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Throne approves appointment of Brigade Commander (ING)

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Posted on the Imperial News Grid on Y18 D37 by Jai Meridan

KUAT (MILITARY) - The Imperial Army made history recently appointing their first Class C citizen to the position of Brigade Commanding Officer. Brigadier General Mingolo Mingolonio, an Abyssin, was required to get approval directly from the Emperor as an exception to the Imperial Species Policy of Year 14, which establishes limits based on species limitations.   "Mr. Mingolonio worked tirelessly for months to overcome the inherent shortcomings of his people and ensure his more primal instincts were suitably repressed so he could be in the company of his colleagues, which now include General's and even a Moff," said David Serracuse, Chief Public Information Officer for the Army's Placement Policy Bureau.   Indeed, such placements are incredibly rare. An inquiry with the Imperial Historical Society on any historical precedence for such a placement since the enactment of the policy turned up but one similar result; the employment of former Imperial turned terrorist Onasha Katr. Records indicate her placement was marred with dissatisfaction among those working close to her, which eventually drove her to being deemed mentally unfit for field duty. This finding was reinforced in her decision to abdicate her position and flee into the violent arms of the terrorist group The Jedi Order.   In an attempt to determine the likelihood of this happening again, we reached out to Dr. Vlad Karicher, Director of Husbandry and Veterinary Services at the Akai Ai Memorial Zoo on Carida.   "Whenever you take a wild animal out of its natural habitat, that is going to have an impact on their cognitive state," Dr. Karicher said. "I've checked with Army Medical Services and they seem confident that Mr. Mingolonio has been properly prepared and have put in several safeguards to ensure no unfortunate happenings occur. Abyssins are known to be quite violent in their natural habitat, so I'm very pleased they're taking precautions."


Mr. Mingolonio's career will certainly be one to watch. Several species rights groups reached out with news of celebrations for this move, and we're working with the Imperial Security Bureau to ensure we don't promote terrorist propaganda in those announcements, given several species rights groups have been identified as subtle recruiting campaigns for terrorism in recent months.