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The state of Tatoo

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GNS accessed by Black Lodge.

Year 3 Day 200

~All holocoms throughout the Empire and the Outer Rim interrupt their current broadcast to bring you this live speech by the respectable commandant of the 1st Attack Force~

~The Grand Admiral enters the meeting chamber of the Nemesis flagship, followed by his consul and his first officer. He takes a seat in front of the desk with the two subordinates standing on each side of him.~

Subjects of Our Glorious Empire,

It has been the topic of not-so-recent discussion about the involvement of His Majesty’s task forces in the Tatoo system, in which the planet of Tatooine holds space.

We must first stress the importance of a national perspective to strengthen the reaches of Our Empire to better grow peace and order throughout the galaxy, known and unknown. There is no contention and no bloodbaths, if there is no opposition.

On to more objective matters, the Emperor’s 1st Assault Force has successfully eliminated all rebel and dissident activities in the aforementioned system of Tatoo. We repeat, opposition in this system has ceased.

Melukien Tar’Shakaar of the Chimera Order, a so-called “noble in exile” of Tatooine, shall remain what he is – in exile. His countless tries to bring chaos upon established order of our great Realm brings nothing but turmoil, turmoil that work only to his disadvantage. His revolt against our civilized dominion is foolish and corruptive to the egress and ingress of the day to day of the common Tatoo resident.

Due to the loyalty to our Sovereign that the Hutt Council have shown us, by helping defeat these treacherous activities: We decree that the system be directly administered by the Hutts Council, they will do so in the name of our Emperor.

~Consul Celestin hands a few documents to the Admiral~

Ah yes! Let us not forget that Melukien, is seeing refuge under the torn wings of the Core. Yet I do not think that Tatooine wants a coward like him to be its governor, it’s not one of the virtues to be a good leader. ~laughs~ ~The Imperial March is played in the background, gradually increasing its volume and the imperial insignia appears beside the seal of the 1st Attack Force – the transmission then ends~