Imperials continue to fight for and protect the Galaxy the Dojo will exist, refining their ability to do so. Many seek to improve themselves through the age-old traditions of combat, and they will always find challenge in this hall." By Sith Lord Krall.


Imperial Recruits being trained in the Dojo.


  • Strictly non-lethal combat only.
  • Strictly no severance of limbs (#dojo-exterior is exempt from this rule).
  • Participants in each duel must confirm their involvement to one another, as well as to a third party. Unprompted violence will result in severe repercussions, unless proven necessary by circumstance.
  • The weapons of each participant must be agreed upon before the duel.
  • Ranged weapons (such as blasters, blaster rifles, bowcasters etc) are not permitted, with the exception of thrown non-projectile weapons (such as knives, vibroswords and lightsabers)
  • Use of fire, poisons, carbonite or animal involvement is not permitted – and absolutely no disintegrations.
  • Fights must be ceased immediately if dictated by a ranking commissioned Officer of the Galactic Empire, or the Dojo master.
  • Combatants are given the right to the immediate application of bacta upon request.
  • Non-Imperial (excluding Nationalised faction members) guests are subject to Imperial law, but should be considered as representatives of their organisation – and treated as such. Acts of unprompted violence are frowned upon, and the Dojo should, for the most part, be considered ‘neutral’ ground.

Out of character

  • No god-moding.
  • No form of racism, sexism or OOC discrimination/intimidation whatsoever.
  • A ‘Mod’ is advised for less experienced/high stake duels, but not required.
  • OOC chatter should be kept to an absolute minimum during a duel, unless there is a genuine objection to a manoeuvre or decision.

Dojo Masters

The Imperial that has won the most fights within the Dojo is known as the Dojo Master.

First Master Krall,Second Master Lupine and Current Master Althalus.

Dojo Master of The Dojo
Preceded By:
Romolus Lupine
Adrian Althalus
Succeeded By:
Position Vacant

Galactic Empire Dojo Championship Finals

At Year 11 Day 267 the G.E Dojo Championship ended with the last fight of Adrian Althalus and Luke Winslow. The winner and current master of the Dojo is Master Althalus.

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